Racial Wealth Gap Explained


Dear readers,

The following video, featuring United States Senator Cory Booker, clearly explains the racial wealth gap in the USA… Toward the end, someone quotes the Bible, saying that there should be “reparations for the breach”… After watching this video, I have to agree. See what you think…

May all the members of our sacred human tribe learn to live together in harmony. May we activate love, compassion, and justice for all…

May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be happy.

With love for all beings,
StarFire Teja



Gorgeous image of Orisha Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Wealth… Creator unknown; it appears on many sites.


June 2020 Keywords


Dear readers,

For this next month I am calling in Endurance and Deep Listening.

How about you? Are there any qualities you intend to activate during these next thirty boxes?

At this time of crisis, turmoil, and unrest, I hope that humanity can rise up and stand together in compassion, harmony, and peace.

May this month be a time of great healing for All.

With good intentions,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Scottslm on Pixabay.


Hearing Voices

Dear readers,

There are so many voices inside our heads!

A few mornings ago, I awoke hearing this:

History and humanity are ever-repeating on this earthship, and yet there is a novelty to this virus pandemic that is profoundly changing our global story in new ways.

As a global tribe, we now have unprecedented opportunities to unite and innovate; to love and elevate; and to heal and harmonize.

Let us choose paths of peace for all beings.

With pep talks of good cheer,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Jan-Mallander on Pixabay.


StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Peace and Harmony in Your Life


May you feel connected to the sources of the foods you eat.

May you feel compassion for all the creatures of the land, sea, and air.

May your weekend be blessed with tender moments of heart-softening love.

May you feel peace and harmony in your life.


Dear readers,

If you haven’t already, please read my recent post “Peacefully Sourced Holiday Meals” and consider sharing it with others. The animals, fish, and birds thank you!!!

With compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo of turkeys by Perkons on Pixabay.


Domestic Violence Awareness Prayers

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States, so I offer this post as my small part in raising awareness…

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233 and on their website they say the following:

“Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship. It can happen to anyone at any point in a relationship. Domestic violence includes behaviors that physically harm, cause fear, prevent a partner from doing what they wish, or force them to behave in ways they do not want. This October… we are bringing awareness to domestic violence through the #1Thing campaign and celebrating DVAM.”

I pray that domestic violence will end, and I offer these prayers for those who are suffering in that abusive realm ~

~ For the victims of abuse who are living scared, may they have strength, and may they leave if it is safe to do so, and then may they be comforted in their grief and healing.

~ For the abusers who are causing so much harm, may they heal their own wounds, and may they become better people on the planet.

May October be a month of healing and peace for all human beings. This being human is very challenging, but together we can all rise above the wounds and create harmony for all beings.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy.


Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash.