Something to Ponder: Lambs are Babies


Dear People of Earth,

This is No April Fool’s Day joke!

Lambs are babies, and when they are separated from their Mama Sheep they feel fear and grief. They suffer.

Please vow to never eat lamb again (not even on Easter, if you celebrate that holy day), and please consider sharing this post with everyone you know!

Something to Ponder: Lambs are babies

With great compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo by MabelAmber on Pixabay.


Into the Shadow World: Part One of Our Global Rebirthing

Currently the virus is believed to have originated in bats, but it is not clear how it spread to humans. This article “Don’t Blame Bat Soup for the Coronavirus” explains that the rumor about humans getting the virus from eating bat soup is likely false…

Native Americans attribute “medicines” to different animals, and among the native people of Central America, bats are symbols of rebirth.

For me, this sci-fi story that we are living in reality, about bats transferring a deadly virus to humanity, conjures up the image of a shaman’s journey… As I understand it, the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness (through repetitive drumming, taking plant medicines, or other means), and then in the altered state the shaman dives down into the darkness of the shadow world to receive messages and guidance, which may come from animals, birds, or spirit beings… these spiritual gifts help the shaman to transform, by shedding old patterns and receiving new information… the shaman then brings these gifts back to the light of the waking world, returning to regular consciousness to transmit the vibrations and lessons from the underworld… this rebirthing brings forth fresh blessings and visions to the tribe… thus there is a ritualistic death of the old ways of being, and a rebirth into the new ways of being…

Perhaps, as an interconnected world tribe, we have entered part one of our global rebirthing. We have taken the shaman’s dive, via a virus transmitted to us by bats… We are now in the shadow world, in which some humans will physically die, and the rest of humanity will undergo a ritualistic death and be reborn…

When our global human society gets through this virus pandemic, what will be birthed?

In my post “Dear Billionaires” I shared my visions for the future, including this: “In order to help the environment (and the animals, fish, and birds), perhaps you will invest in plant-based foods and vegan products, such as vegan clothing, shoes, and cars. In order to help humanity, perhaps you will invest in a massive network of urban organic vegetable gardens, with fields of sunflowers, and chains of plant-based restaurants, and stores with healthy foods in the poor sections of all the world’s cities.”

Dear readers, what are your visions for the future of our global tribe?

May you be calm, courageous, and as cheerful as possible while navigating through the darkness of the shadow world.

With kindness, curiosity, and love,
StarFire Teja


Bat photo color enhanced by StarFire Teja. Original bat photo by Sonia Nadales on Unsplash.


Staycations, A.K.A. Quarantines

“Though there may be many beautiful sights to see, one achieves peace by staying at home.”
~ The Tao Te Ching, as translated by Richard Hooper in his book Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings.

Dear readers, are you currently practicing “social distancing” to prevent spreading the virus?

My Mom and I are homebound, trying to make the best of this staycation. Last night she cooked some amazingly delicious plant-based Irish Potatoes!

As stated in The Tao Te Ching, peace can be found in staying home. Each day of this quarantine, we can take some time to do practices for Peace. Sitting in silent meditation, for even just ten minutes, we can focus on sending peaceful energies out to everyone, everywhere!

Hooper translates another similar quote from The Tao Te Ching thusly:

“A wise man is not compelled to leave home and search out grand vistas. He stays home and remains peaceful, above it all.”

No matter how crazy this virus pandemic gets, just keep remembering that deep inside your being is a calm, peaceful place. You can go there anytime through meditation, singing, and other practices.

Dear beings of peace, I pray you are well inside yourselves.

With peaceful intentions,
StarFire Teja

p.s. Yesterday, while lying on the Amethyst Crystal Biomat, I got inspired to up-level my website, changing the tagline to StarFire Temple of Happiness… check it out here: Home Page!


Photo by Yoksel Zok on Unsplash.


Dear Billionaires

Dear human beings who have billions of dollars,

A quick google search just informed me that there are somewhere between 2,100 and 2,600 of you billionaires in the world… I do not know any of you personally, but I feel inspired to appeal to you on behalf of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Although I was a Political Science major at Butler University, I gave up on trying to understand or follow politics back in 2016… And I have even less of a grasp on economics. I did take the class in high school, but I don’t think I really got the concepts… So my appeal to you, the billionaires on planet Earth, is entirely based on the spiritual, emotional, and energetic worlds I live in, and the knowledge that I have gained through spiritual studies and practices…

I just turned 50 in January, and the current world events are the strangest news I have heard in my lifetime. With the virus pandemic, I feel as though we are living in a sci-fi novel, with really bizarre scenes such as Starbucks coffee houses blocking off certain tables so that people can’t sit right next to other people, and other shocking scenes with the cancellations of major sporting events and the shutting down of Broadway and Hollywood…

It is just heartbreaking to hear of people losing their jobs over this situation. I may not understand much about economics, but I do understand that someone who makes less than $20 per hour is already pretty poor, so if they cannot work because their school-age children no longer go to school, what will they do? Go into credit card debt?

Will this virus pandemic cause a global economic collapse? My grandparents were alive during the Great Depression in the United States, but I know nothing about how that kind of economic state would unfold now. Would you, the billionaires of the world, still have money? Would you be able to not only bail out the banks, but also to help with every other facet of the world’s societies?

From time to time I have seen inspiring articles about various billionaires helping others, such as paying for the troubled youths of an entire community to go to college… Well, now is the time, more than ever before, for you billionaires to use your financial powers to help other humans, and also to help the Earth and the animals, fish, and birds. Perhaps you will do some deep soul searching, and decide to live more simply, downsizing your wealth from billions to just millions.

Sitting quietly in meditation, bring your awareness to the very center of your mind, and listen for guidance about your deeper purposes at this time. Some years ago, while I was sitting in meditation, I became deeply aware of how much the animals, fish, and birds are suffering on this sacred planet Earth. The compassion that arose from that meditation led me to shift to a plant-based diet…

Please watch this 2-minute video: internationally renowned wildlife conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, explains why she recommends a plant-based diet.

In order to help the environment (and the animals, fish, and birds), perhaps you will invest in plant-based foods and vegan products, such as vegan clothing, shoes, and cars.

(By the way, this article from one year ago talks about a few billionaires who are already funding vegan startups, such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates.)

In order to help humanity, perhaps you will invest in a massive network of urban organic vegetable gardens, with fields of sunflowers, and chains of plant-based restaurants, and stores with healthy foods in the poor sections of all the world’s cities.

I believe that we are all interconnected in one web of living energy that is love. We don’t all realize that we are part of this One Love Energy because we are in different individual bodies, but if we look deeply into our inner beings, we can remember this oneness. Let us all live together in peace and harmony, with the rich helping the poor, the strong helping the weak, and the healthy helping the sick…

Thank you for reading this letter.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy.

With love, compassion, and hope,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Melanie Kreutz on Unsplash.


A Message for Humanity

Last night, while listening to 40hz music with headphones on, I heard this message for humanity:

Dear human beings,

Please remember that we are animals. At some point in time we developed our brains in certain ways that led to us becoming the dominant species on Earth…

But the other species of animals, fish, and birds are extremely intelligent in their own ways, and they have complex emotional lives, just like humans, cats, and dogs. They belong to families and social networks just like we do, and so it is not right for humanity to kill and eat all of those feeling beings.

We are animals. Let us live side-by-side in peace with our brothers and sisters of the land, sea, and air. Today is a good day to eat a whole foods plant-based diet. In fact, every day is a good day to choose peace and freedom for all the animals, fish, and birds.

With love and compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash.