Do You Love Your Enemies?

3 Reasons to Forgive and 5 Inspirations for Forgiveness

Extending love and forgiveness to those who have hurt you will be helpful in three ways:

1. It will heal you by calming your nervous system, relaxing the tension in your muscles, and bringing peace to your mind and heart.

2. It will help to heal the people who you are forgiving.

3. And, it will send the healing vibration of Peace out into the world.

Here are five inspirations for your forgiveness journey:

1. In his book The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra writes, “When Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within, he meant within everyone. This would be in keeping with his injunction to love your enemies. The same God is in them as in you.”

2. In his book, Passport to the Cosmos, John E. Mack, MD, shares the story of a woman who has utilized the power of love to counter the dark aspects of her encounters with alien beings. He writes, “When the beings seem to threaten her, she sends out to them “as much love as I can, waves of love.”… It seemed that as she sent positive love energy toward these angry beings, she could hear them shrieking and saw them running, then backing off through the wall… She sent a “last burst of love energy, calling on Jesus and feeling good inside” toward this being.”

3. In her book, Midwife for Souls, Kathy Kalina, a Hospice nurse, writes, “Forgiveness is not a feeling, but an act of the will.”

4. In my book, The Tejaswini Ramayana, the Supreme Being forgives and elevates even the greatest of sinners, which is both an assurance for humanity, and an example for human beings to do the same with their fellow humans.

5. Recently two people put an angry face emoji reaction on one of my Facebook posts about The Tejaswini Ramayana. In order to extend love and forgiveness towards them, I wrote their names on an orange post-it note, and placed it on my spiritual altar with a healing clear crystal on top. Each day after I sing the Hanuman Chalisa and say my daily prayers, I ask Sri Rama to please send them High Vibration Crystal Love Energies. Saying their names out loud, I pray that they may be elevated to the Highest Love Vibrations.

May this article be helpful to you or to someone you know.

May All Beings Know Deep Peace.


image Courtesy NASA Goddard



What Is Going On Here?

Have you had contact with extra-terrestrial beings? Have you ever seen a UFO?

I haven’t personally seen any space beings, but I have read John E. Mack’s book Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, and many of the stories were quite believable.

Some people say that aliens do not exist because if they did, then Carl Sagan surely would have found them. Perhaps. But I say maybe the ETs do exist and they chose to not show themselves to him because he was too scientific or because he wanted it too badly from a place of ego.

I have heard rumors that both the United States government and the Vatican have much information about contact with beings from other planets.

As I said, I have not had contact with any ETs myself, but one night I did see a vehicle above some trees that was triangular shaped and had a grid of multi-colored lights across the top. I only saw the craft briefly because I was the passenger in a moving car, but I’ll never forget it.

I found the image with today’s blog on many websites with articles about the third eye, which is the spiritual eye in the pineal gland. In the chakras system it corresponds with the ajna chakra, which is the energy center in the center of your forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. It is the center of your intuition, and it represents your spiritual sight, of your ability to see beyond this physical realm. Looking into the image with this blog, what do you see? What is going on here?

What is really going on here on planet Earth? Why do you think we are here? And if there are extra-terrestrial beings in outer space, why are they there?

May All Beings Know Deep Peace.


Source of image unknown.