July 2020 Keywords


Dear readers,

We got so much rain here lately that this morning the air feels quite fresh (minus the neighbor’s cigarette smoke, which, by the way, can be a transmitter of the virus to others), so it feels like a good day for a fresh new month…

The rains brought out some delightful croaking frogs last night, which I thoroughly enjoyed hearing while sitting on my meditation cushion in my tree-house temple and watching the lightning bugs flying about… Did you know that fireflies go way up high into the trees?

The thunder and lightning have been pretty thrilling also… But the fireworks, not so much. After hearing the loud booms every night for more than one month I am so over it! Unfortunately I am not looking forward to the fireworks on the Fourth of July this year… Well, we can’t go to see them at the River anyway, since they are cancelled due to the pandemic… But, I’m sure they will be rocking the neighborhood until some ungodly hour on the night of the 4th.

On a positive note, this month I am looking forward to more flowers blooming, cups of hot black coffee, refreshing air conditioning, and reading the Star Wars junior novels!

My keywords for July are *Release* and *Restoration* ~

~ Releasing negativities, judgments, and tensions.

~ Restoring my spiritual power… Calling in positive restorative energies.

What are your keywords for this new month?

May all the raging firecracker energies settle down into peaceful, harmonious energies… May love and compassion activate in our human tribe…

With love for frogs… and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja



Photo by dimitris pantos on Unsplash.


Light Your Fire and Keep It Lit

There is one pure love energy connecting everyone and everything. Called by many names, and perceived in many ways, this love consciousness pervades our world. Some people conceive of it as a Divine Fire, and they see that all beings contain divine sparks within them… Do you sense the sparks within you?

Sometimes the troubles of life can overwhelm those sparks and make us feel murky or watered down. Can you relate to that image?

During the difficult times, it is super important to light your fire and keep it lit… Understanding that led me to make this meme:



Is your Fire lit?
What are you feeling on fire about? 💖🔥🔥


(Orange Fire photo by Little Visuals on Pexels.)

Photo of sparkler in the woods by Jamie Street on Unsplash.


Go Fourth… & Shine!

I pledge allegiance to the Earth… to the trees, to the rocks, to the birds of the sky, to the creatures of the land and sea…

And I hold this to be true: All living beings are interconnected in a continuous web of energy that is pure Love…

Yes, I was born in the United States of America, but I do not wave the flag of any country. The whole concept of boundaries between countries and states makes absolutely no sense to me. In fact, I am pretty much bewildered by most of what the human beings are doing on this planet. That is why my mission is to help elevate the human species to happier and healthier vibrations. (“StarFire Teja’s Updated Mission Statement Video”)

So today, on this Fourth of July, the Independence Day of the USA, my focus is on the “fire”works, and I am seeing them as a call to light my fire and keep it lit. Please join me in lighting your fire and keeping it lit, no matter how terrible things may seem on this planet…



May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Orange Fireworks photo by Barbara Jackson on Pixabay.