Something to Ponder: It’s Always Something

Have you noticed that on any given day or week, several things beyond the usual pop up for you to deal with?

Many years ago, when I lived in Ashland, Oregon, I was driving across town one day, and a bumper sticker on the car in front of me read, “It’s Always Something.” I said out loud, “Well isn’t that the truth!” Lately, for me and for many people I know, it seems that it’s not just one “something,” but rather it’s always several-somethings-at-once! Are you finding that to be true also?

Something to Ponder:
It’s Always Something


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Photo* of Ohio River sunset taken by Teja in August, 2019. (Red effect created automatically by her Happy Tablet.)

* If you are viewing this post in an email, simply click on the title of the article and you will be taken to the StarFire Teja Blog where you can see the happy red sunset photo!




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