Orange you Happy?

Dear readers, my desk is clean and ready for me to begin writing the next book tomorrow morning!

I love the paint store sample card on my desk that reads “Orange you Happy?” It seemed perfect to place on my desk now, because the next book is called Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life. Please read more about the book in my previous article, “Double Coffee Days Ahead.”

I am so very grateful to those who have donated to my work. It means so much to me and is helping me greatly on all levels! If anyone else would like to send some green energy (monetary) support my way, I will deeply appreciate it… In addition to writing the next book, I am posting helpful blog articles regularly, volunteering with Hospice, planning to offer healing circles again soon, and visioning a business in which I offer spiritual and emotional support to the dying and their families in sessions via video calls.

Happy New Moon tonight…
May all your wishes come true!!!

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StarFire Teja’s Mission Video

Dear readers, a few days ago I posted a blog with my mission statement in preparation for making a video. Well I made that video today… What I do not have (yet) in terms of high quality production and technical savvy, I pray that I make up for with the goodness of my heart and the sincerity of my intentions.


StarFire Teja’s Mission Video


May You Be Blessed By the Forces of Goodness.
May your February be Fabulous!

In Fabulous February I’ll be posting blog articles here
on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Happy Up by choosing to be happy!



Background image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

StarFire Healing Center

I love January! I was born in January and each year this month is a highly inspired time for me. So yesterday I went out on a walk with the intention of making a mental gratitude list, but instead I was suddenly on fire with the visionary aspect lighting up my brain and bringing several things together at once. I’m not sure when this will manifest in 3D reality, but here’s the vision that appeared:

I am opening a StarFire Healing Center: An Interfaith Gathering Place for Promoting & Supporting Radiant Spirituality and Vibrant Health. At this center, people of all faiths are welcome to attend a wide variety of classes, prayer groups, healing circles, and spiritual events which are taught, led, and facilitated by different religious leaders, alternative healthcare practitioners, and others in the community. There are classes on natural living, yoga, sound healing, aromatherapy, singing, dancing, sacred scriptures, plant-based cooking, spiritual practices, guided imagery, energy healing, meditation, connecting with nature, healing with crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, Amethyst Crystal Biomats, and much, much more!

At this StarFire Healing Center there will be a small cafe and gift shop, where my new book will be for sale! (To purchase your copy today, please click on the book’s title here: The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes)

A percentage of the StarFire Healing Center’s profits will be donated to Albion Fellows Bacon Center.

May you also be fired up with inspirations this January!

May All Beings Be Happy!

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Hubble Hotbed of Vigorous Star Formation
This galaxy is currently a hotbed of vigorous star formation. NGC 1569 is a starburst galaxy, meaning that — as the name suggests — it is bursting at the seams with stars, and is currently producing them at a rate far higher than that observed in most other galaxies. For almost 100 million years, NGC 1569 has pumped out stars more than 100 times faster than the Milky Way! As a result, this glittering galaxy is home to super star clusters… Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Aloisi, Ford; Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

Healing Circles with Teja Shankara

Healing Circles with Teja Shankara, author of The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes




image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech