Meditation: Focus on the Best

Yesterday on my walk in the neighborhood, I felt seriously annoyed by so many things: the wind, the humidity, the sun, and the discomforts in my body. After about five minutes of noticing all the irritations, I suddenly heard a voice in my head say, “Focus on the Best.”

As soon as I thought, “Focus on the Best” I noticed all the gorgeous brightly colored azaleas blooming in many of the yards. For the rest of my walk, anytime I started to feel annoyed, I brought my awareness back to the flowers.

Do you meditate regularly? If so, then you probably know that this is how it is with most meditations: you witness the passing phenomenon (such as thoughts, feelings, and sensations), and then you just keep bringing your awareness back to the breath or to the mantra or affirmation. In this case I kept bringing my attention back to the flowers.

Happy May to Everyone!
I hope you enjoy some flower meditations!



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