A Sweet Synchronicity

Dear readers,

On March 1st my Mom brought in some daffodils from the yard, pictured in the photo with this post. Later that day I noticed that my calendars said it was St. David’s Day. My Dad, who just died suddenly on January 25th, was named David, but I had never heard of Saint David’s Day.

The next day I asked my Mom if she had heard of it, and she said no, so I googled and learned that St. David is the patron saint of Wales. The Welsch people celebrate him on March 1st, the date of Saint David’s death in 589 AD, and one of the traditions is to pin DAFFODILS to their clothing! My Mom and I thought that that was a sweet synchronicity…

And then it got better. The next day our synchronicity had a baby synchronicity! One of my aunts informed us that Saint David’s community ate only bread, vegetables, herbs, and water… So I googled, and, amazingly, St. David is considered to be the patron saint of vegetarians and vegans!

Well, my Dad had eaten a strictly whole foods plant-based diet since having his first “widow-maker” heart attack in 2012, and when they met with the surgeon in January (prior to the bypass surgery that he did not recover from), the surgeon told him that had it not been for his good diet and exercise, he would have been seeing the surgeon four years ago. So, my Dad got four extra years of living because he was dedicated to eating the plant-based diet. I think he would have loved this story about Saint David being the patron saint of vegans!

There is a power inherent in synchronicities. I believe the potency comes from the Great Mystery, and it instills a sense of awe. I mean, just how does the Universe line these things up?

Have you noticed any interesting synchronicities lately?

With gratitude and awe,
StarFire Teja


StarFire Teja’s Prayer This Day


May the Great Mystery gift each of us
with all the miracles, magic, and mojo
that we need to achieve our goals in 2019!

Making goals and working towards them is an ongoing process that we don’t just do in January. When reaching towards our goals, if it feels like reaching to touch the stars, it may be time to re-evaluate and be open to changing our goals. Sometimes there is a feeling of freedom when letting go of an old goal that is no longer in alignment with who we are now.

This year I am birthing a new version of me, and I have set some high goals for 2019:

1. By March 31st, sell 1,809 copies of my new book, The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes. (Only 1,799 to go!)

2. By December 31st, attract 19,000 followers to this starfireteja blog. (Only 18,995 to go!)

Since I do not currently have the funds to hire a publicist, these goals feel a bit like reaching for the stars, but I’m reaching out anyway and I’m open to miracles! Somewhere deep inside me, I still believe in magic, even though I’ve been through many hardships over the past 9+ years.

So how are your current goals feeling? Are you reaching for the stars this year?

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech