StarFire Teja’s Visualization for You to Feel Connected to Everything & Everyone

Guided imagery is a powerful tool you can use daily to heal yourself on many levels. It is so simple, yet it is extremely effective in bringing results. All of us already use our minds to daydream and fantasize, so guided imagery just harnesses that inherent trait and puts it to good use in a focused way.

The following visualization opens the mind and the heart, while simultaneously encouraging you to feel how connected you are to everything and everyone. Try reading this out loud each day until you memorize it, and then you can sit (or lie down) silently with eyes closed and speak it to yourself inside your mind. Feel free to change any of the words to different words that resonate more deeply for you. When reading it out loud, use a soft soothing tone of voice, like the voice a loving mother would use when speaking to her small child. Then, once you memorize it, use that same sweet tone when thinking it to yourself…

Breathing naturally, and allowing your whole body to relax, from your head… down to your toes… And connecting out… with every Star in the sky… receiving cosmic energies and blessings from the Stars… and sending your own blessings out to the galaxies… and connecting down… deep into the Earth… and receiving grounded energies and blessings from the Earth… and sending your own blessings all the way down into the hot ball of iron glowing at the center of the Earth… and allowing all of those energies… from the Stars above and from the Earth below… to move into your heart center… visualizing all of those energies swirling and integrating in your heart… and feeling the Love of all those energies meeting in the hub of your heart… and then sending some of that Love out into all the human beings… and into all the other creatures and trees and plants and flowers… on this sacred planet Earth… and feeling how we are all one interconnected Love Energy… and now placing one hand on your heart, and feeling the loving energies flowing from your heart into your hand… and in the days and nights to come, anytime you place your hand on your heart, your mind will automatically bring you into the state of Love you feel now…

After practicing this visualization for a while, please share your experiences here, in the comments below.

May All Beings Be Happy!

image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

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