How to Fight Injustices Without Being Consumed With Anger?


“When you see all the suffering, you have to know how to suffer less — how to nourish yourself with joy and happiness — so you can help other people who suffer more… Protect yourself from being carried away by the collective energy of hate, violence, bitterness, and anger… Create an island of freshness, compassion, and peace within.”

~ Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, who helped lead one of the great nonviolent resistance movements of last century in his home country, Vietnam.


The above quote is taken from the following very timely video, “How to Fight Injustices Without Being Consumed With Anger?”:

May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be happy.



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Coconut Creamers


Dear readers,

Do you enjoy the daily grind?

By daily grind, I’m not talking about your work schedule… I’m referring to your cuppa coffee.

If you drink coffee, do you like it black (like I do), or are you one of those people who just has to have creamer?

If you have to add creamer to your coffee, please consider switching to a coconut creamer (if you haven’t already made the shift), because coconut creamers are better for your health, better for the environment, and way, way better for the happiness of the cows!

Check out the creamers by So Delicious, such as this one: So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk Creamer, With Simply 5 Ingredients.

By the way, I do not work for So Delicious! 🙂

I work for the cows of planet Earth… and I work for all of the other animals, fish, birds, and bees! I am on a mission to help activate compassion for all beings!

To further understand why it’s important to reach for coconut creamers instead of dairy creamers, please read this great post “She Is Not Your Mother” which lists 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Consuming Milk Today, by Lucy Heller.

With compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja



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*ALL* Lives Matter


All skin colors matter.
Black, brown, tan, beige, and white.

All species matter.
Humans, cows, pigs, lambs, fish, chickens, and turkeys.

Please, human tribe, please stop killing other humans, *and* please stop killing the animals, fish, and birds!!!!!

And, please stop stealing milk from the cows! Each species naturally produces the perfect milk for its own young. Cows’ milk is for baby calves and human breastmilk is for baby humans! Dairy is unhealthy for the human body, and it causes incredible suffering for the cows. Reach for coconut milk products instead!

May ALL Beings Be Free of Suffering.

May All Beings Heal and Know Happiness.

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I’ve just been informed that it’s not good to use the phrase “All Lives Matter”… I did not know that that phrase is seen as an attack on #BlackLivesMatter, so I am contemplating how to re-phrase it, since I was trying to be all inclusive, including ALL lives of all species, beyond human… any suggestions as to how I could re-phrase this so as not to offend the “BlackLivesMatter” movement? That was definitely NOT my intention!

One idea just came in: “All Lives Are Important. All Colors Are Important. All Species Are Important.”

Please share suggestions in comments below.


The Sweetness of “Stay Safe”


“Just as mother keeps her child from harm, and guards him with her life, so you should treasure all living beings with a grateful heart, spreading love throughout the world. Protect everyone, everywhere, from hatred, and radiate kindness in all directions.”

~ from the Buddhist Doctrinal Formulas, as translated by Richard Hooper in his book, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings.


Dear readers,

During this strange sci-fi-ish virus pandemic quaran-time reality, have you noticed that everywhere you turn someone is saying “Stay safe”?

I am so touched by the sweetness of those two words. It feels like people are really caring about each other; like they sincerely wish safety and protection for others. This is like a sparkling jewel of tenderness emerging from humanity.

May all living beings be protected from viruses of all kinds, including the virus of hatred and the virus of torturing and killing innocent animals for food.

May all living beings be free of suffering!
May all living beings be happy and kind!

Let’s all stay safe and send love out in all directions!

With a grateful heart,
StarFire Teja


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Spread the Hope!

One hundred years from now, if the human species still exists on this sacred planet Earth, people will shake their heads in utter disbelief that anyone ever ate the flesh and fluids of our animal brothers and sisters…

I hope I live to see the day that the cows go free…

May the human species wake up to the unnecessary torture that’s happening… for example, to see what’s going on for the cows, watch this video: “Dairy is Scary, the industry explained in 5 minutes”…

May we humans free the animals, fish, birds, and bees from their suffering… May every human choose the vegan lifestyle and the plant-based diet!

Holy Coconut Shells, we can do this, good people!


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