Monday Morning Musings on Protection

Do you ever pray for protection, for yourself or for your loved ones? If so, how do you say those prayers, and how do you imagine they are answered?

My first musing this morning is about praying for protection, and what that really means. For example, God’s protection does not always mean protection from harm, because just look at all the terrible things that happen to people!

When we pray to God, or Spirit, or the Universe, or a Force in Nature (or however else you might conceptualize Something Greater beyond yourself), if we pray for protection only from harm, then we may find ourselves disappointed (or even devastated) when some harm comes our way. So we have to go deeper, to ask for what we might truly need in any given situation…

A while back I was feeling afraid when I was home alone one night, and I was praying for protection, and that is when I realized that deeper than asking for protection from harm is asking for protection from fear

My next musing is about what happens when we ask for protection from fear… When we are protected from fear, then even if the worst thing we imagine happens, we will be able to stay in the highest love vibration, trusting the unfolding of Life.

So if the worst thing happens, we may die, or we may survive and heal, or we may survive but be shattered and unable to heal the wound. Regardless of the outcome, if the worst thing happens, the best thing we can do is to accept it and to trust that it was meant to be as part of the unfolding of Life.

My last musing is about applying this concept to our prayers for others… Typically, when we ask for the protection of our loved ones we do so because we feel afraid of something bad happening to them. However, our worries, anxieties, and fears do not help the other people, and may even cause them harm, so again, when we pray for their protection, the deeper prayer is really about protecting them from both our fears and their own fears.

Perhaps when I pray for the protection of my two sons what actually happens is an energetic force arises from the depths of my being and shoots out like a missile into their energy fields and protects them from any potential ill effects that might be created from their Mom’s fears and worries!

So the deeper prayer would be for me to ask for them and me to be protected from all fears… and for us all to trust in the unfolding of Life.

Dear reader, can you relate to these musings?


Image of wild geese at sunset by kalhh on Pixabay.


A Third Force Emerges

Dear readers,

Are you currently feeling any conflicts within yourself or with others? Are there any situations in which you are noticing the friction between two polarities?

In my previous post “Little Sparks Can Ignite Great Fires,” I mentioned that my aunt had given me some written teachings… Well, the hope-sparking jewel that jumped out at me was this passage:

“The interplay of two polarities calls forth a third, which is the “mediating” or “reconciling” principal between them. In contrast to a binary system… the ternary system stipulates a third force that emerges as the necessary mediation of these opposites and that in turn… generates a synthesis at a whole new level. It is a dialectic whose resolution… creates a new realm of possibility.”
~ Cynthia Bourgeault, in The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three.

If you have been following my blog lately then you know that I’ve got Star Wars on the brain bigtime! Well, to me, the “third force that emerges” (in the quote above) is like the Force that permeates the good beings in the Star Wars galaxy.

I’m working on inviting this third force to emerge in some conflicts in my life now… Perhaps you might like to do this also!

May the Force of All Light be with you!

With fire-sparks and star-force,
StarFire Teja

Image “Alien Sunset Artist Concept” courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Ariz. ~ Explanation on the NASA page:

“Observations from NASA Spitzer Space Telescope have revealed that mature planetary systems — dusty disks of asteroids, comets and possibly planets — are more frequent around close-knit twin, or binary, stars than single stars like our sun.”

“Spoiler Alert” for the following “P.S.” ~ If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet (and you’re planning to see it), you may wish to skip this “P.S.” 🙂

P.S. Yesterday I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for the second time, and I had already written this post and selected the image of twin stars above, so I was totally amazed by the last shot of the movie… I had forgotten that the movie ends with the heroine Rey looking at double suns! That was a really cool synchronicity for me! Thanks to google images, here is that last image from the film:



StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Sing Your Song With Gusto!


May you live your unique story with enthusiasm.

May you be proud of your signature on this sacred planet Earth.

May your weekend be blessed with whatever you need to stay at least somewhat balanced.

May you sing your song with gusto!


Photo of red rocks near Sedona, Arizona by unknown – this image is on many websites.


How to Support Someone with Chronic Health Issues

Do you know someone who has chronic health issues?

Chronic health issues may be issues with physical health, emotional health, mental health, and/or spiritual health.

Here are some ways you can support someone with chronic health issues ~

~ Meet them where they are. Do not expect them to be any certain way, and honor their process, even if they are currently stuck.

~ Resist the urge to give advice. Respect their journey and acknowledge all that they have done and are currently doing to help themselves heal.

~ Do not judge them. Resist the urge to share your opinions, because even if you think you know what they should and shouldn’t do, you may not understand all of the aspects involved in the battles they fight each day.

~ Practice active compassionate listening. Ask them questions, listen carefully to their answers, and then say something that lets the person know that you heard what they said. Even if you do not understand their experience, you can say something like, “That sounds really hard” or “That must be so challenging.” Simple phrases like that can be very soothing to the person.

~ Ask if there is anything you can do. Even if they say no, you can offer to pray for them, or send them healing energies, or send them things such as bright cheerful greeting cards (by email or snail mail), money (if they need it), or gift certificates for healing services like massage.

~ Encourage their efforts. Giving a well-timed and genuine compliment can really help to brighten the person’s whole day.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you or to someone you love. If you are supporting someone with chronic health issues and you have further ideas, please share them in the comments below.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Red sunset photo by Thiago Gomes on Unsplash.


How happy?

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

Dear reader,

How happy have you made up your mind to be?

With lots of love and choosing happiness,
StarFire Teja


Red rose photo by Vlad Costache on Unsplash.