Taking Stock


“My failings have become my adornments.”

~ Rama’s brother Bharata, speaking in the Shri Ramacharitamanasa by Tulsidas.


Dear readers,

The practice of taking stock can be helpful for anyone, regardless of your current status — essential worker, working from home, unemployed, unable to work, retired, billionaire overseeing charitable works, and any other categories that I’m forgetting…

As we are now already one-third (gasp!) through 2020, this is a very good time for all of us to assess, both personally and collectively, who we are and where we are heading. Without ruminating over the past and what could have been, we can take a little time to review our successes and failures in order to make good decisions for our paths forward.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Yoda reminded Luke that failure is the greatest teacher. Well, I have sure had my share of failings in the past decade! The one that’s really haunting me is how I feel that I failed with my Dad. When he died suddenly in January, I had been living with my parents as a boomeranger for the past two years, and I had been struggling internally with how irritated I felt with some of my Dad’s habits and some sounds he made. They were small things really, but they annoyed me greatly.

Even though I didn’t tell my Dad about my irritations, and even though I was working on them inside myself, and even though I was actually making progress in cultivating loving-kindness, good vibes, and gratitude, I still feel that I failed.

But, the Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh says that transformation is always possible. He says we can always achieve reconciliation inside ourselves, even if the other person has died… So I am endeavoring to accept that I did the best I could at the time, and to learn from that experience, so that going forward I won’t have to live with that kind of regret again.

The practice of taking stock reveals that as I am recovering from a decade of failures, I am now restoring my power and wearing my failings as adornments.

Can you relate to my story? When you review your last decade, can you face your failings? Can you wear them as adornments now?

With forward-going energies,
StarFire Teja


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R’s for Quarantines

Dear readers,

When I focus on the weirdness of this virus pandemic, I can get really freaked out. How about you?

Alternatively, when I shift my focus to the perpetual weekend quality of this quaran-time, I can get really expanded on many levels. Have you experienced that also?

This strange reality can either be a limiting prison or a retreat space, depending on our perceptions in any given moment. With the power of our minds we can choose to embrace the opportunities to dwell in the sacred, to be in time out of time, and to exist in the extraordinary spirit realms that are always surrounding our energy fields.

We can harness the energy, time, and space of our quarantines for goodness through indulging in a variety of R’s, such as Resting, Relishing, Recharging, Regrouping, Resetting, and Recalibrating.

Are you taking some time each day to relish the small joys in your world?

Let’s all choose to focus our awareness on high love vibrations! Let’s allow the Forces of Goodness to refresh our souls!

May you be blessed with many R’s during this time, as humanity finds its way forward!

With my focus on reverberating good vibes,
StarFire Teja


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Guided Imagery to Send Difficult People Out to Black Holes

Are you struggling with any difficult people in your life right now?

When you are relating with a difficult person, or trying to clear them out of your energy field (if they are now gratefully in your past), the first thing to do is to realize that you are probably not ever going to change them. So, for your own peace you have to accept them, and accept yourself, exactly as you each are.

The second thing to do is to send them out to a black hole, using the tool of guided imagery. In this visualization, you are not actually wanting their physical destruction, but rather you are intending to clear their energies out of your system. Be clear that you mean them no physical harm, but you need them to clear out so that you can reclaim your own energies. When you send their energies out, you also send your own difficult thoughts, feelings, and energies out to the black hole. You are clearing out all the negativities in you that have built up in reaction to the difficult person.

The third thing to do is to visualize golden healing light pouring into you and filling you up with positive vibrations. See the golden light pulsing in all of your 37.2 trillion cells… Feel your own energies, and imagine a force field around you that protects you… Visualize all good vibes coming into you now. May healing, happiness, and love surround you.

May You Be Blessed By the Forces of Goodness!


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Image from NPR: First-ever image of a black hole, released April 10th, 2019