Radiance & Darkness

Opposing forces can be simultaneously true within a human being. We are complex creatures, capable of extraordinary phenomena. One of my dearest spiritual teachers, David La Chapelle (who departed from this earthly realm in July 2009), taught that if a person had the capacity for a lot of hope, then that usually meant that they also had the capacity for a lot of despair. Opposites tend to exist simultaneously within a person. To figure out your primary pair of opposing forces, just think about a quality that you often experience, such as excitement, faith, or contentment. Then look at that quality’s polar opposite, such as melancholy, doubt, or restlessness. Can you see how you embody both of those polarities?

For me this concept plays out in the forms of Radiance & Darkness. When I am feeling the happiness of the Spiritual Life, I tend to beam it out in all directions, to many beings, in a Radiance that many people see and comment on. For example, someone might say to me, “Your smile lights up the room.” But the flip side of all my brightness is a tendency to spiral down into dark, negative thoughts. In my darkness, it’s pretty dark. As a highly sensitive person, I experience all of my emotions deeply, including the not-so-fun ones. Fortunately, I have learned many tools for working skillfully with the darkness, such as harnessing the positive powers of my inner coach. Using positive self-talk, I know how to guide my thoughts into a more elevated direction.

At the beginning of my new book, which is a new version of an ancient story from India, I offer a section called “Radiance Rising” in which I share an extensive list of spiritual practices that will help you to work skillfully with any opposing forces within you. To order your copy today, simply click on the book’s title here:
The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes