Innovative Ideas: A Letter to the Mayor of Minneapolis


Dear Mayor Jacob Frey,

Thank you for speaking with such clarity, understanding, and compassion to the people who are in a rage about the unjust murder of George Floyd. The Fire that is burning was actually ignited a long time ago, as you rightly pointed out. Sparks from 400 years ago are raging now, and it will not be enough for politicians to simply *talk* about being peaceful.

Under these conditions, only people who possess a high level of awareness, and a high level of emotional maturity, would be able to remain calm and express their anger peacefully. Those nonviolent people are rare, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Thich Nhat Hanh. The majority of people do not possess those qualities, and so speaking about being peaceful to them will not work. And, their rioting will not work because violence simply begets more violence.

But there are other possibilities, in a middle ground in between nonviolence and violence. Please consider these innovative ideas ~

~ Each day over the next few weeks, hold many three-hour conflict resolution sessions, in which you have City Council members, Police officers, Religious leaders (and so on) sitting on one side, with skilled Mediators in the center, and then you have the Protestors and Rioters (who feel rage) sitting on the other side. The Mediators facilitate the discussions, and if the Protestors and Rioters complete the sessions nonviolently, then as they leave they are each given a consolation check in the amount of $2,000.

~ Use the National Guard to hand out invitations to the above sessions, and either assign dates and times, or do a lottery system to determine who gets to go to the sessions.

~ Ask corporations, millionaires, and billionaires to fund the checks. Money *talks*, whereas “talking” about peace does not talk. Give to these people very generously, as if they were your own family. People say “Money can’t buy happiness” but that is wrong! Money can buy a lot. It can bring peace to a rage-torn mind. It can help to cool the fires, while mediation can help to heal the wounds.

~ On the streets at night, give out free food, toilet paper, masks, and other essentials. Get corporations to sponsor these free hand-outs. Use the National Guard to make sure people stay six feet apart in the lines, since we are still immersed in a virus pandemic crisis.

~ On the streets in the daytime, give out free coffee and information about the mediation sessions. Spread the word about the free food and essentials that will be happening each night.

Please seize this golden opportunity for Minneapolis to heal some deep wounds in innovative ways.

May Minneapolis become a guiding light, a way-shower community, for other communities around this wounded world.

Thank you for considering these ideas.

May the Force of All Light be with you,
StarFire Teja



Image by WikiImages on Pixabay.


3 Ways to Transmute Anger into its Highest Vibrations

Anger is a Fire Energy that can be extremely destructive in its lowest vibrations, but it can be very beneficial when it is transmuted into its highest vibrations.

The lowest vibrations of anger include rage, yelling at others, being abusive to others, foul language, and slamming doors or breaking objects.

Many spiritual teachers caution against anger because it is so damaging to the person who is angry and to the people around the person. When someone gets very angry it releases the stress hormone cortisol, which then pulses through the body for up to eight hours. If cortisol is released often, in the long-term it can cause many stress-related diseases.

Anger is also harmful on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Some saints in India have even advised drinking very cold water or eating sweets to calm anger as soon as possible.

However, even though anger can be very detrimental to your health, you need not be afraid of it. All emotions are just different kinds of energies passing through your system. It is not healthy to repress emotions, because then they get stuck in the tissues of your muscles.

So, when you feel anger arise, first cultivate the witness. Watch the anger and understand what caused it. Next, remember that anger is a Fire Energy, and in its highest vibrations it can be very useful.

The highest vibrations of anger include assertiveness, action, clarity, and creativity. Here are 3 ways to transmute anger into these high vibrations:

1. Get pro-active. Take assertive action.

2. Get inspired. Get creative.

3. Practice a visualization with guided imagery.

To illustrate the first 2 ways, I will share a personal story that happened to me one day last week. On that particular day, I was feeling irritation and anger, oh my! After making a list of everything that was upsetting me, I asked for help in softening. I asked the Divine to help me soften and surrender into the humility vibration. I set an intention to bow to what is.

Later that afternoon I went out on my walk in the neighborhood, and at first all I could think about was everything I felt angry about. I thought, “Wow, I am feeling really snarkley.”

Funny aside: later I googled the word “snarkley” and found out that even though more than one thousand people have googled “snarkley” it is not actually a word, not even in Scrabble. The approved word is “snarky” which means crabby, grouchy, cranky, or irritable.

Anyhow, when I set out on my walk it was very cloudy and gloomy, but then, just as I was really getting into indulging my snarky mood, the Sun came out! My anger instantly went high vibe. I could feel the anger transmuting into assertiveness and action, and I thought, “Forget soften and surrender… I’m all about my keywords for the month of May: Possibility, Pro-activity, and Prosperity.”

As my vibration went higher I felt super inspired and I received a download for a blog post (my previous article, “Which Tribe Do You Belong To?”). When I got home I felt inspired to put on some jewelry and I took this photo of myself. In that high vibe state I wrote that post about the blue love beings.


So, remembering your goals, taking action, and doing something creative can all really help to shift your anger up into higher vibes. (And some sunshine is often good for uplifting the mood as well!)

For the third way, take some time to sit quietly with your eyes closed and watch your natural breathing. Then read the following visualization out loud. After reading the guided imagery, close your eyes again, and notice your thoughts and feelings. Feel free to share your experiences with me, either down in the comments below, or in a private message via the Contact tab up in the top right corner of this website.


Visualization with guided imagery to transmute anger into its highest vibrations:

Beginning to settle in… and beginning to settle down… letting go of the outer world for a while… and bringing your awareness to your breathing… noticing the in-breath… and noticing the out-breath… relaxing your shoulders… relaxing your mind… drifting down, into your inner world…

… and bringing your awareness to your heart and belly centers… placing one hand on your heart… and the other hand on your belly… and just noticing any sensations in your heart and belly… breathing in… and breathing out… and imagining the warm rays of the Sun shining into your mind… and allowing that warmth to spread down through your whole body… effortless relaxation moving all the way down to your feet and toes… 

… and just letting your hands relax down… and bringing your awareness to your emotions… noticing how you are feeling… allowing the feelings… allowing the energies… just watching the feelings… and following them to their roots… like the roots of a tree… spreading down into the Earth…

… and drifting down to the center of the Deep Earth… seeing the bright ball of hot iron glowing in the center… and allowing that light to illuminate your mind… reminding you of who you truly are… deep in your center… receiving the gift of clarity from that incredible light…

… bringing that clarity with you… back up through the surface of the Earth… reaching up towards the sunlight… like the green branches of a tree… growing… stretching towards the light… eager for what nourishes them… absorbing the sunlight into all of your 37.2 trillion cells… and taking a deep breath in… and releasing the breath… anchoring this experience…

… and when you feel ready, moving your fingers and toes, and stretching… coming back to the outer world… feeling calm, refreshed, and ready for what is next in your life…


I hope that this article was helpful to you or to someone you love.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Fire photo by Maxim Tajer on Unsplash.