Monday Morning Musing on a Virus Pandemic


“This is the strangest bird I’ve seen in eight hundred years!”

~ Words spoken by the old demoness Sinhika, as she watched the SuperHero Hanuman (the Hindu Monkey God) flying over the ocean, in Ramayana: King Rama’s Way by William Buck.

Dear readers, greetings from the bird’s nest… I have just one musing this morning: This virus pandemic is the strangest news I have ever heard! I keep thinking of that quote above and wondering if anything this strange has ever occurred on this planet?

This is the strangest bird I’ve seen… ever!

How about you? Are you in quarantine, practicing social distancing? Are you doing any daily spiritual practices to calm your mind and to nourish your heart with love?

Have you ever seen such a strange bird?

With a bewildered mind,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash.


Guided Imagery to Relieve Teeth Grinding

Whether or not you grind your teeth, you can enjoy the relaxation benefits of the visualization in this post.

A couple of days ago I went to the dentist for my six-month cleaning and exam. I love my dentist and his assistant. They are both very warm, caring, knowledgeable, and really outstanding in their work. The dentist recommended that I get a mouth guard, due to nighttime teeth grinding, to prevent cracking any teeth. Since that will probably not be covered by my insurance, I asked how long I could wait to do that, and he said it should be done in 2020.

At the end of the visit I gave the dentist a copy of my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, and he held the book up to his forehead and said, “I see a mouth guard in your future!” I’m still laughing about that one, and I am filled with gratitude that I found such a wonderful dentist here!

So, until that mouth guard appears in my future, I will be practicing visualizations with the intention to relieve at least some, if not all, of the nighttime teeth grinding. The past two nights I did visualizations at bedtime, and I did not wake up with that tight feeling in my teeth, so I have hope that this practice will be helpful. I am sharing some guided imagery with you below, in case you or someone you know might also need to relieve some teeth grinding.

The key to this visualization is the repetition, and the slower you read it the better. Read it out loud in a very soft, soothing tone of voice, and slow your pace down even more during the repetitive parts. Feel free to change any of the words to words that resonate more deeply for you. And, if you are not a teeth grinder, you may wish to change the parts about the mouth and jaw to other body areas such as the heart and belly.

The guided imagery exercise below is not meant to replace standard dental care. If your dentist recommends a mouth guard, please follow that advice in conjunction with practicing the visualization.

And, please do not ever practice guided imagery relaxation exercises while driving a vehicle!

I hope this visualization is helpful to you or to someone you love…


Guided Imagery to Relieve Teeth Grinding

And so… settling in now for your restful time… your time to be by yourself… to let go of the outside world for a while… settling in… deeper and deeper into your inside world… breathing in comfort… and breathing out all tension… feeling surrounded by safety and protection… drifting down… deeper and deeper relaxed… breathing in calm… and breathing out all tension… Letting go…

… feeling the support of the surface beneath you… feeling held and supported… held… and supported… held… and supported… waves of relaxation now flowing… from your head… down to your toes… and noticing that your hands are becoming very warm and very heavy… and your feet are becoming very warm and very heavy… your whole body beginning to feel calm and still… drifting down… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest…

… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and walking through the trees… feeling warmth… seeing a mountain ahead… a mountain made of Violet Fire…

… and above the violet flames, a copper bridge over the mountain… and feeling an invitation to lie down on the copper bridge… lying on the warm healing copper… Stars above… Violet Fire below… relaxing on the warm copper… body calming… mind calming… mouth calming… jaw calming… letting go… relaxing and calming… calming and relaxing…

… relaxing your jaw… relaxing your mouth… relaxing your mind… relaxing your body… deeper and deeper relaxed… letting go… calming your mouth… calming your jaw… mouth calming… jaw calming… mouth and jaw remaining calm and still while you sleep… while you dream… while you wake… calm mouth… calm jaw… calm and still… calm and still… calm and still…

… feeling the stillness deep in your center… and now… if it is bedtime, drifting into peaceful sleep… but if it is not yet bedtime, then slowly and gently returning to the outside world, feeling calm and relaxed…



Purple flame image by BarbaraALane on Pixabay.


The Mind Needs to Be Worked With First

To open the heart, first calm and happy the mind.

Some people say that first you have to open the heart, but after many years of studying this, I have come to understand that the mind needs to be worked with first, and then the heart naturally opens.

The human species has reached a state in which the human mind has become quite dense. Many people’s minds are tangled up by the anxieties and traumas of this fast-paced world. So, sitting and focusing on opening the heart may feel soothing temporarily, but it won’t be lasting unless the mind is calmed first.

When you work with your mind, calming it down and happy-ing it up, then your heart opens naturally, and you can relax into the sweetness in your heart.

Choosing to be happy is the first practice listed in my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life. Here is that practice:

Choosing to be happy ~ You really can choose to be happy. Per the Upanishads (a collection of wisdom by the ancient mystics of India), the mind is the means to happiness. You really can decide to be happy. This doesn’t necessarily happen immediately, but if you regularly tell yourself that you are choosing to be happy, then over time it will become true for you. So to apply this in your daily life, try this: anytime you have to wait in line or at a red light, think to yourself, “I am choosing to be happy.”

Focusing on calming your mind down, and also happy-ing it up, will open your heart, and then you will feel overwhelming love for everything and everyone!

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!

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