Returning to My Real Roots

Fifty years ago today my parents were living in a one-room schoolhouse in Carbondale, Illinois, and my Mom was seven months pregnant with their first child… So, two months from today I will celebrate my fiftieth birthday…

I was born on January 29th, 1970 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Murphysboro, Illinois, and I was the only one in my family who was not born in Evansville, Indiana!

So when my younger son Gabe asked if we would pick him up from the Carbondale train station, I was delighted at the chance to return to my real roots. Of course I had to get a photo of my parents and me in front of my birth hospital!

I had not been back to that hospital since my birth, and it felt special to walk on the land and take these photos of the trees and leaves… (Post continues down below the photos.)






As I approach this half-century birthday, I’m thinking a lot about age and time… To my parents and my older friends, 50 seems so young… But to my sons and my nieces and nephews, 50 seems so old! And to me, it just seems right in the middle, haha!

Time is such a tricky concept to contemplate, isn’t it?

With only 32 days left in this year 2019, what are you thinking about? What themes projected onto your trajectory this year? What ideas are surfacing for your 2020?


5 thoughts on “Returning to My Real Roots

  1. How exciting, Teja! What are you planning to do for your birthday?

    I spent quite some time thinking about those questions this week. I’ve scheduled a post about the word I’m choosing for next year. It’s “bold” & light because I want to embrace its opposite too. Basically, I want to keep having courage to do what’s best for me and to follow my intuition..

    The theme I felt most present this year was change, self-growth.. especially a lot that just felt really out of my comfort zone.

    What were your themes for this year & ideas for 2020? 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing with me, Andrea! ~ I love your word “bold” for the year!!! And when you say “light” do you mean light as in light-hearted, or light as a feather, or light as in the opposite of darkness? Tell me more! 🙂

      You have certainly been through a lot of change and self-growth, and even though a lot of it felt out of your comfort zone, I would imagine you feel proud of how well you’ve navigated the terrains….

      One of my themes for 2019 was disappointment… there were so many disappointments, one after the next, and I am just really intending to clear out all that “disappointment energy” and hope that 2020 will be a better year… there was a lot of goodness in 2019, even along with the hardships, so another theme was Gratitude… and another theme was Acceptance of things as they are!

      I’m not totally sure about my word or words for 2020 yet, as I’m just finishing up the November review and coming up with December keywords, which I’ll blog about soon… But one word that is coming to me, which might be for 2020 is Loving-Kindness… we shall see! Thank you for asking… I’m so grateful for our blogging friendship! 🙂

      With lots of love,

      p.s. I’m not sure yet about my birthday plans… dreaming of being in Sedona, Arizona, but that would take some small miracle to manifest at this point…

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  2. I think light as a feather. When I think of the word bold I think of like typing a word in bold font, so like a lighter calligraphy stroke. Lol. Does this makes sense?

    Yeah, I definitely feel proud for some of the changes I made. (Some of them I feel were foolish mistakes 🙂 but oh well..) I think the change reminds me of that sense of not wanting to live with regret. So I think I’m also finding acceptance in living with my choices even if they turn out into mistakes so that I won’t be left with the what if’s.

    You’ve been through a lot this year, Teja!! Feeling one disappointment after another is no fun. You’ve managed to find gratitude & acceptance amid the hardships & struggles. And seeing the light in situations is no easy feat either. It requires so much strength & fortitude. I admire you for seeing the goodness amid the disappointment.

    I wish 2020 to be a better year for you, and a year full of so much loving-kindess ❤️!! (I love the combination of the words) 🙂

    I’m so grateful, too, for our blogging friendship! Please know that I’m always here for you!

    Girl, hold on to your Sedona-Arizona vision! I believe that anything is possible, we just gotta continue believing in our dreams. I hope you enjoy your birthday doing what bring you happiness! (By the way, I was listening to holiday music while writing this reply 🙂

    with so much love,

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    1. Yes, the way you described bold and light made perfect sense, and how perfect for you, the writer!

      I can really relate with what you wrote about mistakes… I too have made some foolish mistakes, that I truly believe were actually mistakes, even though on the deepest level I think everything is always happening perfectly… It’s like on the deepest level there are no coincidences and no mistakes, but then we aren’t living our lives totally on that deepest level, and so in the world of choices I do think I’ve made some mistakes… and it does take time to find that acceptance and sometimes even understanding of our choices… And I guess once a lot of time and space passes it gets easier to see how the “mistakes” may have been blessings or teachings… does this jive with how you feel about your mistakes also?

      Thank you so much for your compassionate listening about my 2019 and for your well wishes for my 2020… I appreciate you being there for me, and please know I’m always here for you too! ❤

      Girl :), we shall see what January brings! But first… December… 🙂

      I love it that you were listening to holiday music!

      With so much love,

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