Happy Earth Day 2019!

Oh, this glorious sacred Earth! Such a supreme Cathedral, this blue-green planet spinning in space!

Did you know that our speed around the Sun is about 67,000 miles per hour… Wowsa!

And did you know that the center of the Deep Earth is made primarily of solid iron that is as hot as the surface of the Sun… That iron doesn’t melt because the pressure of the planet is so intense.

And of course the crust, the surface of rocks and soil that we walk upon, is just simply amazing. Think of all the beauty of the oceans, rivers, mountains, meadows, deserts, and forests.

The photos* with this article were taken in the woods above Frisco, Colorado last September. Yes, I am a tree-hugging, barefoot hiking kinda gal… I love this Earth so much!

Happy Earth Day to Everyone. Be sure to hug a tree and take your bare feet out into the grass!

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StarFire Teja’s Ten Tips for a Healthy Brain

When you’re doing a lot of mental thinking work, it’s important to take good care of your brain. To keep your brain energized, relaxed, flexible, open, and super-powered, try these tips for a healthy brain:

1. Movement ~ regular exercise, and also just moving around the room periodically while working. Movement helps the brain to retain new information.

2. Changing positions every 20 minutes or so.

3. Look up and look out to the distance ~ blink your eyes and look around frequently.

4. Drink purified water ~ sip good clean water throughout the day.

5. Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea. Recently I posted a blog about the benefits of coffee. You can read it here: “Coffee Is Good Medicine.” If you can’t drink coffee, then green tea is a great alternative. If your system cannot tolerate any caffeine, then try these teas: rooibos chai, tulsi, chicory, and peppermint.

6. Eat walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds ~ nuts and seeds super-power the brain!

7. Sleep ~ get enough sleep, it’s so important! ~ If you don’t get enough sleep at night, then take little power naps or even just close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

8. Eat fruit ~ especially berries ~ to super-charge the brain with healthy natural sugars ~ and eat a healthy whole-foods diet with lots of vegetables, beans, and grains.

9. Fresh air ~ go outside! Hug a tree! Watch a bird! Enjoy the flowers!

10. Lastly, a few things to avoid, to keep your brain healthy: sodas (absolutely no soft drinks ever again), candy bars, cookies, (anything with refined white sugar or high fructose corn syrup is a no-no), high fat junk foods, television, video games, and too much time on the internet.

After trying out some of these tips, please share your experiences here (in the comments below).



Disclaimer for the above list of tips:

Please note that Teja Shankara is not a licensed physician. She is not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions, or treat mental disorders. Any suggestions here are alternative or complementary to standard medical care services. If you have any questions about any of these tips, please consult your primary care physician.