StarFire Teja’s Updated Mission Statement Video

Hello dear readers!

June has been a very productive month for me. At the moment I am in the final stages of preparing to publish my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life. While finishing up the book, I have also been working on the preparations for launching the book, such as writing a press release, updating my biography, and so on.

Today I updated my mission statement video. I am attaching it here for your viewing, and I am copying the text below the video. It is only 1.5 minutes, and my intention is that you feel happy, healing vibrations coming through the spoken words. May this video happy up your day!


StarFire Teja’s Mission Statement

My name is Teja Shankara and I am a spiritual helper. My mission is to help elevate the human species to happier and healthier vibrations. So, I share spiritual practices with people of all faiths.

The ancient sages of India taught the same thing that Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within,” which means that the Divine Source of healing energies is inside each of us. When we do spiritual practices, we make contact with that Source of all Love, and then we feel really happy, and we share that happiness with others.

You will learn many ways to practice happiness by following my blog at starfireteja dot wordpress dot com.

And, my new book is all about you. I wrote this book for your healing, your replenishment, your happiness. So please check it out ~ it’s called Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life*.

Thank you for listening.

May you feel happier and happier, every day, in every way.

* To learn more about Reaching for Orange, please read my post “Double Coffee Days Ahead.”




StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Love For All Creatures


May your compassion increase.

May your self-love deepen.

May your weekend be blessed with something that replenishes you.

May you feel love for all creatures.



Image of cardinal with white spring blossoms from Public Domain Pictures.



StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Joyful


May you open to the sun and the rain.

May you soften and allow each moment to be as it is.

May your weekend be blessed with inspiring moments of gratitude.

May you feel Joyful.


Happy Hanuman Jayanti today to all who celebrate!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary today to my Mom and Dad!!

Happy Easter on Sunday to all who celebrate!


May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Feel Joy!

MayYouFeelJoy_StarFireTeja    HappyBunny_StarFireTeja








Photos taken in yard with my Happy Tablet.
(See previous post, “How the Gratitude Vibration Brought a Happy Tablet”)




How the Gratitude Vibration Brought a Happy Tablet

Are you feeling grateful today?

Here are some fun facts for you: gratitude not only helps your immune system to be healthier, but it also brings abundance into your life.

Recently I was working with increasing my gratitude, and I created a Gratitude~Up community page on this website. You are invited to visit the Gratitude~Up page anytime to post your gratitude lists. Sharing your gratitude gives it more power.

While I was working on my gratitude, one of my brothers offered to send me a tablet, which was like a miraculous answer to my prayers for more abundance coming into my life. You see, my old laptop no longer allows me to access sites like PayPal, so my options were becoming limited. But now, with my happy tablet, I am back in business, both literally and metaphorically! With the tablet I was able to take the fun photo* attached to this article, and also to create a Donate page on this site.

I can’t promise that you’ll receive a tablet if you increase your gratitude, but what I can tell you is this: when you are feeling grateful, that feeling state creates a powerful energy of gratitude, and that gratitude vibration opens your energy field to allow more abundance to flow into your life.

Please visit the Gratitude~Up page and share your gratitude list today!

May your happiness and abundance increase!


*If you are viewing this article in an email, simply click on the title of the article and you will be taken to the StarFire Teja Blog, where you can see the funny photo of me, that I took with my happy tablet!

**Update: since the photo is vertical, only the bottom half shows when you are clicked into the full article… technical difficulties, oh my! So here is the photo:



New Page for You: Gratitude~Up


Dear readers,

I am super excited to share that I have just added this new page for you: Gratitude~Up.

It’s a community page, where you are invited to share your gratitude lists at anytime of the day or night. And you can share as often as you like!

Did you know that gratitude boosts your immune system? And feeling grateful can help you with emotional, physical, and mental pains…

So, please visit your new page and add your gratitude list: Gratitude~Up

Please also share this page with others, to help them Happy Up with gratitude also!

Thank you for following this blog…

I hope your days are happy!

With much love,
StarFire Teja