Happy Earth Day 2019!

Oh, this glorious sacred Earth! Such a supreme Cathedral, this blue-green planet spinning in space!

Did you know that our speed around the Sun is about 67,000 miles per hour… Wowsa!

And did you know that the center of the Deep Earth is made primarily of solid iron that is as hot as the surface of the Sun… That iron doesn’t melt because the pressure of the planet is so intense.

And of course the crust, the surface of rocks and soil that we walk upon, is just simply amazing. Think of all the beauty of the oceans, rivers, mountains, meadows, deserts, and forests.

The photos* with this article were taken in the woods above Frisco, Colorado last September. Yes, I am a tree-hugging, barefoot hiking kinda gal… I love this Earth so much!

Happy Earth Day to Everyone. Be sure to hug a tree and take your bare feet out into the grass!

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*If you are viewing this article in an email, simply click on the title of the article and you will be taken to the StarFire Teja Blog, where you can see the photos.


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