Monday Morning Musings from a Living Starbird

Dear readers,

Greetings from the bird’s nest in my tree-house temple, where the black coffee is hot and the morning light is golden…

My first musing is about the fun I have with words. I selected “StarFire” as my blog name because it represents some of my favorite elements, such as the stars, the sun, fire, and source energies. Since choosing that name, I have noticed that I also love other words that begin with “star” like starflower and starfish… And recently I came across the word “starbird” and fell instantly in love with it! Can you relate to being so amused by words?

According to the Urban Dictionary’s top definition, a Starbird is “A guardian of love and hope that takes the form of a bird at sunrise and a star at dusk. It shines on all who believe in the spirit of those that passed before us who are watching over us.” Some examples given:

“I feel the warmth of my Starbird watching over me.”

“It’s like my Starbird is right on my shoulders.”

“I lost my Uncle, but I gained a Starbird.”

Isn’t that so wonderful? Have you heard of a Starbird before this moment? I love that meaning, and for my own word-playing purposes, I’ve altered it so that I can be a living Starbird, one who shines love and hope on all beings. As a spiritual helper I do feel that that is part of my role.

This Starbird’s mission is to help elevate humanity to healthier and happier vibrations, and in order to do that I need to generate the energies of love and hope, and to shine the visionary light out into all directions and dimensions! So, as you are reading these words, I pray you feel elevated and inspired…

My second musing is about my review of October. As I sat reading through my journal and calendar for the past month, I felt so happy to be done with that month! October was my third month of feeling rather sick, and at this point I am not sure if I am stuck in a Fibromyaliga flare-up, or if this is my new normal… Either way, I am seriously ready to have some good days again! I wrapped up last month with this affirmation: “I am learning how to manage things better.” Can you relate?

My final musing for today is about the keywords that I have selected as my guiding lights for November. After reviewing October, I sat down in meditation, and the following four intentions arose ~

~ Acceptance ~ As I wrote in a previous post (“StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Accept Things As They Are”), I am working on “Accepting Things As They Are = ATATA!” ~ Well, it is very hard to accept chronic illness, but I know that acceptance brings peace and happiness, so I am continually reminding myself of this intention. Sometimes I say out loud, “Atata, Atata, Atata! I am accepting things as they are!”

~ Gratitude ~ Cultivating the gratitude vibration generates the energy of Love!

~ Ease ~ I am feeling a tad wearied, after 10.5 years of hardships, so now I am really calling in some easeships!

~ Magic ~ I am really needing to experience some magic in my life again…

Can you relate to these keywords? Are you accepting your life circumstances? Do you feel grateful each day? When was the last time you experienced the feeling of ease? Are you experiencing magic in your life now?

What are your keywords for November?

I hope you enjoyed this post…

May your week be blessed with bright shining light!

With much love,
Your Starbird


Amazing crow photo by MabelAmber on Pixabay.


StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel At Ease


May you magnetize just what you need to feel powerful self-love.

May you feel comfortable inside yourself.

May your weekend be blessed with an abundance of healing energies.

May you feel at ease.



Photo credit Mehdi Torabi on Unsplash



Dental Work With Ease

Do you have any dental phobias? Do you get nervous about dental work? If you answered yes to these questions, then this blog will help you to overcome your fears of dental work. If you are blessed to not be anxious about dental work, please forward this article on to someone who may need help with this issue.

I used to have a terrible dental phobia, which for many years I didn’t even know I had, because I just simply did not go to the dentist! I actually skipped sixteen years of dental visits! Can you believe that?

Well it was not a good idea to skip the dentist. In 2015, right before Thanksgiving, I suddenly had terrible tooth pain as an untreated cavity wreaked havoc, and I spent that holiday in excruciating pain until the nerve died and my new dentist extracted the tooth. Throughout that experience I learned that I had a dental phobia, so I used guided imagery to not only heal that anxiety, but to learn how to feel at ease while having dental work done.

After the tooth extraction site healed, I signed up to have more neglected dental work done, and during each visit I listened to guided imagery with my headphones on. Well, my shining victorious moment came one day when the dental assistant said to me, “You are doing great, you’ve got this!” In that moment I realized that I no longer had the dental phobia.

So, in order to help other people who get nervous about dental work, I created a guided imagery sound recording, which is free for you to listen to anytime on my SoundCloud channel: “Teja Shankara’s Dental Session Gift.” This recording is specifically for dental work, although I also listen to it before going for an exam and cleaning, because it reminds me to be calm during those uncomfortable moments.

Just yesterday I went to the dentist for a routine visit and I’m proud to say I felt at ease. You can also learn to be at ease in the dental chair. Simply listen to this recording, with headphones on, for several days or weeks prior to going to your next dental visit.

After you experience getting dental work with ease, please come back here and share about it in the comments below, down where it says “Leave a Reply.”

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!