God is Everything


Dear readers,

Seven years ago I read Teresa of Avila: The Book of My Life, translated by Mirabai Starr, and at the end of the book I made a note to re-read it in 2020, “if I’m still alive in this earthly body then.”

Well, recently I remembered that note, so I reviewed the book and it was interesting to witness how much I have changed… My understanding, perception, and experience of God has changed a lot over the years, so much so that I can no longer relate to God as a “He” who is “up in Heaven.”

To me, God is *Everything*… God is one interconnected web of all energy… And that One Love Energy is taking on many forms… So I can choose to relate to Divinity in many forms, such as in the Hindu gods and goddesses, and also in the formless Brahman, which is the Pure Shiva/Christ Consciousness.

Even though I use different words to describe God, I imagine that Saint Teresa and I are really talking about the same truth, that God is real in *Everything*…

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within, which means that God is within everyone and everything… That truth is beautifully illustrated in the following image, “One Truth, Many Songs” depicting Jesus, the Buddha, Goddess Oshun, Bodhisattva Kwan Yin, and Shiva… (Creator unknown, it appears on many sites.)



May the Highest Love Vibrations activate in our sacred human tribe. May we respect each other’s songs. May we all love each other and live in harmony on this beautiful planet Earth.

With so much love,
StarFire Teja



Glowing Dahlia photo by Luca Huter on Unsplash.


Hanuman Jayanti in the StarFire Temple of Happiness

Dear readers,

Who and what do you feel devoted to?

Devotion is a beautiful, sparkling quality that we can cultivate to nourish our minds and hearts…

In the Hindu tradition, Hanuman, the monkey god, is the Supreme Devotee. It is his supreme devotion to God that gives him super powers in the great ancient tale of the Ramayana*. Hanuman is Lord Rama’s messenger, and as such he transmits Pure Love, Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and Positive Energies.

For more than ten years I have been chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, a 40-verse prayer that sings Hanuman’s praises. I sing along with Krishna Das, and my favorite version of the chant is called “Prema Chalisa” on his CD, Trust in the Heart.

“Prema” means Love, and devotion to the people and things in your life raises you up into High Love Vibrations…

Happy Hanuman Jayanti to all who celebrate!

With great love and devotion,
StarFire Teja

* You can check out my version of the Ramayana here: The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes.


Source of Hanuman image unknown; it appears on many websites. Background image of our beloved SunStar courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.


StarFire Sci-Fi Saturday

When the spiritual meets the science fiction, that fusion really lights up my brain. Can you relate?

Do you ever sense the presence of other beings like angels or divine guardians in the energy field surrounding you?

Recently when I was drinking my cuppa black coffee, I felt as if there were about ten little elf-like beings dancing around my head, neck, and shoulders. Those little sprites were very high vibration love beings, with dark iridescent skin that shimmered with glitter. Some were black, some brown, and some blue. Some had sparkling blue eyes; others had sparkling green eyes. They made merry in my energy field, dancing barefoot and drumming on little drums!

Did I make that up, or did I tune in and discover some “real” beings who popped into my dimensional reality when they vibed the coffee magic in my aura?

In a post last Spring, “Which Tribe Do You Belong To?” I wrote:

“I imagine that the Blue Tribes consist of very high vibration love beings, like Shiva or Vishnu or Rama (aspects of Divinity in the Hindu tradition), who all just happen to be blue! Call me a dreamer, but I would much rather belong to a race of Blue Light Beings than to the human race. Lately I just really cannot relate to what is happening on this sacred planet Earth. For example, I cannot relate to all the divisions of states and countries. In reality, we are all interconnected in one web of energy, and that energy is Love! So all these divisions do not make any sense to me at all. For me it goes much further than “#notmypresident” (although that is true)… For me, so much of what the humans are doing is absurd and painful to watch. Daily spiritual practices are more important to me now than ever before. They help to keep me connected to what I know is the real reality…. I belong to the StarFire Blue Tribes of the highest love vibrations. Which Tribe Do You Belong To?”

Dear reader, does anything in this post light up your brain?

With love and some fantastical fire,
StarFire Teja


Cosmic Space and Earth image by geralt (Gerd Altmann) on Pixabay.


Who (or What) Is Your Light Saber?

Dear readers,

This afternoon on my walk something triggered fear in me, and I began crying, and then I said out loud, “How can I face this fear, I don’t have a light saber!” (Yes, I have Star Wars on the brain right now!)

As soon as I said that, it came to me that God is my light saber!

In my Hindu-influenced conception of God, I spontaneously saw this vision of myself as the Pure Shiva Consciousness and Shiva’s light saber is Rama, the Force of All Light! So when I am in the Pure Shiva Witness Consciousness, watching everything (including the fears), then the Pure Light of Rama – the light saber – shines forth and conquers anything that needs to be conquered, like fears, anxieties, griefs, traumas, desires, attachments, and expectations.

So! The way for me to face my fears is to relax into the Pure Consciousness and watch the fears, and allow them to be transformed by the light saber!

Dear reader, who (or what) is your light saber?

With love and light sabers,
StarFire Teja


Awesome photo* of red rocks (with shafts of light that remind me of light sabers!) by Madhu Shesharam on Unsplash.

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Snake Medicine: Shedding Old Skins

Have you ever held a snake?

The photo* with this post is from five years ago when I had the opportunity to hold a boa constrictor. Well, it slithered around my body, so I did not feel like I held it, but rather, it felt like the snake was holding me!

I had never even touched a snake before, so I had no idea what to expect, and I was very surprised by my experience. When the snake was first placed on me, my whole body immediately relaxed and I fell into a deep state of consciousness that I can only describe as pure bliss. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that relaxed. All thoughts stopped and I just kept repeating the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya.”

“Om Namah Shivaya” literally means “I bow to Shiva, who is Pure Consciousness. I bow to my own deepest self, which is Pure Consciousness.” Shiva is the destroyer aspect of God in the Hindu trinity, and he wears venomous serpents as ornaments to symbolize that he is the conqueror of death. Essentially that means that his consciousness is so pure that he has no fears, like of death by cobra, for example. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wear a gold snake ring (on my wedding ring finger) to symbolize that I am married to Shiva. Well, I held my ring up to show the snake, and that snake actually licked my ring!

My experience with that snake felt like such a blessing. Feeling that physical surrender in my body taught me how to access a deeper peace on all levels.

Snake medicine also brings peace because it shows us humans how to shed our old skins. Do you have some layers that you need to shed? Do you have any mental, emotional, or spiritual energies that are no longer serving your highest good?

Here is a simple practice for transmuting any old energies and shedding any old skins: Sit quietly and watch your natural breathing. Visualize a snake slithering around your body, and imagine that the snake is absorbing anything you would like to shed now, such as fears, disappointments, and so on. Next see the snake going away from you into a green field, and watch the snake shedding that old skin which contains all that you wish to shed… See the snake shedding your old skins! Conclude with three breaths to transmute the old energies. Breathing in peace, breathing out the old… Breathing in peace, breathing out the old… Breathing in peace, breathing out the old…

How do you feel now?


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