How Do You Define Blessings?

Happy “SUN” day dear readers!

Just a short little post to share a quote from my next book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life:

“Blessings can be vibrant transmissions of living consciousness.”

I also want to share something amazing that happened yesterday. After I had already selected this sunshine photo for today’s post, Andrea of The Hummingbird Journal’s Blog nominated me for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.”
I will be writing a post for that soon! 🙂

How do you define blessings?


Sunshine photo from pexels.



4 thoughts on “How Do You Define Blessings?

  1. Congrats, Teja!! 🌞✨

    Today I woke up really grateful once again for the things in my life. I think the things one is grateful for are blessings. People can also be blessings. I think sometimes even when things seem to not be going right that can be a blessing too. Sometimes things don’t work out because there’s something better down the road.

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