My Meltdown Over Junk Food


Dear readers,

In this post I will tell a story of the ultimate ridiculous irony… It’s a story of some medical staff offering us junk food in a *heart* hospital.

It was Saturday, January 25th, 2020, and we were gathered in my Dad’s room. After six nights in the hospital, and double bypass heart surgery, he was expected to fully recover like 98-99% do after open heart surgeries… But he wasn’t waking up and his organs were shutting down, putting him in the 1-2% who have “complications”…

I had just been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder that likely causes my Fibromyalgia symptoms, and there I was watching my Dad suddenly dying right before my eyes… So needless to say, I was feeling quite anxious already… And then…

A hospital worker brought in a tray of “food” to offer to the family members… And that tray was filled with bags of chips and cookies, the kinds which contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors and artificial colors… So basically bags filled with zero nutrition and ingredients that cause *heart* disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases!

I got so angry that I told the girl we did not want that junk food. I said why are you giving out junk food in a *heart* hospital? This is why Americans are overweight and sick, because they eat all this crap! Oh, I was so anxious that I was totally shaking all over…

I said, “Dad would not have wanted that junk food; he was all about eating the healthy whole foods no-oil plant-based diet!” (My Dad had shifted to the plant-based diet after his first heart attack in 2012, and the surgeons in 2020 said that his healthy diet and lifestyle had given him an extra four years of living.)

The worker said sorry and quickly took the junk food away… My sweet Mom said quietly, “Dad would’ve politely thanked her, even if he wouldn’t have eaten the junk food himself.”

My Mom was right. Even though my Dad was against junk food, he was always kind to everyone, and he would not have wanted to make that worker feel bad…

But, I am not my Dad… I want people to feel bad that 48.5% of Americans have heart disease, and this staggering statistic is largely caused by the Standard American Diet. (It’s so SAD!)

So, even though I was still shaking from anxiety and anger, I marched right out to the nurses station and complained about the tray of sodas in my Dad’s room. I just could not stop myself. I explained to the staff that there is a lot of research that shows that sodas cause *heart* disease, diabetes, cancer, and lots of other sicknesses. They should not be serving sodas in a *heart* hospital!

They quickly removed the sodas from his room, and I spent the next hour calming down my anxiety attack. And then about an hour later, with his family close beside him, and with his only daughter’s hand (mine) on his chest, his heart stopped beating and he died.

I hope that someday the *heart* hospitals will serve *heart-healthy* foods and drinks to the families, such as: organic fresh fruits, organic raisins, organic roasted nuts, pure spring water, organic teas, and organic coffee.

The American people need to *Wake Up* to the serious health crisis that is caused by junk foods and sodas… Please see my previous posts on this topic ~

~ “Something to Ponder: More Than Half of U.S. Population Has “Underlying Conditions”

~ “Two Timely Myth Busters

Please share this post to help activate a greater awareness about *heart-healthy* choices!

With love and sadness,
StarFire Teja


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Monday Morning Meme for #VirusPandemic

Dear awakening beings,

This week, let’s all do our utmost to be of good cheer.

Let’s happy up our minds on the regular!

As the sorrows and fears arise, let’s work with them skillfully… When my psychologist does hypnotherapy with me, she instructs me to find the lever for anxiety in the “control room” of my mind, and then she says to push that lever all the way down and lock it into place. You can do this too if you like! We can all do this — we’ve got this, team.

Sometimes just a simple well-timed handful of raisins can really cheer the mind. I mean, just think of those grapes drying in the hot holy Sun! Raisins are super high vibration because they are saturated with the energies of our most beloved Star!


So, let’s all keep our sense of humor as best we can…

Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay Strong!

With happy raisin vibes,
StarFire Teja


Original raisins photo by 955169 on Pixabay.


A Powerful Question

“As soon as you start to feel anxious, locate where it is in your body…. As you notice where in your body that anxiety is, you can ask yourself: “How do I want to feel instead?” Once you have an idea of an emotion you’d rather be feeling, talk yourself into it and notice how that better feeling moves in your body.”
~ Melissa Tiers in her awesome book The Anti-anxiety Toolkit: Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain.

Dear readers,

A few days ago I was out walking in the hood, being careful to stay six feet away from all humans, and I was feeling quite irritated by the sudden spike in temperature and the accompanying humidity. After nurturing that irritation for a bit, with negative, anxious thoughts like “I hate this weather,” and “I’m dreading another Summer here,” I suddenly remembered the question above, and I thought about how Melissa Tiers explained it:

“By asking yourself, “How do I want to feel instead?” you send the mind on a search for a better feeling state. And once you find that better state, you have to get yourself to feel it.”

Melissa says that you think yourself into a better emotional state… So I tried it out. I asked myself how I wanted to feel instead, and I ‘heard’ this answer: “I want to feel warm and cheerful and positive. I want to feel quiet as a flower, all-seeing as the Sun, and solid as a mountain.” That answer shifted my mind which then transformed my emotional state… A powerful question, indeed.

How are you feeling in this moment? If you are feeling anxiety, how do you want to feel instead?

With compassion for the current state of our world,
StarFire Teja


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Video: Guided Imagery for Releasing Anxiety

Dear readers,

This morning when I was singing my daily prayers, the inspiration arose to record this visualization for you. Ironically, just the thought of public speaking increased my own anxiety… But, I decided to shake out my nervous energies and do it anyway, because I want to help reduce the Collective Anxiety.

So here is a little guided imagery for you, to help you shake out your own nervous energies. This visualization is from my book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life. Below the video you will find the text for this guided imagery…


Guided imagery for releasing anxiety… This visualization includes some gentle movement that you might prefer to do while standing, however, it can be done while sitting or lying down. Alternatively, if you do not wish to do the physical movement, you can simply imagine yourself doing the movement…

Breathing naturally… drifting down… into your inner world… breathing down… into your center… allowing effortless relaxation to flow… from your head… down to your toes… relaxing… surrendering… opening to the ground of your being…

… following a pathway down… from your root… down into the Earth… and standing on the surface of the Earth… feet firmly planted on rocks and soil… and seeing the beauty of this blue-green planet… the oceans… rivers… mountains… meadows… deserts… canyons… forests…

… standing strong and calm like a tree… extending its roots down into the Earth… and beginning to very gently shake your arms… legs… hips… hands… and feet… and while gently shaking your body, imagining that all of your nervous energies are shaking right out of your body…

… and watching your anxieties shaking down into the Earth… down through the rocks and soil of the Earth’s crust… down through the layers of hot minerals… and all the way down through the inner layers of Deep Earth…

… and watching those anxieties entering the hot ball of iron at the center of the Earth… that iron is ten thousand degrees hot… like the surface of the Sun… seeing all of those anxieties burning in that hot ball of iron…

… feeling gratitude for releasing those nervous energies… feeling strong in the ground of your being… and bringing that feeling of release back with you to the outer world… feeling calm and centered…

I hope this guided imagery is helpful and healing for you…

With gratitude and strength,
StarFire Teja


A Shout-Out to WordPress

Dear readers,

I am not getting paid for this post… and, well, I haven’t gotten paid for the other 323 posts I’ve published on this blog either! 🙂 (A while back I shared about my non-salesperson status in a post, “Realizing (Again) That I Am Not a Salesperson!”)

Due to my homebound status (thanks to Fibromyalgia and an Anxiety Disorder), I am not working at a job, but I still want to be of helpful service to others, in ways that are doable for me… And writing helpful blog posts continues to be not only manageable, but quite enjoyable…

Blogging would not be so enjoyable if it weren’t for WordPress. It is so incredibly user-friendly. I am somewhat savvy with computers, and I don’t have much patience for sites that are not easy to navigate. WordPress is truly outstanding in that aspect.

I really love how WordPress sends out notification emails when people like and comment on my posts. And the tagline at the bottom of their emails is pretty witty-adorable: “Thanks for flying with”

For those who pay for a WordPress plan, live chat support is available from “Happiness Engineers”… How cute is that? On that page, it says, “Our Happiness Engineers can answer any questions that you have about, how it works, and how best to use it.”

Well, since I’m blogging as a helpful service to others and making zero income from it (thusfar), I am not paying for a plan with WordPress, but because WordPress is so well designed, I have not even once needed to ask them for support. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Thanks for visiting this online StarFire Temple of Happiness. I hope you enjoyed my shout-out to WordPress.

May you be bright, merry, and healthy!

With much gratitude and positive vibes,
StarFire Teja


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