I Want to Live

Yesterday while lying on my warm healing amethyst crystal biomat, and listening to 40hz music with headphones on, I gathered up every single “I want to die” thought that I’ve had over this past decade, and I sent all of those thoughts out to a black hole…

Then I visualized a golden portal opening above me, and StarFire Radiant Healing Energies were pouring down into me from that portal… And as the healing energies flowed into all of my cells, I affirmed, “I want to live – healthy, strong, and in my power… shining light to others, and loving my family.”

That “will to live” visualization arose from my desire to be alive for my Mom now that my Dad suddenly died, and from my desire to be alive for my precious adult sons, and from my incredible gratitude for the generous donations I just received from two good-hearted people who cared enough to help me reduce my debt. (Those donations brought some much-needed relief to my anxieties about money, and they gave me some hope for the future.)

May All Beings Be Healed of All Wounds.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Photo of red dusk with cactuses by Loreta Pavoliene on Unsplash.


Guided Imagery Exercise for Difficult Emotions

Are you dealing with any anxiety, fear, anger, or grief? If yes, this guided imagery exercise will help you to ride the waves of those difficult emotions until they shift or dissolve.

Sit or lie down in a quiet spot. Take a few relaxing breaths, and then begin. First, tune in and notice where you feel the emotion in your body. Second, ask yourself what that emotion feels like, looks like, and sounds like. What color is it? What texture? Is it heavy or light? What shape is it? Does it make a sound? And third, using your imagination, create a healing antidote, and notice what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like.

For example, let’s say you are feeling some anger passing through your system, and when you tune in, you feel it in your gut. It feels gripping, and you notice that it looks like heavy black tar with spikes. The shape reminds you of a panther’s head. There is a growling sound, as if it might jump out and bite you. So now create a healing antidote to this angry cat in your gut. You might imagine a warm glistening white light entering your belly and surrounding the black tar. This white light is soft and dreamy like floating clouds, yet it carries a strong healing energy. It settles down over the black image, and as it does so, you might notice that the black tar begins to shrink. Bathed in the healing energy of the white light, the anger begins to fade.

This exercise can be done repeatedly until the difficult emotion shifts or dissolves altogether. After you try this out, please come back here and share your experiences in the comments below, down where it says “Leave a Reply.”

To illustrate this exercise further, here is another example. I made up the first example, but the following one comes from my life. I am carrying a grief in my heart that is so deep I often wonder if it will ever heal. Recently while lying on the Amethyst Crystal Biomat, this guided imagery arose:

The grief in my heart is like sharp heavy stones covered with thick mud… and now a bright orange radiant light is entering my heart… it is like warm, smooth, orange stones… and fragrant orange flowers… and sparkling orange jewels… and glittering orange stars… and it is shining and glowing so bright like a warm healing fire… and day by day it is taking over my heart, so that little by little those sharp, heavy, muddy stones are falling out of my heart, down into the earth… down into the hot ball of iron at the center of the earth, where they are exploding and burning up in the hot iron… and, more and more I am healing in the radiant orange light that is spreading in my heart and throughout my whole being… and it is radiating out to all the beings in all the realms…. 

Can you feel it?



Image credit: NASA/ESA/Andrew C. Fabian

The Healing Grace of Forgiveness

Last weekend I found out that a guy from my past had died the previous week. I had not spoken with him for three years, during which time I had been holding on to some judgements and disappointments regarding him, but about five months ago I had begun to feel compassion and forgiveness for him in my heart. When I shared that with a dear friend, she replied, “Forgiveness is key to good health.”

My experiences with forgiveness have been similar to my experiences with grief. Both have stages and both come in waves. We can’t really force either one to complete before they are ready to do so, but we can allow them to flow through with grace.

After reading my friend’s words on forgiveness, while lying on the Amethyst Crystal Biomat, a huge wave of forgiveness flowed through me and I spoke these words aloud:

“I forgive everyone. I forgive all of my family and friends for the times I’ve been hurt by them, and I release all of my expectations and attachments which caused me to feel those hurts. I forgive all of my past lovers for the times I was hurt by them, and I release all of my expectations, attachments, and projections which caused me to feel those hurts. I am now married to God and the Spiritual Life and I find my happiness inside, with God. I release and forgive everyone. And, I forgive myself for causing myself pain through expectations and attachments. Now I am enjoying the Happiness and the Radiance of the Spiritual Life.”

I recognize that I am not a perfect being, and that there will likely be more waves of forgiveness work to do, and yet, in this moment, I am resting in the healing grace of Forgiveness. May you also be blessed to experience the healing grace of Forgiveness.

May All Beings Know Deep Peace.

Receiving Healing Energies from the Amethyst Biomat

The Amethyst Biomat is a revolutionary healing pad that contains channels of amethyst quartz crystals across its entire surface. When you lie on the Biomat, those amethyst channels heat up and transfer far infrared rays and negative ions into your body. It is an amazing experience that you will want to have again and again. It is like having your own home sauna in a mat!

The Amethyst Crystal Biomat comes in a regular full-size and also in a mini size. The mini biomat is ideal for putting in an office chair, so you receive healing treatments while you do your work! You can also use the mini biomat in a car, using an inverter.

To learn more about this high vibe healing tool, visit Amoraea’s website here:
The Amethyst Biomat. (Please tell him Teja sent you.)
Yes, it is a spendy investment, but you will not regret it. You will be so grateful every time you lie down on your Amethyst Biomat!

When I lie on my Amethyst Biomat, I enhance the healing experience with visualizations and prayers. Here is an example of what I say:

“I am receiving healing energies from the amethyst crystal beings. And I am asking Lord Shiva to send StarFire Violet Fire Radiant Healing Energies into me now to supercharge the healing energies that I am receiving from the amethyst crystals. All of those healing energies are moving through all of my cells, burning away what’s no longer needed; clearing out any negativities and dis-eases; and cleansing and purifying all of my cells. And those healing energies are energizing and elevating every single cell in my body and in my brain. I am receiving the healing energies from the Amethyst Biomat with deep gratitude.”

May you also get to experience the amazing Amethyst Biomat!

Sending StarFire Radiant Healing Energies to All Beings, throughout all time and space!

StarFire Teja’s Ten Tips for Happy-ing Up During the Wintertime Blues

Whether or not you officially have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you may sometimes feel down-in-the-dumps on dreary winter days. Try out some of these tips to cheer your mind…

1. Regular use of a light therapy energy lamp. I love my Happy Light! Each morning while I’m eating oatmeal and checking emails and online accounts, I have the Verilux Happy Light turned on, shining into my eyes, for about 10-15 minutes.

2. Walk Anyway: Rain or shine or cold! Even when it’s raining, I bundle up with lots of layers, including long underwear, a good rain suit, and sturdy waterproof boots, and I go for a brisk 30-minute walk. Rather than feeling bummed that it’s too cold to walk, I take charge and feel triumphant over the weather!

3. Regular use of an Amethyst Crystal Biomat. If you have the money, treat yourself to this amazing spa in a mat. It is definitely worth the expense. The amethyst crystals transfer Far Infrared Rays into your body, so it’s like you have your own private sauna in a pad! It comes in a regular full size and also in a mini size. The mini is ideal for using in any chair or even while driving. Learn more about this amazing health tool in my next blog article. (And if you order one by clicking on the link here, please tell Amoraea that Teja sent you!)

4. Bright, colorful, sparkly decorations. If you haven’t yet taken down your holiday decorations, the simplest option is to just leave them up until later in February! But, if you did not decorate this year, or if you very efficiently packed away those decorations already, then you could purchase some new ones. The brighter and more colorful the better, because the bright colors counterbalance the grey skies outside. I still have my red and green sparkly holiday decorations up and they are really helping me to keep my merry on and to Happy Up my mind!

5. Read uplifting and inspiring articles and books. To really elevate your consciousness big-time, order my new book today! Click on the title here: The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes. This book is a new version of a very old story from India. The Ramayana is one of the two major epics in India, and it is loved and adored by millions of people. This ancient tale is very fantastical and I’ve added some sacred science fiction spins that make it really fun to read. I hope you will enjoy it!

6. Himalayan Salt Lamps. These amazing little purifiers are not just chiseled salt with a light bulb inside them. Rather, they are like little healers who create a warm nourishing glow in your environment.

7. Gratitude lists. When you are feeling really low, try writing down everything you feel grateful for. Include every little thing you can think of. Save these lists, and then on days when you feel too bad to write, go back and re-read a gratitude list that you wrote on a happier day.

8. A cup of hot coffee or tea. Recently I posted a blog about the benefits of coffee. You can read it here: “Coffee Is Good Medicine.” If you can’t drink coffee, then green tea is a great alternative. If your system cannot tolerate any caffeine, then try these teas: rooibos chai, tulsi, chicory, and peppermint.

9. Sing. There is something so primal and so healing about singing. I love to sing along with chanting music. One of my favorite CDs is Trust in the Heart, by an American kirtan artist named Krishna Das.

10. Choose to be happy. Per the Upanishads (a collection of wisdom by the ancient mystics of India), the mind is the means to happiness. We really can decide to be happy. This doesn’t usually happen immediately, but if you regularly tell yourself that you are choosing to be happy, then over time it will become true for you.

After trying out some of these tips, please share (in the comments below) about your Happy-ing Up experiences!

May All Beings Be Happy!


Disclaimer for the above list of tips:

Please note that Teja Shankara is not a licensed physician. She is not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions, or treat mental disorders. Any suggestions here are alternative or complementary to standard medical care services. If you have any questions about any of these tips, please consult your primary care physician.