Happy Christmas in July: Treat Yourself to Something Special!

Growing up, I always loved the concept of Christmas in July. We never celebrated it as a holiday, but the idea of it tickled me. I just did a little googling and learned that it began in the southern hemisphere, because it is Winter there in July. Those residents celebrate the official Christmas on December 25th during their Summer, so they decided to also throw Christmas parties in July during the middle of their Winter.

So, perhaps you would like to treat yourself to something special for Christmas in July… Here are a few gift ideas…

The Cosmic Cushion Meditation/Yoga Pillow by Sun and Moon Originals. This is the best meditation cushion ever! I have used mine daily for many years, and it is still great. Definitely worth the investment!

The Oracle of Rama (Divination Cards and Booklet by Dr. David Frawley). Over the years I have used many different divination decks, and this one is my current favorite. Ultimately I rely on my own inner guidance, but from time to time I do find it helpful to explore outer perspectives on important threads of my life.

Rosewood Mala by Health and Yoga. A mala is a necklace with 108 beads that is used for repeating mantras, a practice from India that is called mantra japa. At different times in the past I used a couple of different malas, one made of sandalwood beads and another made of rudraksha beads. Recently I decided that it was time for a new mala, since I am in a new nun chapter, so I ordered this rosewood mala. It was supposed to have a sweet rose-like scent, known to calm the nervous system, but unfortunately it does not have that scent. However, I still really like this mala because the beads are very smooth so it is easy to move through them.

Here is a photo of my spiritual altar, in which you can see my burgundy Cosmic Cushion, a few of the divination cards from The Oracle of Rama, and the rosewood mala…


I describe creating an altar, as well as many practices to do at your altar, in my new book, coming out very soon… Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
May you feel happier and happier!

Happy Christmas in July to All Who Celebrate!


Christmas tree image* by monicore on Pixabay.

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