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Donate Page Update, October 28th, 2019:

Two other ways to contribute to StarFire Teja’s work are through ordering Teja’s books and through ordering a MiniMat (Amethyst Crystal Biomat) ~

~ Teja’s new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, is available on Lulu and Amazon. (By the way, Teja makes almost seven times as much on Lulu, as compared to Amazon, but she is grateful for all sales!)

~ The Amethyst Crystal Mini Biomat is a revolutionary healing pad that contains channels of amethyst quartz crystals across its surface. When the amethyst channels heat up, they transfer far infrared rays and negative ions into your body. The MiniMat is ideal for putting in an office chair, because you receive healing treatments while you do your work! You can also use the mini biomat in a car, using an inverter. Please visit Amoraea’s website, The Amethyst Biomat, and please be sure to tell him that Teja sent you!
(You can also read more in my post, “Receiving Healing Energies from the Amethyst Biomat“.)