Monday Morning Musings on Light


“The light that shines above the heavens and above this world, the light that shines in the highest world, beyond which there are no others — that is the light that shines in the hearts of men.”

~ The Upanishads: The Wisdom of the Hindu Mystics, translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester.


Dear readers,

One of the common threads throughout most spiritual teachings is a focus on Light… Teresa of Avila wrote (in The Book of My Life, translated by Mirabai Starr), “When the soul looks into this divine Sun, its brightness dazzles her… The brightness of the sun seems tarnished in comparison with this light… Next to the divine light, the light of the sun looks dull.”

The mystics of ancient India spoke of the spiritual light as being one with the light in the Sun, and Jesus also spoke about light, advising his followers to let their light shine…

In his fascinating book, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, John E. Mack, M.D., relates aspects of light described by the experiencers, such as: “this blue beam coming from the depths of the universe… seeing light in the form of beams, balls, sparks, or simply a flood filling the space or surrounding them… a flash of bright blue light… she meditated… and experienced internally the presence of bright blue light… After a time her experience with the light “wasn’t just in meditation. It was there all the time.””

Mack writes, “in both quantum physics and consciousness studies, light is in some way absolutely fundamental…”

In reading Mack’s book, I felt particularly amazed by the experiences of Carlos Diaz: He saw the ship floating over his head. He said it was made of millions of small dots of light… the craft appeared to be inside a cave that was lined with stalactites and stalagmites…” He said, “There was something strange about the illumination… It was everywhere, but I couldn’t find a source. It seemed to arise from the rocks themselves.” In the cave… he saw seven spheres of light… which seemed, like the ship itself, to be made of compressed yellow light… from the ship he can see the jungle, where he sees the light surrounding and radiating from each living thing… About the light that he sees, he says, “Not many of us can see it… but most of us can feel it.”


The above photo of a glowing fiery orange craft was taken by Carlos Diaz. It appears on many sites, including in this story: “The Carlos Diaz Experiences.”

The young boy in the film, The Blue Butterfly, could also see light emanating from every plant and creature in the jungle. It seems that the ability to see such light arises with heightened sensitivity and awareness.

I have known people who could see light, like auras, around people, or like halos, above people’s heads.

I have only occasionally seen a tiny blue light, called the bindu, and sometimes in meditation I’ve seen a violet light inside my third eye (ajna chakra)… I am grateful for those small experiences, but oh my gosh, I *really* want to see the bright light described by Saint Teresa, and by so many others, throughout time!

What about you, have you seen any forms of Light?

May the goodness of the Highest Light activate in the minds and hearts of our human tribe!

With faith in the Light that I hope to see,
StarFire Teja



Image of Lord Shiva found online; creator unknown.


Sometimes Fake Feels More Real Than Real Feels


Dear readers,

This Winter I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at the theater four times… So then in quarantine this Spring, I decided to read the Sequel Trilogy junior novels by Michael Kogge, and I enjoyed them so much that now I am going to read all nine junior novels!

Getting lost in the Star Wars Universe is perfect mind-gladdening medicine for me while the grief is still so raw about my Dad dying, and while the world is going through such a dark time.

The struggle in the Force, between the light and the dark, feels so real, and ignites hope-sparks in my spirit.

I am especially looking forward to reading the fourth episode, Star Wars: A New Hope, because that was the first movie that came out in 1977 when I was seven years old, and my parents took us to see it at the drive-in theater. It was so awe-inspiring to see Star Wars under the starry sky, but I’m fifty years old now, and I can’t remember the plot at all!

Growing up I saw the original trilogy, but I missed the next trilogy because I was busy with my young sons… So I kinda forgot about Star Wars until 2015 when the Sequel Trilogy began… And I was so amazed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens… I remember saying at the time that if everyone saw that movie we could have a massive spiritual awakening on the planet!

I also really loved Star Wars: The Last Jedi… and then The Rise of Skywalker is my favorite movie ever! I simply cannot understand all the complaining going on about these last two episodes. To me, they are incredibly brilliant and hope-sparking.

Recently I read a cute article about an online conversation that some Star Wars fans had with LucasFilm Story Group Creative Executive, Matt Martin. The fans were upset about Disney changing what was official Star Wars canon. I thought his replies were pretty great, including this one: “It’s all fake anyway so you can choose to accept whatever you want as part of the story.”

Sometimes when I’m reading Star Wars I forget that it’s all fake… Sometimes fake feels more real than real feels!

I want to see the Light win in our *real* reality!

May the Force be with us all. May the Force of All Light help the darkness to return to the Light. May the Forces of Goodness activate loving-kindness in all minds. May the good guys win!

May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be happy.

With hope in the Force,
Jedi-Wannabe, StarFire Teja


Celebrating Our Sun-Star!


Dear readers,

Did you know that it ‘rains’ on our brightest Star, our beloved Sun…

According to this EarthSky article, “Rain takes different forms on the planets and moons of our solar system. But it also “rains” on the sun, as electrified gas drips from giant magnetic loops in the sun’s outer atmosphere.” ~ As demonstrated in this Gif:

“Coronal rain in a prominence, or solar eruption, as seen by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in 2012. ~ Gif via Solar Dynamics Observatory/Scientific Visualization Studio/Tom Bridgman (Lead Animator).”

Also, tomorrow a “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa, Pakistan, India, and China. In south and east Europe and north Australia, a partial eclipse will be visible… And everyone else can watch via this live stream.

The ancient Indian hymn to the Light, called the Gayatri Mantra, is beautiful to remember at this time, especially with so much darkness and chaos swirling around our planet. I came across this translation years ago, and unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it, but I think it’s a timely prayer for our human tribe:

O Light that has given birth to all the lokas (spheres of consciousness), who appears through the orbit of the Sun, illumine our intellect.

The Sun shines equally on everyone and everything. May we activate love, compassion, and justice for all, by the example of our radiant Sun-Star!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Summer Solstice today!

With so much love for the Sun,
StarFire Teja



Photo by Buddy_Nath on Pixabay.


Is Death a Transformation of Light Particles?


“No one has died, who has existed. They turned into light and as such they still exist. The secret is that the light particles return to their original state… Returning into one of the previous energies.”

~ Tesla speaking to a newspaper reporter in a fictional film, an adaptation from a Serbian play (One-hour film: Tesla or the Adaptation of an Angel).


Dear readers,

Does the above quote resonate with you?

What do you think? Is death a transformation of light particles?

With love and curiosity,
StarFire Teja



Photo by rujhan_basir on Pixabay.


Can Natures Be Changed?


“Sri Rama, I bow before you and your Forces of Goodness. I hear your request to cross over my waters, and, as in past Ramayanas, I must reply that I cannot change my nature. Just as the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Space cannot change their essential nature, so I too cannot suddenly become a small stream for you to skip across. It is my nature to be deep.”

~ Varuna, the Vedic Sea God, speaking to Lord Rama in The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes by Teja Shankara.

Dear readers,

These questions are sparking about in my energy field… Can natures ever be changed? If the Ocean and the Elements cannot change their natures, what about the natures of existence and of humans? Can they change?

Some people claim that it is the very *nature* of the Cosmos to be in an eternal struggle between the Light and the Dark. If that is true, then will we always have a certain amount of human beings who are operating from the dark side?

I want to believe that humans are capable of change, like how Rey returns Ben to the Light, in my favorite movie ever, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I want to embody Rey, and help all human beings to re-join the Light!

And yet, I am not a blind visionary. I see clearly what is happening on this sacred Earth, with the rise of Ravanas, the demon kings who dominate others with power and control… In the ancient tale of Ramayana from India, Ravana is the greatest sinner. He is the ultimate sociopath who only cares about satisfying his own desires and pleasures, at the expense of others. Ravana is emotionally immature and he is very abusive to everyone. And, he says that he cannot change his nature.

I wonder about that… A few years ago I read an article that explained the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. It said that psychopaths are born without the ability to feel empathy for others, while sociopaths develop their “antisocial personality disorder” in response to wounding and traumas, that typically occurred during childhood. So, even though it is difficult to heal the roots that cause sociopathy, perhaps in some cases it is possible?

When I hear people say “Oh, it’s just in my nature,” I wonder if that is a super rock solid structure, or could an Ocean of Love wash over it and wear it down?

What do you think? Can natures ever be changed?

With some hope-sparks still glowing,
StarFire Teja


Photo by kordi_vahle on Pixabay.