Which Tribe Do You Belong To?

One of my sons made this ET image* of me years ago, and at that time I’m sure I just thought it was pretty funny. Now I look at the image and think, “not a bad looking alien!”

Have you ever seen a UFO or an extra-terrestrial being? As I shared in my previous post, “What Is Going On Here?,” I have not had contact with any ETs myself, but one night I did see a vehicle above some trees that was triangular shaped and had a grid of multi-colored lights across the top. I only saw the craft briefly because I was the passenger in a moving car, but I’ll never forget it.

As for contact with beings from outer space, I am quite open to it, and I have a dear friend who told me that “they” are “downloading” me. Well, I’m not sure about that, but as I said, I’m open to it.

I imagine that the Blue Tribes consist of very high vibration love beings, like Shiva or Vishnu or Rama (aspects of Divinity in the Hindu tradition), who all just happen to be blue! Call me a dreamer, but I would much rather belong to a race of Blue Light Beings than to the human race.

Lately I just really cannot relate to what is happening on this sacred planet Earth. For example, I cannot relate to all the divisions of states and countries. In reality, we are all interconnected in one web of energy, and that energy is Love! So all these divisions do not make any sense to me at all. For me it goes much further than “#notmypresident” (although that is true)… For me, so much of what the humans are doing is absurd and painful to watch.

Daily spiritual practices are more important to me now than ever before. They help to keep me connected to what I know is the real reality. So I feel really passionate about sharing do-able spiritual practices with others, which is why I’m writing my next book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life.

I belong to the StarFire Blue Tribes of the highest love vibrations.

Which Tribe Do You Belong To?


* If you are viewing this article in an email, simply click on the title and you will be taken to the StarFire Teja Blog where you can see the image of Teja as a blue love being!

Update: the image looks really strange when you’re clicked into this post, so I’m also putting the image here:


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11 thoughts on “Which Tribe Do You Belong To?

  1. Yes, David, I did visit the site… it’s been a while, but what I’m remembering was I somehow got the impression that it was fictional. My apologies! I will make a note to visit your site again soon, it’s getting too late for me tonight, I’m only still on the computer because I was waiting for something to upload! 🙂


  2. Hi David,
    Just visited your site and followed… very interesting writing…
    Although I am highly spiritual and extremely highly sensitive, I am also a bit of a practical realist (strange combo eh?)… so I would like to know more about your contact with them… do they come to you in dreams… in meditations… etc. ~ And have you gone to visit that island? Have you seen them with your physical eyes?
    Looking forward to hearing more!


    1. Hi I’m Coy. I’m the one who writes most of the blog posts for Alien Resort. I also help with comments, and Mr. Davis assigned this comment to me. I crash landed my spaceship on a South Pacific island hundreds of years ago. Plucky and Lmao, and then Deadpan showed up later. We didn’t have contact with Mr. Davis, or any other Earthlings until we built our internet station. Mr. Davis was looking for characters for a newspaper comic strip, he contacted us, and we were glad to help because we had just about nothing else to do. You are the second Earthling today who has asked about Mr. Davis visiting us, and so he said to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag and tell you that we will cover such a visit in future posts.

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