*All* Lives Matter, Take Two


Dear readers,

A few days ago, I wrote a post, “*All* Lives Matter” and then I was informed that that phrase is seen as an attack on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, so I added an update expressing that it was definitely NOT my intention to go against #BlackLivesMatter. Then I asked for suggestions on how I could say it differently…

Well, since I have a very small following and very little engagement, I did not receive many suggestions, so I decided to just leave it as is, since I meant no harm and anyway I had added the update. Apparently that was not good enough for one Facebook Group, who promptly kicked me out and blocked me, without even explaining anything to me…

Since that day, I have been thinking deeply about this matter… And the thing is, I am one of the least racist people on this planet. For as long as I can remember, I have loved all people, of *All* races, *All* colors, and *All* religions. I have an uncommon amount of compassion that is actually pretty rare among the human species, and it pains me so much to see not only Black people discriminated against, but also Native American people, Hispanic people, Asian people, and so on…

And, never mind what color my skin is, as a woman, I do not feel safe walking alone down the street, because unfortunately there are men, of *All* races and *All* colors, who do not respect women. I understand that disrespectful, abusive, and violent men behave that way due to the wounds that they haven’t healed, but that understanding doesn’t make me feel any safer, and it certainly does not excuse their bad behaviors.

There is no excuse for police brutality against Black people, and there is no excuse for anyone to be racist against any other race. *All* colors and races do matter.

Good people, why can’t we *All* unite and oppose discrimination together? Why can’t we make this about Goodness versus Unjustness, instead of just about Black versus Police?

I feel the anger and pain and rage of all who are protesting. I feel it deeply, and I hope that healing comes soon to all who are suffering.

All lives are important. All lives are significant. All lives have meaning. All lives are precious. All lives are sacred.

*All* Lives Matter!

All races, colors, and species matter!

With love and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Grant Brookes on Unsplash.


*ALL* Lives Matter


All skin colors matter.
Black, brown, tan, beige, and white.

All species matter.
Humans, cows, pigs, lambs, fish, chickens, and turkeys.

Please, human tribe, please stop killing other humans, *and* please stop killing the animals, fish, and birds!!!!!

And, please stop stealing milk from the cows! Each species naturally produces the perfect milk for its own young. Cows’ milk is for baby calves and human breastmilk is for baby humans! Dairy is unhealthy for the human body, and it causes incredible suffering for the cows. Reach for coconut milk products instead!

May ALL Beings Be Free of Suffering.

May All Beings Heal and Know Happiness.
Photo by Peter tomceac on Unsplash.



I’ve just been informed that it’s not good to use the phrase “All Lives Matter”… I did not know that that phrase is seen as an attack on #BlackLivesMatter, so I am contemplating how to re-phrase it, since I was trying to be all inclusive, including ALL lives of all species, beyond human… any suggestions as to how I could re-phrase this so as not to offend the “BlackLivesMatter” movement? That was definitely NOT my intention!

One idea just came in: “All Lives Are Important. All Colors Are Important. All Species Are Important.”

Please share suggestions in comments below.


Another Holocaust

The meat and dairy industries are like the Nazis, inflicting torture on innocent, helpless beings who are suffering through another holocaust on this planet. And sadly, the mass slaughter is supported and subsidized by many governments.

There are some people speaking out against it, but many people are unable to change (yet) due to the systematic brainwashing and addictions created by those industries.

The animals, fish, birds, and bees are feeling beings who should be allowed to live in freedom. The cows are suffering the most, as explained in this video: “Dairy is Scary! The industry explained in 5 minutes.”

Such terms as “grass fed”, “free range”, and even “organic” when applied to meat and dairy are seriously ridiculous. So, would the slaughter of the Jews have been okay if the Nazis had given them beautiful accommodations and delicious food before they murdered them?

Let’s end the holocaust! Now is the time for humanity to go vegan… If you haven’t already gone vegan, please consider doing so, for the happiness, freedom, health, and safety of all beings, including our sacred planet Earth…


Cows photo by Leuchtturm81 on Pixabay.


Hold the Honey, Honey

I wanted to be a “beegan” because it sounded hip and because I believed that honey contained high vibration, almost magical, healing powers…

“Beegan” sounded so much better than vegan, and it was pretty much vegan, I thought, as I told myself that I was still a vegan, just a vegan who ate some honey…

But a nagging voice inside pushed me to do a little research, the results of which dashed all my dreams of a being a hipster beegan…

Because the truth is, bees are highly intelligent and feeling beings… and they make the honey for themselves, not for the human species… and they suffer as a result of the humans stealing their honey and feeding them sugar.

I corresponded with a natural beekeeper, who was sympathetic to the nature of my inquiry, and he told me straight up what I did not want to hear: “Honey is not vegan. Even in the best scenarios, the bees are harmed.”

In my 10.5 years as a vegan, I continually try to live up to the highest Vedic principle of ahimsa, which means doing no harm… And along the way, I have been searching for a spiritual group that truly lives this ideal… Last Summer I thought that I had found such a group because the Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s practice centers all went vegan in 2007… Oh, I was SO excited to find a vegan spiritual group on this planet!

But alas, last week the sisters of his Blue Cliff Monastery in New York sent out a video about their daily life during the shutdown, and in the video one of the nuns was making a jar of honeyed lemons to help their immune systems. Oh, I was SO disappointed to see that they are not vegan after all.

Even if honey has healing properties, it is not right for us to steal it from the bees.


I am my own tribe… the Shakahara StarFire Tribe of one… Perhaps someday others will join my tribe!

I really do believe it is possible to be both spiritual and vegan!


Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash.


Spread the Hope!

One hundred years from now, if the human species still exists on this sacred planet Earth, people will shake their heads in utter disbelief that anyone ever ate the flesh and fluids of our animal brothers and sisters…

I hope I live to see the day that the cows go free…

May the human species wake up to the unnecessary torture that’s happening… for example, to see what’s going on for the cows, watch this video: “Dairy is Scary, the industry explained in 5 minutes”…

May we humans free the animals, fish, birds, and bees from their suffering… May every human choose the vegan lifestyle and the plant-based diet!

Holy Coconut Shells, we can do this, good people!


Photo by sandid on Pixabay.