Happy Up Your Life With Creative Visualization

Shakti Gawain’s bestselling book Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life* celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2018, and then the author passed away in November (2018). I highly recommend this book. It is beautifully written and packed with simple tools you can begin using right away, such as visualizations, affirmations, meditations, and other creative techniques to help you achieve your goals on any level — mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.

I especially loved the exercise called “Ideal Scene” in which I thoroughly enjoyed writing out my vision of working on the movie set with James Cameron as he turns my book into a film that elevates many beings! (You can read more about my book here: The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes.)

One thing about working towards our goals is that we have to find a balance between accepting what we have now and simultaneously working towards what we want in the future. I really appreciated Shakti’s advice on that. She wrote, “Take the attitude that you are accepting and handling whatever already exists in your life, and at the same time taking every moment as a new opportunity to begin creating exactly what you desire and will make you happiest.”

Are you happy now in your life? Are you doing what you love to do? In this wonderful book, Shakti says that when we are in alignment with our higher purpose, our contribution “may involve many things, or it may be something very simple…. It always involves being yourself totally, completely, and naturally, and doing something or many things that you genuinely love to do, and that you have a natural gift for.”

I loved this book and I will read it again and again. There is also a companion workbook that I have on the shelf but haven’t worked through yet. I’m looking forward to doing so at the right time. It is called The Creative Visualization Workbook: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life*, by Shakti Gawain.

I hope you will also benefit greatly from reading Creative Visualization*. May it help you to Happy Up your life!

May All Beings Be Happy!


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What Does the Word Magic Mean to You?

When you hear the word Magic, what thoughts, associations, feelings, sensations, and visions arise in you?

When I hear the word Magic, I think of something cosmic, something out of the ordinary, something fantastical or whimsical. Just hearing the word elevates my mind and I feel more open to unusual or enchanting things. For me Magic often shows up in the form of synchronicities, and the more I notice them, the more they seem to appear.

Recently I was working on clarifying my goals for this year, and I felt like I needed some “outside” help, so I declared “Nine Days of Magic” for myself. During those nine days, which felt more special than usual days, I noticed lots of little things that felt magical, which might not ordinarily have felt magical. I realized that the mundane becomes magical when we are looking through the eyes of magic. It’s really all about our perception and what we are looking for.

So I learned that Magic doesn’t always show up as sparkling crystals! On the ninth day, which was yesterday, first thing in the morning when I opened my curtains, a dark speckled bird flew right up to my window! That felt like Magic! Then later on my walk, I felt the Magic in seeing flocks of birds soaring in the white winter sky above. As I watched those birds flying, I reflected on my self-declared “Nine Days of Magic” and I felt so grateful that during that time I gained the clarity that I was seeking about my goals.

If you are needing help working on an issue in your life, or you just simply need a few days to feel more fun, try declaring some days of Magic for yourself and see what happens. This is yet another way to Happy Up your mind!

May All Beings Be Happy!

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Healing Circles with Teja Shankara

Healing Circles with Teja Shankara, author of The Tejaswini Ramayana: The Way of Rama in the Shakahara StarFire Universes




image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech