StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Love Rising in Your Heart


May you wake up the hidden places of happiness in your mind.

May you open to the joyful soaring qualities of your soul.

May your weekend be blessed with peace and possibilities.

May you feel Love rising in your heart.


Photo by JanneG on Pixabay.


StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Send Love Into the Hearts of Others


May you see the golden light of your inner mystic shining through the vibrant flower in your heart.

May you appreciate your goodness.

May your weekend be blessed with healing energies coming to you through many portals opening.

May you send love into the hearts of others.


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Wild rose photo by manfredrichter on Pixabay.


StarFire Teja’s Three Tips to Reduce Anxiety

1. Focus on your feet. ~ The feet are the farthest away from your brain, so when your mind is swirling with anxious thoughts, think to yourself “Focus on my feet” and then bring your attention down to your feet. Imagine that your feet are becoming very warm and heavy. Or imagine that your feet are sprouting roots that are reaching right down into the Earth, grounding you by connecting you with the solid crust of the Earth.

2. Bring your awareness to your heart and belly centers. ~ Place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly, and feel the warm healing energies from your hands going into your heart and belly centers. While feeling the sensations in your heart and belly, allow peaceful scenes from nature to flow through your mind. Imagine that you are becoming peaceful like a flowing stream and strong like a solid mountain.

3. Shaking your body. ~ Gently shake your arms, legs, hips, hands and feet. While gently shaking your body, imagine that all of your nervous energies are shaking right out of your body, and watch your anxieties shaking down into the Earth… down through the Earth’s crust, and all the way down through the layers of Deep Earth, and then into the hot ball of iron at center of the Earth. Visualize your anxieties melting and burning in that hot ball of fire!

May these tips help to reduce any anxiety in your system. After trying these tips out for a while, please share your experiences here in the comments below.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering. May All Beings Feel Calm!


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