Slow As An Ancient Turtle


Dear readers,

Recently I was reading about the process of grief… and I read about how some people process more slowly than others.

I guess I am a slow processor… I process about as slowly as an ancient turtle’s pace!

How about you, how do you move through grief?

With a sense of humor amidst the sorrows,
StarFire Teja



Turtle photo by Atlantios on Pixabay.


*All* Lives Matter, Take Two


Dear readers,

A few days ago, I wrote a post, “*All* Lives Matter” and then I was informed that that phrase is seen as an attack on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, so I added an update expressing that it was definitely NOT my intention to go against #BlackLivesMatter. Then I asked for suggestions on how I could say it differently…

Well, since I have a very small following and very little engagement, I did not receive many suggestions, so I decided to just leave it as is, since I meant no harm and anyway I had added the update. Apparently that was not good enough for one Facebook Group, who promptly kicked me out and blocked me, without even explaining anything to me…

Since that day, I have been thinking deeply about this matter… And the thing is, I am one of the least racist people on this planet. For as long as I can remember, I have loved all people, of *All* races, *All* colors, and *All* religions. I have an uncommon amount of compassion that is actually pretty rare among the human species, and it pains me so much to see not only Black people discriminated against, but also Native American people, Hispanic people, Asian people, and so on…

And, never mind what color my skin is, as a woman, I do not feel safe walking alone down the street, because unfortunately there are men, of *All* races and *All* colors, who do not respect women. I understand that disrespectful, abusive, and violent men behave that way due to the wounds that they haven’t healed, but that understanding doesn’t make me feel any safer, and it certainly does not excuse their bad behaviors.

There is no excuse for police brutality against Black people, and there is no excuse for anyone to be racist against any other race. *All* colors and races do matter.

Good people, why can’t we *All* unite and oppose discrimination together? Why can’t we make this about Goodness versus Unjustness, instead of just about Black versus Police?

I feel the anger and pain and rage of all who are protesting. I feel it deeply, and I hope that healing comes soon to all who are suffering.

All lives are important. All lives are significant. All lives have meaning. All lives are precious. All lives are sacred.

*All* Lives Matter!

All races, colors, and species matter!

With love and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Grant Brookes on Unsplash.


Healing the Roots of Evil


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi


All evil and “sins” arise from wounds.

As one human global tribe, we should make the healing of wounds a top priority.

So many issues will be resolved by healing the people’s wounds.

The Forces of Goodness are all around us and inside each of us. Even people who have “gone to the dark side” have those Forces of Light deep within. Those Forces are available and ready to help us heal all the wounds. Let’s activate them and Shine Healing Light Everywhere.

When the Light Rises and Radiates through every dark corner, we will all love each other in the Sunshine!



Photo by Emiel Schalck on Unsplash.



Innovative Ideas: A Letter to the Mayor of Minneapolis


Dear Mayor Jacob Frey,

Thank you for speaking with such clarity, understanding, and compassion to the people who are in a rage about the unjust murder of George Floyd. The Fire that is burning was actually ignited a long time ago, as you rightly pointed out. Sparks from 400 years ago are raging now, and it will not be enough for politicians to simply *talk* about being peaceful.

Under these conditions, only people who possess a high level of awareness, and a high level of emotional maturity, would be able to remain calm and express their anger peacefully. Those nonviolent people are rare, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Thich Nhat Hanh. The majority of people do not possess those qualities, and so speaking about being peaceful to them will not work. And, their rioting will not work because violence simply begets more violence.

But there are other possibilities, in a middle ground in between nonviolence and violence. Please consider these innovative ideas ~

~ Each day over the next few weeks, hold many three-hour conflict resolution sessions, in which you have City Council members, Police officers, Religious leaders (and so on) sitting on one side, with skilled Mediators in the center, and then you have the Protestors and Rioters (who feel rage) sitting on the other side. The Mediators facilitate the discussions, and if the Protestors and Rioters complete the sessions nonviolently, then as they leave they are each given a consolation check in the amount of $2,000.

~ Use the National Guard to hand out invitations to the above sessions, and either assign dates and times, or do a lottery system to determine who gets to go to the sessions.

~ Ask corporations, millionaires, and billionaires to fund the checks. Money *talks*, whereas “talking” about peace does not talk. Give to these people very generously, as if they were your own family. People say “Money can’t buy happiness” but that is wrong! Money can buy a lot. It can bring peace to a rage-torn mind. It can help to cool the fires, while mediation can help to heal the wounds.

~ On the streets at night, give out free food, toilet paper, masks, and other essentials. Get corporations to sponsor these free hand-outs. Use the National Guard to make sure people stay six feet apart in the lines, since we are still immersed in a virus pandemic crisis.

~ On the streets in the daytime, give out free coffee and information about the mediation sessions. Spread the word about the free food and essentials that will be happening each night.

Please seize this golden opportunity for Minneapolis to heal some deep wounds in innovative ways.

May Minneapolis become a guiding light, a way-shower community, for other communities around this wounded world.

Thank you for considering these ideas.

May the Force of All Light be with you,
StarFire Teja



Image by WikiImages on Pixabay.


I Want to Warn Others!

Dear readers,

It is with a certain degree of agony that I am writing this post. If you have experienced the death of a parent, then perhaps you can relate to my anguish…

If you have not yet experienced the death of a parent, I want to warn you! But what can I say to prepare you? All I can do is share my story and hope that it may be helpful to some people who read it…

My Dad died four months ago today, and it is truly the worst thing that has ever happened to me. At fifty years old, I thought I had experienced a lot of grief already in my life, but now I see that the griefs over unions-with-earthguys-gone-bad and the griefs over my health and financial issues were nothing compared with the grief over losing my Dad…

The pain is just terrible! But, in the days following his death, I received an overwhelming amount of comments and private messages from friends on Facebook, and that helped me so much. I printed out all of those helpful words, and I read them again and again as I sobbed. One friend, who had lost her father the year before, wrote, “There is nothing like it; It is cellular.” I could so relate, because I felt the pain in all of my cells, fibers, and bones!

Another friend, who also lost her father, shared that she didn’t realize how unbelievable the territory was. She wrote, “We can’t know until we arrive at it, that’s for sure.”

I cried so much during the first couple of months, while I continued doing all of my spiritual practices each day. Gradually I gained more inner strength and stopped crying so much, but still, every evening when it gets dark my “witching hour” begins and the questions and answers replay in my mind as they have hundreds of times before… The journey through disbelief, trauma, and shock is rocky, but hopefully I’m steadily working my way towards acceptance, healing, and peace…

One friend said that we don’t ever really get over the grief when a parent dies, but rather, it just becomes a familiar part of us… That idea brings me a strange comfort.

Fortunately I am by nature a grateful person, and I have a strong base of happiness in me… So, even during these terribly painful months, I have been able to create happy moments each day.

When the time comes for you to experience the death of a parent, I hope you will also be able to access the inner resources you need in order to love yourself through the pain.

With grief and gratitude in equal portions,
StarFire Teja