3 Tips for the Lonely

Do you ever feel totally alone in this world, like no one understands and appreciates you? When you feel lonely, what do you do?

Typically, when people feel lonely they reach outside of themselves for comfort, through food and drinks, television, social media, and so on. Those external pleasures can be soothing temporarily, but a more lasting comfort can be achieved through internal practices.

The next time you feel utterly alone in this world, try these 3 tips for reaching inside your own being ~

~ Cultivating self-love with the mirror. Gaze into your own eyes in the mirror, and say out loud, “I love you (your name)” several times in a row, and then say, “I understand you (your name), and I appreciate you (your name).”

~ Focusing on your strengths. Take out pen and paper and write down everything you love about yourself. If you cannot think of at least 5 things, then write some intentions for new qualities you would like to call into your being. For example, if you do not feel like you are a very kind person, but you would like to be a kinder person, then set an intention to call the vibration of loving kindness into yourself. Place little pieces of paper with the written words “loving kindness” around your home and car.

~ Doing something that you really truly love doing. Make sure this is something you really want to do, and not something that you feel you should do. This could be turning on your favorite music and singing and dancing, or going outside barefoot to hug a tree, or making a cup of spicy tea to sip while reading an inspiring book… While doing this thing that you really love, tune in deeply to how you feel inside on every level. Focus on loving yourself totally, in every way.

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I hope this post was helpful to you, or to someone you love.


Photo of bird in marsh by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash.


Share Your Strengths Not Your Weaknesses

Once I opened a tea bag and the quote on the little tag read, “Share your strengths, not your weaknesses.” (Yogi Bhajan) I’m not sure I totally agree with that advice. It seems like many people need to share both. Do you share both? If so, how do you find a balance with sharing your strengths and your weaknesses?

It does seem important to share some of our weaknesses, in the interests of authenticity and transparency, but I have noticed, like on Facebook, that people seem to only want and tolerate a tiny portion of the real grit, and the rest of the time they want positivity.

Recently I experienced that reaction myself. A friend had told me about this guy on YouTube who gives tarot card readings for the astrological signs. Being an Aquarius, I watched some of his videos for that sign. He was very funny and uplifting (although at times he was a bit too crude for my sensibilities), and he seemed very successful. I felt really inspired by him… Until, in one of the videos he shared the truth of his situation. He is 36 years old and is living in a room at his Dad’s house, and even though he has 32,000 subscribers on his channel, he had not given a tarot card reading (and thus had received zero income), for a few weeks.

Well, I certainly understood, as a boomeranger myself, and I left him an encouraging message in the comments section… But, even though I understood, I still found myself feeling disappointed. I realized that I had assumed that he was quite wealthy and successful since he had so many subscribers, and that gave me hope that someday, with a bigger following, maybe I would also be successful financially. (I am still holding out hope! I am not the kind of nun that takes a poverty vow… I am taking the prosperity vow!)

So, even though I think it is important for people to share honestly, in that situation I found myself only wanting to hear a success story! Can you relate to my reaction?




StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Prayer: May You Feel Loved


May you feel goodness within you and surrounding you.

May you celebrate your strengths and virtues.

May your weekend be blessed with tenderness.

May you feel loved, especially by yourself.


A few years ago I watched a video in which lots of people said “I love you” while looking right into the camera. Even though I did not know any of those people, I felt such warmth. Watching that video just melted my heart. I wanted to share it with you here, but alas, I have not been able to find it again. However, in my search, a friend shared this sweet video, that also warms the heart: “I love you in 100 languages in 2 minutes.”

In that video, I think it is so cute and precious how some of the people laugh after saying “I love you.” It seems that perhaps they are embarrassed? To me it shows just how potent those three words can be, and it definitely shows the power of language. Our words do matter. Our words convey our feelings. Some people are more comfortable expressing feelings and openly showing love. Take me for example, I would feel comfortable saying “I love you” more often to more people. I’m the kind of person that signs emails with “much love” or “lots of love” but I’ve noticed that other people are not as comfortable in freely using the word “love.”

Have you noticed the trend in recent years for “professional” people to end emails and texts with “Best” before signing their name? What do you think of that? When I see “Best” it feels a little cold, and I feel brushed off. So I took to typing “Warmly” before signing my name… but only in correspondence where it is inappropriate to gush my usual love!

I am curious to know if you sign with “Best” and if you do, what does that mean to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I am open to changing my view on this!

May you feel loved, especially by yourself.
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May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!