My Meltdown Over Junk Food


Dear readers,

In this post I will tell a story of the ultimate ridiculous irony… It’s a story of some medical staff offering us junk food in a *heart* hospital.

It was Saturday, January 25th, 2020, and we were gathered in my Dad’s room. After six nights in the hospital, and double bypass heart surgery, he was expected to fully recover like 98-99% do after open heart surgeries… But he wasn’t waking up and his organs were shutting down, putting him in the 1-2% who have “complications”…

I had just been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder that likely causes my Fibromyalgia symptoms, and there I was watching my Dad suddenly dying right before my eyes… So needless to say, I was feeling quite anxious already… And then…

A hospital worker brought in a tray of “food” to offer to the family members… And that tray was filled with bags of chips and cookies, the kinds which contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors and artificial colors… So basically bags filled with zero nutrition and ingredients that cause *heart* disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases!

I got so angry that I told the girl we did not want that junk food. I said why are you giving out junk food in a *heart* hospital? This is why Americans are overweight and sick, because they eat all this crap! Oh, I was so anxious that I was totally shaking all over…

I said, “Dad would not have wanted that junk food; he was all about eating the healthy whole foods no-oil plant-based diet!” (My Dad had shifted to the plant-based diet after his first heart attack in 2012, and the surgeons in 2020 said that his healthy diet and lifestyle had given him an extra four years of living.)

The worker said sorry and quickly took the junk food away… My sweet Mom said quietly, “Dad would’ve politely thanked her, even if he wouldn’t have eaten the junk food himself.”

My Mom was right. Even though my Dad was against junk food, he was always kind to everyone, and he would not have wanted to make that worker feel bad…

But, I am not my Dad… I want people to feel bad that 48.5% of Americans have heart disease, and this staggering statistic is largely caused by the Standard American Diet. (It’s so SAD!)

So, even though I was still shaking from anxiety and anger, I marched right out to the nurses station and complained about the tray of sodas in my Dad’s room. I just could not stop myself. I explained to the staff that there is a lot of research that shows that sodas cause *heart* disease, diabetes, cancer, and lots of other sicknesses. They should not be serving sodas in a *heart* hospital!

They quickly removed the sodas from his room, and I spent the next hour calming down my anxiety attack. And then about an hour later, with his family close beside him, and with his only daughter’s hand (mine) on his chest, his heart stopped beating and he died.

I hope that someday the *heart* hospitals will serve *heart-healthy* foods and drinks to the families, such as: organic fresh fruits, organic raisins, organic roasted nuts, pure spring water, organic teas, and organic coffee.

The American people need to *Wake Up* to the serious health crisis that is caused by junk foods and sodas… Please see my previous posts on this topic ~

~ “Something to Ponder: More Than Half of U.S. Population Has “Underlying Conditions”

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Please share this post to help activate a greater awareness about *heart-healthy* choices!

With love and sadness,
StarFire Teja


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Monday Morning Musings from Teja’s Tree-house Temple

Recently my Dad started asking me, “How’s it going up in the bird’s nest?” My answer is usually, “pretty good,” and then later, back up in the bird’s nest in my tree-house temple, sometimes I reflect on my response…

As a 49-year-old boomeranger living with my parents, far away from my adult sons, and dealing with Fibromyalgia, you could say that I am in the midst of a “mid-life crisis” as well as a “health crisis”… You could also say that I am in the zone some call the “empty nest syndrome”… And yet, overall, my answer to my Dad is true, because there is so much to be grateful for, and life is, indeed, “pretty good.”

Can you relate to saying you are good and then questioning if that is the truth? And then do you find yourself remembering all the blessings of goodness in your life?

As I type these musings, I am appreciating this alone time in my empty nest. One thing about chronic health issues, or any life issues really, is they are great teachers. Living with Fibromyalgia is teaching me to accept the solitary kind of bird I am: colorful, eccentric, and rather fringe…

Alone in my nest, I am sustained by my daily spiritual practices of chanting (singing sacred songs), meditating, repeating mantras, and studying spiritual teachings. I describe these and many other practices in my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, available on Lulu and Amazon.

What kind of bird are you? What kind of nest are you creating? Do you have daily practices that support the evolution of your being?


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September Slow Down

“You’re going to live to be a colorful old bird,” my beloved teacher David told me more than a decade ago. Those words resonated because I was born in a Chinese year of the rooster, and also because I love birds…

Thinking of myself as a colorful bird now, I can’t say that longevity feels like a blessing. While my wings are not broken, they are certainly not functioning properly. There is a huge gap between how I feel and how I would like to feel, and thus between what I can do and what I would like to do.

On March 10th I shared my future self visualization in the post “Your Future Self: A Visualization Practice.” I read that visualization out loud daily until just a few days ago when I realized that my “plans” and “goals” and “intentions” are not happening the way I imagined and desired, due to ongoing health issues.

As I shared in my post “Reaching for Orange to Calm Your Mind,” I was hoping for a diagnosis that would help me to better understand this body, so I went to see a new doctor. Well, I love my new doctor – she is really wonderful, and… she is referring me to a rheumatologist for the not-so-wonderful diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

That diagnosis was not a surprise, because I had it in the past, but then I did a hypnosis program on myself and I was basically symptom-free for almost 3.5 years… Or was I?

Dear reader, have you ever suddenly realized that the stories you have been telling yourself and others may not have been true? Perhaps you just wanted them to be true? Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling of realizing that you need to face reality more honestly? If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe you will relate to what I’m about to share…

Sometimes a crisis, health or otherwise, functions like a truth serum. I am suddenly faced with taking an honest look at areas in which I have been in denial, such as denying how much anxiety I have, and denying how much impaired concentration I experience daily.

In doing this reality check, I am also wondering if I am really 97-98% healed of the trauma I experienced (as I shared in my post “The Helper Who Helps the Helpers”), or do I just want to be at that level of healed?

And so now I am even questioning if I really was Fibromyalgia-Free for almost 3.5 years as I claimed, or did I just want to be free of it? (Thankfully I did not publish the book I wrote about how I had healed myself from it!) Certainly I still continued to experience many symptoms and sensitivities during that time.

Sometimes we project out what we want to be true, rather than what is actually true. Have you experienced that?

Yesterday I did my month’s end review of my journal and calendar, and reflected upon the keywords I had set for August: Humility, Patience, and Peace… Well! Be careful what you ask for! I am certainly humbled by feeling sick for three weeks and having all my plans fall apart. As for patience, well, it just seems irrelevant to me now! All the striving and worrying and setting goals required patience, but now that I have no idea what is ahead, I don’t really even need patience. What will be will be, at the right time. I have lost all sense of control, so there’s nothing to be patient about. As for peace, I am feeling the peace (in moments) that naturally comes with being humble… so I guess my August prayers were answered, but not in ways I would have wanted or guessed.

So, dear reader, I am facing the reality I am in, and surrendering to my fate… and to my stars… Thus, my September keywords have arisen from the fog of this fibro flare: Slow down, Calm down, Enjoy the small things, Smile, and Cultivate a Sense of Humor.

My main intention is for September to be a slow down month for the StarFire Teja Blog, and in general.

I’ll end this post with a sweet little quote from Mother Teresa: “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

Thank you for reading!

What are your keywords for September?




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