StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Be Willing to Do the Work When the Work Shows Up


May you face difficult emotions with courage.

May you remember that emotions are just energies passing through.

May your weekend be blessed with authenticity and bravery and comfort.

May you be willing to do the work when the work shows up.*


Dear reader,

When difficult emotions arise, do you tend to run away from them and fill yourself with distractions? Or do you stop everything and tend to them?

In my experience, when difficult emotions arise, if I try to push through and carry on with my plans, I find that I cannot enjoy myself… So I think it is better to just stop and tend to the emotions first. That is called doing the work when the work shows up.

The thing is, our natural human tendency is to push away pain and seek pleasure. But, the things that really bother us are points of inquiry. Our triggers are actually very juicy and when we lean into them fully, by asking why and how questions, then they often will bear very sweet fruits!

So, my dear reader, my blessings for you this weekend are to face your juicy triggers. If you tend to run away from difficult emotions, make it a new practice to stop and tend to them. Surrender to the energies passing through you. If something is upsetting you, ask why and how, and then listen deep within for the answers.

If you currently do not have any difficult emotions passing through, thank your happy stars and enjoy your weekend plans!

This weekend my plan is to work on the final stages of publishing my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life… Well, that is my “plan” but since there have already been a few delays to publishing this book, I just have to trust that it will happen in “right timing” which I sure hope will be this weekend! 🙂

See you all back here on Monday…

With lots of love,

* Please see follow-up post on July 23rd: “What to Do with Difficult Emotions When You Cannot Stop to Tend to Them”


Oranges photo by Julie Aagaard on Pexels.



What Words Will You Say at the Threshold?

Steve Jobs’ last words were, “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.”
I wonder what he was seeing and feeling and understanding when he said those words?

In her book Words at the Threshold: What We Say As We’re Nearing Death*, Lisa Smartt quotes a hospice nurse, “End-of-life experiences are often positive for people. The things they see, the changes they go through: it is like a journey.”

Smartt then cautions, “However, clearly not everyone journeys gently into that good night, and some die having never made peace or having fully resolved the life issues that allow for tranquil transitions.”

Next she recounts what Kathy Notarino shared with her, “many people die as they lived. If they were always in control and had difficulty showing emotions to family and friends, then they seem to struggle more.”

Do you share your emotions with others? Do you have any unresolved emotional issues?

Learning to work with emotions skillfully is good preparation for a peaceful death. What does a peaceful death look like to you?

When you consider your own death, how do you feel? Have you been present at someone else’s death? What words did they say at the threshold?

What words will you say at the threshold?


* Please note that as of May 27th, 2019, if you purchase this book through the link in this post, Teja will gratefully receive a small commission.





A Guided Imagery Relaxation Session With An Orange-Haired Guy In A White House

Visualizing myself giving a guided imagery relaxation session to an orange-haired guy in a white house…
Here is the imagined session…

StarFire Teja:

And so… sitting in a comfortable position… and beginning to settle in… and beginning to settle down… closing your eyes… and bringing your awareness to your breathing… breathing in… and breathing out… and bringing your awareness to your body… noticing any areas that feel tense… and breathing out the tension… breathing in peace… and breathing out any tension… and bringing your awareness to your emotional self… noticing what you are feeling… and bringing your awareness to your thinking mind… noticing any thoughts passing through… and just allowing yourself to feel more and more comfortable…

And as your body settles deeper and deeper into the chair beneath you, feeling an effortless relaxation spreading, from your head… down to your toes… a warm, tingling energy flowing through your whole body… and noticing that your hands are becoming very warm and very heavy… and your feet are becoming very warm and very heavy… and now your conscious mind can just curl up in the corner and take a little rest… because your subconscious mind is listening carefully, to everything that’s being said… (Orange-haired guy is visibly beginning to calm some here.)

And now as I count from five down to zero, allowing yourself to become twice as relaxed with each number… and five, letting go of all tension… four, feeling more and more comfortable… three, feeling peace spreading through your body… two, releasing all worries… one, feeling your feet becoming heavier… and zero, feeling more relaxed than ever before… and beginning to open the channels… beginning to open the pathways… to your Deeper Intelligence… (Orange-haired guy is obviously going deeper now.)

Opening… releasing… breathing… feeling deeper and deeper peace inside your being… and beginning to feel an energy shimmering in the space around your body… sensing that energy as a bright beam of red light… and feeling the invitation in the air… and accepting the invitation to go for a ride in the beam… feeling so comfortable as the light beam carries you up…. floating up above this room… above this building… and rising up above the trees… looking down at the beautiful planet Earth… and floating, like in a dream, up towards the stars… feeling so safe and protected as the loving beam of red light carries you out into space*…. enjoying the vastness of the galaxies, the planets, the stars…

And taking all the time you need to rest and enjoy this time in space… seeing the beautiful sparkling lights… the colors of the nebulas… and noticing what you hear… and what you smell… and what you taste… and tuning in to how you feel… allowing your heart to open to the vastness of space… and going deeper into your own heart… and traveling back in time…. going back through all the years of your life… seeing all the experiences… the memories… the connections… the feelings… and just allowing any hurt feelings to arise in your awareness now… as the loving beam of light holds you in the beauty of the stars, just allowing any wounds from the past to arise in your awareness now… and as the memories of hurt feelings and wounds rise to the surface, just allowing them to be healed… (Tears are now flowing and flowing from the orange-haired guy’s eyes)…

… and noticing how, when one wound comes up to be healed, then all the other wounds also come up for healing… and so you can just allow all of the wounds from your past to be healed at once… right… now… just letting them all release, like cosmic starbursts… stars dissolving…. wounds healing and releasing… (Tears are still flowing, and now the orange-haired guy is sobbing)…

And just allowing those tears to flow… allowing the release… allowing the healing… and feeling a sweet love for your own precious heart… and extending that love out to all beings… understanding that all beings experience suffering and all beings seek happiness… loving yourself… and sending love to all beings… (The orange-haired guy sobs for a while, then becomes very calm, with a serene smile on his face.)

That’s right… enjoying the peace in every layer of your being… and noticing the lightness and happiness arising in your heart… and that lightness is spreading through your brain… through your body… feeling that lightness and happiness in every muscle, ever fibre, every tissue, and every cell… and understanding that some deep shifts are occurring in your being… and those shifts will continue to occur… as you go through your days… and as you sleep peacefully each night…

And in the coming weeks and days and months, those shifts will be obvious as you begin signing new kinds of legislation… finding yourself signing legislation that helps improve the lives of every person in your country, and of all people in all countries… legislation that ensures everyone has quality healthcare… legislation that raises taxes for the wealthiest two percent, and lowers taxes for the middle class and lower class… legislation that provides teachers with the same salaries as doctors… legislation that ensures every child is fed an organic plant-based lunch each day at school… legislation that provides young people with an affordable college education… legislation that protects the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled… legislation that protects the environment and encourages the use of sustainable energies… legislation that honors and supports military veterans… legislation that encourages peace and ends all wars… and as you find yourself signing these new kinds of legislation, you feel better and better about yourself… and you feel proud of your good works on the Earth… feeling empowered to be a better person, you inspire others to also become better people…

Still resting in your loving beam of red light out in the stars… beginning to understand how all people, and all creatures, are connected in one continuous web of energy and vibration… understanding how all beings are equal in the vastness of the universes… feeling your heart opening more and more… as the light beam carries you back through the galaxies… and down through the skies… down past the trees… and back into this building… once again sitting in your chair in this room… and taking a moment to integrate all the experiences you’ve had during this session… breathing in peace… and breathing out peace… loving yourself and loving all beings…

And now, I’m going to count from zero up to five, and when I reach the number five, you will open your eyes….
And zero, feeling the peace of the stars out in space…
One, feeling grateful for the healing of your wounds…
Two, remembering whatever you need to remember from this experience…
Three, feeling better and better about your good works on the Earth…
Four, coming back into full awareness of the outside world…
And five, opening your eyes, and noticing how you feel…


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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

“Speedster Star Shocks the Galaxy: The red arc in this infrared image from NASA Spitzer Space Telescope is a giant shock wave, created by a speeding star known as Kappa Cassiopeiae.”