Celebrating Our Sun-Star!


Dear readers,

Did you know that it ‘rains’ on our brightest Star, our beloved Sun…

According to this EarthSky article, “Rain takes different forms on the planets and moons of our solar system. But it also “rains” on the sun, as electrified gas drips from giant magnetic loops in the sun’s outer atmosphere.” ~ As demonstrated in this Gif:

“Coronal rain in a prominence, or solar eruption, as seen by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in 2012. ~ Gif via Solar Dynamics Observatory/Scientific Visualization Studio/Tom Bridgman (Lead Animator).”

Also, tomorrow a “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa, Pakistan, India, and China. In south and east Europe and north Australia, a partial eclipse will be visible… And everyone else can watch via this live stream.

The ancient Indian hymn to the Light, called the Gayatri Mantra, is beautiful to remember at this time, especially with so much darkness and chaos swirling around our planet. I came across this translation years ago, and unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it, but I think it’s a timely prayer for our human tribe:

O Light that has given birth to all the lokas (spheres of consciousness), who appears through the orbit of the Sun, illumine our intellect.

The Sun shines equally on everyone and everything. May we activate love, compassion, and justice for all, by the example of our radiant Sun-Star!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Summer Solstice today!

With so much love for the Sun,
StarFire Teja



Photo by Buddy_Nath on Pixabay.


Autumn Affirmations

Yesterday began with the usual aches and pains of Fibromyalgia, but after lunch the bright blue sky and cool breezes inspired me to push through fatigue and venture out for a walk in the hood…

Do you ever make yourself do something and then afterwards you feel so glad and so grateful that you did it?

Well that is what happened with yesterday’s walk. The sunshine felt so amazing, and I felt like my whole being opened up to the healing energies available in the green trees all around me…

And then, quite spontaneously, I celebrated the change of seasons by creating the following affirmations for Autumn… Perhaps these will inspire you to make your own affirmations for Autumn! (Or Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!) ~

~ I choose to let go of worries.

~ I choose to be happy (even when feeling tired and sick).

~ I choose to generate the energy of Love and to send that energy of Love out into the Universe!




What do you choose for the season ahead?


Background photo of orange flowers by Sue Hughes on Unsplash.


How Do You Define Blessings?

Happy “SUN” day dear readers!

Just a short little post to share a quote from my next book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life:

“Blessings can be vibrant transmissions of living consciousness.”

I also want to share something amazing that happened yesterday. After I had already selected this sunshine photo for today’s post, Andrea of The Hummingbird Journal’s Blog nominated me for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.”
I will be writing a post for that soon! 🙂

How do you define blessings?


Sunshine photo from pexels.