Spiritual Care for the Sunset Chapter

Dear readers,

Happy Monday to you! As I sip my happy black coffee in my happy orange mug, I am feeling grateful that I do not feel dizzy today. Last week I had a run of bad days in which I experienced dizziness for seven days. Thankfully I have an appointment with my new doctor this Thursday. Hopefully she will figure out what causes my bad days.

Anyhow, yesterday was my first good day without dizziness, and I enjoyed creating a new page on my website. The Sunset~Chapter page describes my offering of online spiritual care to the dying and their families during the sunset chapter. Here is the first paragraph, in which I explain the symbolism:

“The Sunset Chapter is the last chapter as the sun is going down at the end of the book of life. Chapter one begins with birth, the sunrise… the middle chapters are the days and nights of the lifetime, with a sunset each night to help us practice letting go (of each day), in preparation for the ultimate letting go of our lives at the last sunset, at the end of the last chapter.”

This online offering is one more way that I hope to serve others – as part of my ministry as a spiritual helper who works to elevate the human species to healthier and happier vibrations.

Last week, due to all those bad days, I was not able to visit my hospice patients, but I’m really hoping to feel better and be able to make some visits this week.

Please check out my new offering, and keep it in mind for future reference, for when you might know someone who is dying and needs spiritual care support. Here is my new page: Sunset~Chapter.

Thank you for reading this post!
I hope you enjoy your week! 🙂

Bright Blessings for Goodness,



Photo of Sunset on Mt. Ashland taken by Teja’s son Gabe.



Happy Day 7 of Reaching for Orange Virtual Launch!

Happy Sunday, Everybody! 🙂

Welcome to Day 7 of my Virtual Book Launch Week!
Thank you for being here…

I am grateful to share that 13 copies of my new book have sold this week!

Please order your copy today!

Available now on Lulu: Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life.

With Much Love,


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.

StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Pure Love in Your Heart


May you have loving thoughts towards others and towards yourself.

May your heart be open to experience the sweetness of many kinds of love.

May your weekend be blessed with loving kindness.

May you feel pure love in your heart.



Photo of bee in peony by fietzfotos on Pixabay.


Something to Ponder: It’s Always Something

Have you noticed that on any given day or week, several things beyond the usual pop up for you to deal with?

Many years ago, when I lived in Ashland, Oregon, I was driving across town one day, and a bumper sticker on the car in front of me read, “It’s Always Something.” I said out loud, “Well isn’t that the truth!” Lately, for me and for many people I know, it seems that it’s not just one “something,” but rather it’s always several-somethings-at-once! Are you finding that to be true also?

Something to Ponder:
It’s Always Something


My new book is now available on Lulu!
Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life… you can read the many possible benefits in my post “23 Possible Benefits You May Gain Through Reading Reaching for Orange”


Photo* of Ohio River sunset taken by Teja in August, 2019. (Red effect created automatically by her Happy Tablet.)

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Alchemy of Abundance

In his book, Alchemy of Abundance: Aligning with the Energy of Desire to Manifest Your Highest Vision, Power, and Purpose*, Rick Jarow, PhD, defines abundance as “fundamental well-being, a fulfillment that is not dependent on exterior conditions.” He says that abundance is about learning to trust life: “What we come to understand and affirm is that even through the most difficult circumstances of life, abundant beauty and richness may be found. It is our faith in the goodness and wisdom of things that allows us to work our way through life’s darkest moments. In this way, abundance is also faith in the basic goodness of life.”

The “alchemy” that Jarow describes is about interweaving your inner work (of “purifying base metal into gold”) with your external reality. Throughout this gem of a book he offers amazing insights and helpful tips for harnessing the inner forces and manifesting your visions.

And, the accompanying CD with guided meditations is a sparkling jewel! Jarow’s voice is very soothing and the background percussion music is outstanding. When you listen to the visualizations, it feels as if you are being taken on a profound shamanic journey!

Jarow writes, “The visualizations are designed to take you deeper into your own being, allowing you to uncover and examine the vast array of profound forces operating in your life as you begin to hear the music of the spheres in the walk-a-day world.”

I highly recommend this book and CD. The tracks on the CD are designed so that you can listen to them individually, so you could just do one per day… But what I like to do is set aside a few hours, and do some writing after each track. Each time I work with this book and CD, the experience is very uplifting and inspiring. I would love to hear about your experiences with it also…

I hope you enjoyed this post.
May you feel happier and happier every day!

* Please note, if you purchase this book and CD through the link at the start of this article, I will receive a happy little commission. And just so you know, I only link to Amazon products that I truly believe in! 🙂