I Want to Warn Others!

Dear readers,

It is with a certain degree of agony that I am writing this post. If you have experienced the death of a parent, then perhaps you can relate to my anguish…

If you have not yet experienced the death of a parent, I want to warn you! But what can I say to prepare you? All I can do is share my story and hope that it may be helpful to some people who read it…

My Dad died four months ago today, and it is truly the worst thing that has ever happened to me. At fifty years old, I thought I had experienced a lot of grief already in my life, but now I see that the griefs over unions-with-earthguys-gone-bad and the griefs over my health and financial issues were nothing compared with the grief over losing my Dad…

The pain is just terrible! But, in the days following his death, I received an overwhelming amount of comments and private messages from friends on Facebook, and that helped me so much. I printed out all of those helpful words, and I read them again and again as I sobbed. One friend, who had lost her father the year before, wrote, “There is nothing like it; It is cellular.” I could so relate, because I felt the pain in all of my cells, fibers, and bones!

Another friend, who also lost her father, shared that she didn’t realize how unbelievable the territory was. She wrote, “We can’t know until we arrive at it, that’s for sure.”

I cried so much during the first couple of months, while I continued doing all of my spiritual practices each day. Gradually I gained more inner strength and stopped crying so much, but still, every evening when it gets dark my “witching hour” begins and the questions and answers replay in my mind as they have hundreds of times before… The journey through disbelief, trauma, and shock is rocky, but hopefully I’m steadily working my way towards acceptance, healing, and peace…

One friend said that we don’t ever really get over the grief when a parent dies, but rather, it just becomes a familiar part of us… That idea brings me a strange comfort.

Fortunately I am by nature a grateful person, and I have a strong base of happiness in me… So, even during these terribly painful months, I have been able to create happy moments each day.

When the time comes for you to experience the death of a parent, I hope you will also be able to access the inner resources you need in order to love yourself through the pain.

With grief and gratitude in equal portions,
StarFire Teja


Radical Election Reform for the United States 2020


“Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

~ from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


Dear readers,

Even though I was a Political Science major, my path since university graduation has primarily been focused on Spirituality & Health, and I pretty much stopped following politics after the surreal time of November 2016 when I realized that I could no longer trust any sources of news… So I don’t usually write about politics, but this post came to me as a “download” during sitting meditation so I feel called to share it…

Due to the virus pandemic, large gatherings are cancelled for the Summer and probably the Fall… So how is the United States going to safely have a presidential election in November?

Given the eerie global crisis, here are my suggestions for election reform ~

~ The presidential candidates can each have a website, and they can each send out emails. Only online campaigning; no touring the country. Also no campaign donations are allowed. Instead, donations will go to help people who are struggling financially and to help people who are starving.

~ END the Electoral College. The vote will be by the people, so that each individual person will truly have a voice.

~ All citizens in all states will vote by mail, like the state of Oregon has done successfully for years.

Some may say that these suggestions are impossible, but six months ago they would have also said that it would be impossible for some little protein molecules to shut down the world… But as it turns out, that wasn’t impossible.

With my Grandpa Spiv’s fire in my blood,
StarFire Teja


Donkey and Elephant Image from Postcard Collection, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1954… Wild Animal Compound at McKee Jungle Garden… I hope that the political leaders of the future will recognize that all of the animals, fish, birds, and bees are living, feeling beings who should not be killed for food and who should not be kept on displays such as this!


Where Do “Don’ts” and “Shoulds” Belong?

Dear readers,

I’m going to be honest with you here. I do not like advice.

I really am not sure when this aversion began, but in recent years I have noticed a growing irritation with being given advice. Can you relate to this?

If I view this through a negative lens, I can see that my “ego” is getting triggered and causing closed-minded reactions. I mean, I used to be much more open to the suggestions of others… Or was I?

Was I actually open, or was I just acting open because it wouldn’t be very “spiritual” of me to not be open to advice? Perhaps with age and experience has come an inability to fake openness…

On the sunny side, if I view this through a positive lens, I can see that I am a very strong, independent woman who likes to figure things out for herself. I like to study situations and do lots of self-inquiry and find my own way. I like to make my own rules and then break them or change them as I feel like it!

So… as this relates to blogging… I think for those of us who feel called to help others (as lightworkers, healers, teachers, etc.), this matter of giving advice is a delicate one. We’ve learned some things and we are burning to share with the hopes that others may benefit… and yet, sometimes there is a fine line between helping and harming. I addressed this topic in a previous post, “Spiritual Helper 101 = Tips for Being a Good Friend.”

When I write blog posts, I really try my utmost to be helpful, by sharing in ways that do not sound like advice-giving. I may fail at this sometimes, but I really do try my best.

Another thing to consider when writing helpful blog posts, is something I learned in hypnotherapy school: the subconscious mind doesn’t hear negatives. So if you say “Don’t focus on the trauma,” the deeper mind does not hear the negative word “don’t,” so it only hears “focus on the trauma.”

This is why the standard instruction for making affirmations is to make your affirmations positive and in the present tense… So instead of saying, “I don’t want to be sad,” you say, “I want to be happy,” or better yet, you say, “I am happy.” When you say that you are happy, in the present tense, the subconscious mind then works hard to make it true already!

What do you think about this topic? Do you think it’s possible to be helpful without giving advice?

With deep respect for the unfolding of your being,
StarFire Teja



Orange wall photo by Alejo Reinoso on Unsplash.


Dear Billionaires

Dear human beings who have billions of dollars,

A quick google search just informed me that there are somewhere between 2,100 and 2,600 of you billionaires in the world… I do not know any of you personally, but I feel inspired to appeal to you on behalf of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Although I was a Political Science major at Butler University, I gave up on trying to understand or follow politics back in 2016… And I have even less of a grasp on economics. I did take the class in high school, but I don’t think I really got the concepts… So my appeal to you, the billionaires on planet Earth, is entirely based on the spiritual, emotional, and energetic worlds I live in, and the knowledge that I have gained through spiritual studies and practices…

I just turned 50 in January, and the current world events are the strangest news I have heard in my lifetime. With the virus pandemic, I feel as though we are living in a sci-fi novel, with really bizarre scenes such as Starbucks coffee houses blocking off certain tables so that people can’t sit right next to other people, and other shocking scenes with the cancellations of major sporting events and the shutting down of Broadway and Hollywood…

It is just heartbreaking to hear of people losing their jobs over this situation. I may not understand much about economics, but I do understand that someone who makes less than $20 per hour is already pretty poor, so if they cannot work because their school-age children no longer go to school, what will they do? Go into credit card debt?

Will this virus pandemic cause a global economic collapse? My grandparents were alive during the Great Depression in the United States, but I know nothing about how that kind of economic state would unfold now. Would you, the billionaires of the world, still have money? Would you be able to not only bail out the banks, but also to help with every other facet of the world’s societies?

From time to time I have seen inspiring articles about various billionaires helping others, such as paying for the troubled youths of an entire community to go to college… Well, now is the time, more than ever before, for you billionaires to use your financial powers to help other humans, and also to help the Earth and the animals, fish, and birds. Perhaps you will do some deep soul searching, and decide to live more simply, downsizing your wealth from billions to just millions.

Sitting quietly in meditation, bring your awareness to the very center of your mind, and listen for guidance about your deeper purposes at this time. Some years ago, while I was sitting in meditation, I became deeply aware of how much the animals, fish, and birds are suffering on this sacred planet Earth. The compassion that arose from that meditation led me to shift to a plant-based diet…

Please watch this 2-minute video: internationally renowned wildlife conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, explains why she recommends a plant-based diet.

In order to help the environment (and the animals, fish, and birds), perhaps you will invest in plant-based foods and vegan products, such as vegan clothing, shoes, and cars.

(By the way, this article from one year ago talks about a few billionaires who are already funding vegan startups, such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates.)

In order to help humanity, perhaps you will invest in a massive network of urban organic vegetable gardens, with fields of sunflowers, and chains of plant-based restaurants, and stores with healthy foods in the poor sections of all the world’s cities.

I believe that we are all interconnected in one web of living energy that is love. We don’t all realize that we are part of this One Love Energy because we are in different individual bodies, but if we look deeply into our inner beings, we can remember this oneness. Let us all live together in peace and harmony, with the rich helping the poor, the strong helping the weak, and the healthy helping the sick…

Thank you for reading this letter.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy.

With love, compassion, and hope,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Melanie Kreutz on Unsplash.