Where Were You During the Facebook Outage of 2019?

March 13th began like an ordinary day. After eating some oatmeal, I sat down with my coffee and posted a blog, “Sauerkraut is the New Yogurt… Or the New Apple” but when I hit the button to share it on Facebook, I got an error message. After trying to share the blog several times unsuccessfully, I googled and was drawn to a site called Down Detector, where I learned about the Facebook Outage of 2019.

On the Down Detector site they had a live map which showed all the places in the world where Facebook was having technical difficulties, and they had a live feed (by Disqus) in which people from all over the world were commenting about the issues they were having with Facebook. That comment feed was very entertaining. It was like a Facebook feed on steroids! One person marked themselves “safe during the Facebook Outage of 2019”, while another person shared that they had just eaten some walnuts and a banana!

But beyond the humor of that comment feed, the range of comments revealed the spectrum of our human condition. Some people were very angry and threatening to quit Facebook, while others were speculating about whether or not China or the aliens were attacking us.

That first day I was quite intrigued by the map, and I posted a few comments referring to how interesting it was that Los Angeles and New York seemed to be “hot spots.” Well, the next day I wasn’t so enchanted with that live feed anymore, because I discovered that they had deleted about 2,000 of the 21,000 comments, including several of mine, which they marked as “detected as spam”… Do I seem like a spammer to you?

Anyhow, let’s get to the emotional center of the matter. Were you affected by the Facebook Outage this week? If so, did it stir up any feelings for you? How do you feel about Facebook in general?

I have always had mixed feelings about Facebook. When I could not get into my account, and I was staring at that white screen with the small letters “Sorry, something went wrong,” I found myself wondering, “Did something go wrong? Or… did something go right?”

What would life be like if we no longer had Facebook?


May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!

4 thoughts on “Where Were You During the Facebook Outage of 2019?

  1. Just a touch of humor about facebook’s problem. It’s reminds me of Martin Luther King’s statement of years ago: Free at last, free at last, Lord God Almighty, free at last.” May Facebook rest in peace.

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  2. Love your comment “what if something went right ? “Ha! We all depend on social media so much anymore I feel like it was a little irritating, but then on the other hand I’m thinking” get a problem Pat!”😁Social media is definitely a double edge sword. But then I guess most things are never all good or all bad…they exist upon a continuum they seems to change as things and humans interact with the rest of our world, Somedays Facebook is wonderful and somedays it’s an aggravation….great topic❤️

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  3. Great comment, thank you so much! I loved what you said that most things are never all good or all bad… they exist upon a continuum… that’s brilliant!!! And about “getting a problem” one of my brothers likes to say to my Mom and me, after we’ve gotten through some little thing, “Another non-problem solved!” 🙂 ❤


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