Reaching for Orange = A Great Holiday Gift!

Keep happiness simple,” writes Andrea of The Hummingbird’s Journal, in her recent post “take one step towards your happiness,” in which she also gives a nice shout out to my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life… Thank you, Andrea! 🙂

Reaching for Orange is helping people to happy up their lives… This book makes a great holiday gift for your loved ones… or for yourself! It is available on Lulu and Amazon.

(Please note that I make almost seven times as much on Lulu, as compared to Amazon, but I am ever grateful for all sales anywhere!)

Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit?

I love making the transition from Autumn to Winter feel festive, so a few days ago I happy’d up my mind with listening to the Nutcracker music whilst sipping hot rooibos chai and eating some plant-based gluten-free pumpkin pie with cranberry sauce. I also lit an aromatherapy candle with balsam fir needle oil and hung a few red and green sparkly decorations. Then I took this funny photo of my happy elf self:


Dear readers, my mission as a spiritual helper is to help elevate the human species to healthier and happier vibrations. Please contribute to the elevation by giving copies of Reaching for Orange as holiday gifts this season! Imagine a world in which everyone is reaching that Happy Orange place inside themselves! Oh, the Joy! Oh, the Happiness!

May your December be filled with uncommon delight!

With so much love,
Sister Teja


3 thoughts on “Reaching for Orange = A Great Holiday Gift!

  1. You’re welcome, Teja! I recently added stickers of orange, red, & yellow butterflies & flowers to the cover of my copy. I also recently worked on the “Guided imagery to create a vision of your future self…” I love how the reflection questions lead to happiness. Like in this case creating the version of my happiest self. I totally recommend buying “Reaching for Orange” as a holiday gift!!

    I’ve never tried rooibos chai. It sounds delicious and perfect for this winter season. What a great way to start December, the combination of holiday music, food, aroma, decorations, & cheer! 🎄 Thank you for spreading cheer! I’m going to put on some Christmas music! 🙂

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  2. Andrea, I loved hearing that you added colorful butterflies and flowers to the cover of Reaching for Orange! Makes me smile to imagine it… and I love that you used the future self exercise to create the version of your happiest self. Big smiles at that also! 🙂 🙂

    And I was so happy to hear that I was spreading cheer! 🎄 🎄 🎄

    If you are going to try rooibos chai, my favorite one is by Choice Tea, but Numi makes a great one also!

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