Into the Shadow World: Part One of Our Global Rebirthing

Currently the virus is believed to have originated in bats, but it is not clear how it spread to humans. This article “Don’t Blame Bat Soup for the Coronavirus” explains that the rumor about humans getting the virus from eating bat soup is likely false…

Native Americans attribute “medicines” to different animals, and among the native people of Central America, bats are symbols of rebirth.

For me, this sci-fi story that we are living in reality, about bats transferring a deadly virus to humanity, conjures up the image of a shaman’s journey… As I understand it, the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness (through repetitive drumming, taking plant medicines, or other means), and then in the altered state the shaman dives down into the darkness of the shadow world to receive messages and guidance, which may come from animals, birds, or spirit beings… these spiritual gifts help the shaman to transform, by shedding old patterns and receiving new information… the shaman then brings these gifts back to the light of the waking world, returning to regular consciousness to transmit the vibrations and lessons from the underworld… this rebirthing brings forth fresh blessings and visions to the tribe… thus there is a ritualistic death of the old ways of being, and a rebirth into the new ways of being…

Perhaps, as an interconnected world tribe, we have entered part one of our global rebirthing. We have taken the shaman’s dive, via a virus transmitted to us by bats… We are now in the shadow world, in which some humans will physically die, and the rest of humanity will undergo a ritualistic death and be reborn…

When our global human society gets through this virus pandemic, what will be birthed?

In my post “Dear Billionaires” I shared my visions for the future, including this: “In order to help the environment (and the animals, fish, and birds), perhaps you will invest in plant-based foods and vegan products, such as vegan clothing, shoes, and cars. In order to help humanity, perhaps you will invest in a massive network of urban organic vegetable gardens, with fields of sunflowers, and chains of plant-based restaurants, and stores with healthy foods in the poor sections of all the world’s cities.”

Dear readers, what are your visions for the future of our global tribe?

May you be calm, courageous, and as cheerful as possible while navigating through the darkness of the shadow world.

With kindness, curiosity, and love,
StarFire Teja


Bat photo color enhanced by StarFire Teja. Original bat photo by Sonia Nadales on Unsplash.


Alchemy of Abundance

In his book, Alchemy of Abundance: Aligning with the Energy of Desire to Manifest Your Highest Vision, Power, and Purpose, Rick Jarow, PhD, defines abundance as “fundamental well-being, a fulfillment that is not dependent on exterior conditions.” He says that abundance is about learning to trust life: “What we come to understand and affirm is that even through the most difficult circumstances of life, abundant beauty and richness may be found. It is our faith in the goodness and wisdom of things that allows us to work our way through life’s darkest moments. In this way, abundance is also faith in the basic goodness of life.”

The “alchemy” that Jarow describes is about interweaving your inner work (of “purifying base metal into gold”) with your external reality. Throughout this gem of a book he offers amazing insights and helpful tips for harnessing the inner forces and manifesting your visions.

And, the accompanying CD with guided meditations is a sparkling jewel! Jarow’s voice is very soothing and the background percussion music is outstanding. When you listen to the visualizations, it feels as if you are being taken on a profound shamanic journey!

Jarow writes, “The visualizations are designed to take you deeper into your own being, allowing you to uncover and examine the vast array of profound forces operating in your life as you begin to hear the music of the spheres in the walk-a-day world.”

I highly recommend this book and CD. The tracks on the CD are designed so that you can listen to them individually, so you could just do one per day… But what I like to do is set aside a few hours, and do some writing after each track. Each time I work with this book and CD, the experience is very uplifting and inspiring. I would love to hear about your experiences with it also…

I hope you enjoyed this post.
May you feel happier and happier every day!




The Power of Intention is StarFire Awesome!

In a recent blog, “Guided Imagery Exercise for Difficult Emotions” I shared that I am carrying a deep grief in my heart. Well, the last week of February I got slammed with a grief wave that affected me on every level. I felt miserable, with back pain, neck pain, exhaustion, headaches, upset stomach, extra sensitivity (even more than my usual HSP-ness!), dizziness, depression, irritability, and anxiety. I cried often and I felt quite a bit of despair, fearing that I will never recover from the grief.

Have you ever felt that miserable?

So then on March 1st, I was feeling a tad better and I gathered my wits and set some intentions. I posted my “keywords for March” on Facebook: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Peace, & Grace… And then… something amazing happened. The very next day I felt those keywords actualizing in my being. I truly felt Acceptance, Forgiveness, Peace, & Grace… I felt so much more clear about everything, and I felt at peace with my whole past. I said out loud, “I accept and bless everything that has happened in my life.”

Gratitude was ringing in every cell. It was as if I had passed through a dark portal, like a brutal shamanic journey through excruciating pain, and popped out the other side into the radiant orange light!

Wow, I am telling you, if you don’t already know (and reminding you if you do know), that the power of intention is StarFire Awesome! The next time you’re going through a dark portal, remember to set some positive keywords (and share them with others to give them even more power), and then be amazed by the results! Holy Coconut Shells, it is so awesome to feel at peace with your past. I wish this for you also.

And, we are human and ever-changing. Our emotions rise and fall like ocean waves, which means that I may still have more work to do on Acceptance and Forgiveness. But for now I’m enjoying this state of Peace & Grace… And I’m feeling hopeful, willing, and curious for what is next…

How are you feeling today?


image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech