Be With Me

Spoiler Alert: Scenes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are referred to in this post!

In one of the early scenes of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the heroine Rey is meditating in the forest, where she is levitating with large rocks swirling in the air around her. With eyes closed, she repeats, “Be with me” several times, but then, frustrated, she returns to the ground and says to General Leia, “They’re not with me.”

Rey was referring to the spirits of the Jedi ancestors, who she was calling upon to be with her. I can really relate to that scene and to her frustration, because my Dad died four weeks ago, and I have been calling out to his spirit to please give me some signs that he is still with me…

The Rise of Skywalker is my favorite movie ever. I actually went to see it four times at the theater! The fourth time I saw it, I caught some things that I had not noticed before… Like the voice of Yoda talking to Rey when, in a later scene, she once again says “Be with me” and this time all the Jedi spirits surround her and speak to her… It was so touching to hear Jedi Master Yoda say, “Rise in the Force, Rey.”

That scene gives me hope that if I keep praying and staying open, perhaps my Dad’s spirit will come to me in some way(s)… And actually, yesterday morning I was awakened by the first dream that my Dad has appeared in since he died…

In the dream he was quite startled by every little thing, and he was trying to do something and he was very frustrated by it… He was telling my Mom about it quietly, and she was answering him quietly… and then he began crying and crying, with many tears rolling down his cheeks, and I stood there watching and wanting to help him in some way…

In reality, I never saw my Dad cry, so I’m not sure if the dream was about his spirit being unsettled in the other realms, or if it was just about me and my feelings of anxiety, frustration, and sadness at the suddenness of his death.

“In any case” (as my Dad would often say), I am praying for my Dad’s spirit to be at peace and for him to come to me in signs that bring me peace… “Be with me, dear Dad!”

Dear readers, thank you for witnessing my sorrow and my yearning to connect with my Dad…

May the peace of the forest be with you!

With love and sadness,
StarFire Teja



Amazing forest photo by jplenio (Johannes Plenio) on Pixabay.

Yoda meme source unknown; it appears on many websites.


StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel the Sacredness of Life and Death


May you honor the living and the dead by celebrating your loved ones and remembering your ancestors.

May you feel connected to the Earth, Trees, Sun, Stars, Fire, Water, and Air.

May your weekend be blessed with holy moments of gratitude, goodness, and peace.

May you feel the sacredness of life and death.


Happy Day of the Dead to all who celebrate!

Happy November to Everyone!


Skull and flames image by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay.