“I can’t wait until…”

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I can’t wait until…” ?

How often do you think that you can’t wait until something is over, or you can’t wait until something arrives, or you can’t wait until that next fun event happens?

Is the path before you clear, or is it filled with uncertainty?

Sometimes pondering the questions is even more helpful than knowing the answers.

The wise ones teach that happiness is found in the present moment… and yet, it seems to be our human nature to ruminate about or to relish things in the past, and to worry about or to look forward to things in the future.

When you cultivate the witness consciousness, you simply watch your thoughts, and whether or not they are in the past, present, or future, you just love yourself for being human, and you accept your thoughts just as they are.

Those feelings of self-love and self-acceptance bring happiness.
Can you feel that now?


May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Tulip Fields image from Public Domain Pictures




3 thoughts on ““I can’t wait until…”

  1. Recently the topic of feeling uncertainty about my future was getting the best of me. What helped me was making a list of the things that would stay the same no matter which course I end up taking. For example, I found that one of the things that will stay the same is that I plan to continue blogging, and I think this is what is helping be present instead of worrying about the future.

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      1. Thank you ,Teja! You too! 💛✨ I used to check my reader more often, but I’m trying to prioritize finishing strong the last few weeks of school, so I’ve been putting of reading blogs during the week. I’m planning to make up for this in the summer and stay current with everyone’s blogs! 😊

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