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Dear readers,

There is a Greater Design to this life on planet Earth. There are forces at work that we cannot see or understand. The Forces of Goodness are shifting the Grand Design towards the protection and freedom of all beings.

Consciousness is playing through the virus pandemic, which is bringing greater awareness to the many reasons why eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey should become habits of the past…

In the New Paradigm, the forces are shifting humanity into eating a Shakahara (plant-based) diet. Evidence of this shift can be seen in all directions now, such as in this article by The Ecologist:

“Some 3 in 4 of new or emerging infectious diseases come from animals – mainly from wildlife trade and factory farming. Like SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola and AIDS, coronavirus originated in animals. Taken together, 56 zoonotic diseases are responsible for an estimated 2.5 billion cases of human illness and 2.7 million deaths a year. Campaigners warned humanity will always be at risk to future pandemics while factory farms and wildlife markets continue…. The most logical and best form of protection is to go vegan and stop the disease at source.”




With great love from your Shakaharini Sister,
StarFire Teja

Photo by Saketh Upadhya on Unsplash.


Another Holocaust

The meat and dairy industries are like the Nazis, inflicting torture on innocent, helpless beings who are suffering through another holocaust on this planet. And sadly, the mass slaughter is supported and subsidized by many governments.

There are some people speaking out against it, but many people are unable to change (yet) due to the systematic brainwashing and addictions created by those industries.

The animals, fish, birds, and bees are feeling beings who should be allowed to live in freedom. The cows are suffering the most, as explained in this video: “Dairy is Scary! The industry explained in 5 minutes.”

Such terms as “grass fed”, “free range”, and even “organic” when applied to meat and dairy are seriously ridiculous. So, would the slaughter of the Jews have been okay if the Nazis had given them beautiful accommodations and delicious food before they murdered them?

Let’s end the holocaust! Now is the time for humanity to go vegan… If you haven’t already gone vegan, please consider doing so, for the happiness, freedom, health, and safety of all beings, including our sacred planet Earth…


Cows photo by Leuchtturm81 on Pixabay.


A Message for Humanity

Last night, while listening to 40hz music with headphones on, I heard this message for humanity:

Dear human beings,

Please remember that we are animals. At some point in time we developed our brains in certain ways that led to us becoming the dominant species on Earth…

But the other species of animals, fish, and birds are extremely intelligent in their own ways, and they have complex emotional lives, just like humans, cats, and dogs. They belong to families and social networks just like we do, and so it is not right for humanity to kill and eat all of those feeling beings.

We are animals. Let us live side-by-side in peace with our brothers and sisters of the land, sea, and air. Today is a good day to eat a whole foods plant-based diet. In fact, every day is a good day to choose peace and freedom for all the animals, fish, and birds.

With love and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash.


Awakening Compassion for the Animals, Fish, and Birds

As an eight-year-old child on a small Indiana farm, I loved all of our animals, but when I watched chickens and rabbits being killed, I did not make the connection that they were living beings just like the pet cats I loved so much. There was a disconnect, and I did not make that connection until almost thirty years later while sitting in meditation.

Compassion for the animals, fish, and birds arises at different times for different people.

I lived through that complete disconnect so I understand it, and I have compassion for it…

And, I am inspired to write posts that bring awareness to how much the creatures of the land, sea, and air are suffering… The animals, fish, and birds are living beings who have complex emotional lives and families, just like humans, cats, and dogs. They are being tortured on a massive scale, and so I pray that more and more humans will awaken to higher levels of compassion for all beings.

With each person who chooses the plant-based diet and the vegan lifestyle, the suffering of the animals, fish, and birds is reduced.

A sitting meditation practice can help to awaken compassion. While sitting up straight with eyes closed, visualize cows, pigs, lambs, fish, chickens and turkeys. See how they are living, breathing beings who need protection so they can live their lives in freedom. See how they are living on this sacred Earth with human beings – not for human beings. See how loving and precious they are!

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Live in Freedom and Happiness!

With love and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo of mama sheep and baby lamb by Mónica Obando Molina on Unsplash.


Compassion for Cows… And for All Living Beings

Dear readers,

Please meet my new love… a cow named Star! The beautiful cows in this photo are residents at Uplands PEAK Sanctuary (People, Earth, and Animals in Kinship), which is located in Freedom, Indiana. How appropriate, that the animal residents are allowed to live in freedom in a town named Freedom! The brown and white cow sitting down in the front of the photo is named Freeda, and the brown cow standing in the back is named Star. When I first saw photos of Star, on PEAK’s Facebook Page, I fell in love instantly! 🙂


Photo credit to Star, Freeda, and PEAK.

I highly recommend following PEAK on Instagram. It is so heartwarming to see regular photos and videos of the lucky residents of this sanctuary! This month they have been highlighting stories about their turkey named Lily, who was fortunate enough to “accidentally” fall off of the truck on the way to the slaughterhouse, and now she has such a great life on their farm!

To read a very touching article about the nature of turkeys, please check out this post by Free from Harm, “Moving Beyond the False Stereotypes of Turkeys” which begins with the following: “To understand the complex suffering of turkeys raised for “food,” it helps to know that in nature, young turkey siblings stay close to their mother for four or five months after they are born. She is the center of their universe. Although turkeys raised commercially never see their mothers, the expectation of her is alive in their genes. In nature…” (And speaking of choosing to not eat dead turkey meat, you might also like to read my previous post, “Peacefully Sourced Holiday Meals.”)

The Free from Harm website also has a post entitled “Former Meat and Dairy Farmers Redefining Humane Farming as Vegan” in which they say “So many meat and dairy farmers are going vegan, we had to start a new website for their stories.” (Check it out here: Stories.) And, they have a great post explaining how “humanely” raised milk and dairy products are not actually humane: “What about Humanely Raised Milk and Dairy Products?

The thing is, friends, the cows are suffering tremendously, and it is my deepest prayer that more and more humans will awaken to the reality that the cows (and other animals, fish, birds, and bees) are being tortured. Once that awakening happens, I pray that the human species will, one by one, choose to eat a compassionate plant-based diet.

Thank you, PEAK, and thank you, Free from Harm, for the great work you are doing to help all the creatures be allowed to live in Freedom and Happiness!

May All Beings Be Free From Harm.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Photo credit to Star, Freeda, and PEAK.