Where Do “Don’ts” and “Shoulds” Belong?

Dear readers,

I’m going to be honest with you here. I do not like advice.

I really am not sure when this aversion began, but in recent years I have noticed a growing irritation with being given advice. Can you relate to this?

If I view this through a negative lens, I can see that my “ego” is getting triggered and causing closed-minded reactions. I mean, I used to be much more open to the suggestions of others… Or was I?

Was I actually open, or was I just acting open because it wouldn’t be very “spiritual” of me to not be open to advice? Perhaps with age and experience has come an inability to fake openness…

On the sunny side, if I view this through a positive lens, I can see that I am a very strong, independent woman who likes to figure things out for herself. I like to study situations and do lots of self-inquiry and find my own way. I like to make my own rules and then break them or change them as I feel like it!

So… as this relates to blogging… I think for those of us who feel called to help others (as lightworkers, healers, teachers, etc.), this matter of giving advice is a delicate one. We’ve learned some things and we are burning to share with the hopes that others may benefit… and yet, sometimes there is a fine line between helping and harming. I addressed this topic in a previous post, “Spiritual Helper 101 = Tips for Being a Good Friend.”

When I write blog posts, I really try my utmost to be helpful, by sharing in ways that do not sound like advice-giving. I may fail at this sometimes, but I really do try my best.

Another thing to consider when writing helpful blog posts, is something I learned in hypnotherapy school: the subconscious mind doesn’t hear negatives. So if you say “Don’t focus on the trauma,” the deeper mind does not hear the negative word “don’t,” so it only hears “focus on the trauma.”

This is why the standard instruction for making affirmations is to make your affirmations positive and in the present tense… So instead of saying, “I don’t want to be sad,” you say, “I want to be happy,” or better yet, you say, “I am happy.” When you say that you are happy, in the present tense, the subconscious mind then works hard to make it true already!

What do you think about this topic? Do you think it’s possible to be helpful without giving advice?

With deep respect for the unfolding of your being,
StarFire Teja



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Happy Up Your Immune System!

Dear readers,

In a world of virus hysteria, your immune system will be strongest if you turn your attention away from fearful news stories, and instead focus your mind on practical ways to stay calm, healthy, and strong.

Handwashing is the single most effective way to stop spreading germs! There are four elements to correct handwashing, and you can happy up your immune system while you do them!

1. Warm water

2. Soap

3. 15-20 seconds of friction, while saying mantras or affirmations such as, “I choose to be happy!” 🙂

4. Thoroughly drying hands with a towel.

Another crucial tip, when in public restrooms, is using paper towels to turn on/off faucets and to open doors…

Your immune system will be stronger if you keep calm, happy up, and wash your hands!!! You might also enjoy my previous post, “StarFire Teja’s Three Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System.”

May you be blessed always by the Forces of Goodness.

With clean happy hands,
StarFire Teja



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March 2020 Keywords

Dear readers,

How was February for you? Did you notice any interesting themes or shifts?

February was pretty emotional for me, because my Dad died suddenly on January 25th… So my keywords for the month were Healing and Love, and I am thinking those are good keywords to just keep intending on-going! I mean, who can’t use some steady healing and love?!

For March I’ve come up with two keywords, which are actually phrases ~

~ Hold on to mantra ~ The primary mantra I say is Om Namah Shivaya, which means I bow to Shiva, the Pure Consciousness. This month, with each painful thought or sensation, I intend to think, say, or sing Om Namah Shivaya to remind myself that I bow to the Pure Consciousness which is watching the painful thoughts and sensations. Through the mantra, I intend to connect with that Watcher, that Peace, that Pure Spirit, that Supreme Divinity.

~ Take delight in small joys ~ Even though I am enduring incredible pain over the death of my Dad, I still know how to create small moments of happiness and gratitude each day. This month I intend to focus on the small joys, such as the birds flying in the trees, my happy black coffee, glowing candles, the scents of vetiver and sandalwood, and my sweet bird theme as seen in the photo with today’s post: joyful birds on the covers of my journal and calendars! Did I mention I love birds? They bring me such cheerful delight!

How about you? Do you have a mantra or affirmation that helps you get through hard times? Are you taking delight in small joys? Do you have any keywords set to guide you this month?

Happy March to you all…

With loving intentions,
StarFire Teja


Powerful Practices with Your Cuppa Coffee

Dear readers,

Greetings from Indiana! In this post I will happily share some suggestions for practices you can do to supercharge your cuppa coffee (or tea) and thus infuse yourself with positivity and high vibes! ~

~ Before taking that first sip, offer your cuppa to Something Greater than yourself… And then say some prayers or intentions… For example, I offer my cuppa to Hanuman, who is an aspect of Divinity in Hinduism. He represents pure devotion, love, courage, strength, and positive energies. So after offering the coffee, I say an affirmation like, “I am drinking positive energies and thinking positive thoughts.” ~ Try this for yourself, in your own way, and experience the power of your mind!

~ As you take those first few sips (which in my experience are the very best sips in the cup), practice the art of savoring… For just a moment or two, focus all of your mental energies on tasting and experiencing those sips. Imagine you are becoming one with the coffee. ~ You may find that those few moments become your favorite part of the whole day!

~ After savoring the first sips, take a moment to cultivate Gratitude by appreciating everything that has gone into the manifestation of your cuppa coffee. As the coffee beans grew on the trees, there were many elements that sustained and surrounded them such as sunshine, earth, rain, wind, flowers, leaves, trees, birdsong, and starlight… And then the beans were harvested by the work of human hands… And remember to also be grateful for the powerful high vibration energies inherent in those magical beans! ~ This moment of appreciation will send gratitude vibrations out to all the realms, which will come back to you as many beautiful gifts. Watch for their arrival in your life!

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know that I am a lover of black coffee! Do you like it black also? If not, if you must add something white to your cuppa, please consider a coconut milk creamer… The cows will bless you with their gratitude vibrations! And Holy Coconut Shells, the Organic Coconut Milk Creamer by So Delicious is truly so delicious! Check it out here: Simply 5 Ingredients.

Dear reader, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you… 🙂

With positivity and high vibes,
StarFire Teja


Photo of Teja’s cuppa black coffee taken by StarFire Teja.


An Affirmation You Can Use


“I am loving myself to access the power to heal myself.”

“I am loving myself to access the power to heal myself.”

“I am loving myself to access the power to heal myself.”

“I am loving myself to access the power to heal myself.”


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