The Sweetness of “Stay Safe”


“Just as mother keeps her child from harm, and guards him with her life, so you should treasure all living beings with a grateful heart, spreading love throughout the world. Protect everyone, everywhere, from hatred, and radiate kindness in all directions.”

~ from the Buddhist Doctrinal Formulas, as translated by Richard Hooper in his book, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings.


Dear readers,

During this strange sci-fi-ish virus pandemic quaran-time reality, have you noticed that everywhere you turn someone is saying “Stay safe”?

I am so touched by the sweetness of those two words. It feels like people are really caring about each other; like they sincerely wish safety and protection for others. This is like a sparkling jewel of tenderness emerging from humanity.

May all living beings be protected from viruses of all kinds, including the virus of hatred and the virus of torturing and killing innocent animals for food.

May all living beings be free of suffering!
May all living beings be happy and kind!

Let’s all stay safe and send love out in all directions!

With a grateful heart,
StarFire Teja


Photo by djsudermann on Pixabay.


Praying for the 3 “C”s!

“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”
~ Matsuo Basho

Dear readers, I cannot hear the resonance of bells coming out of flowers, but I can feel the sorrows emanating from people as we navigate one of the strangest times in human history.

My prayer is for all of us to remain calm and to be of good courage… And, to be of good cheer, when possible.

(Praying for the 3 “C”s! = Calm, Courageous, and Cheerful!)

What is your prayer for humanity today?

With a tender heart,
StarFire Teja


Photo by Jaroslava Petrášová on Unsplash.


StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Feel Peace and Harmony in Your Life


May you feel connected to the sources of the foods you eat.

May you feel compassion for all the creatures of the land, sea, and air.

May your weekend be blessed with tender moments of heart-softening love.

May you feel peace and harmony in your life.


Dear readers,

If you haven’t already, please read my recent post “Peacefully Sourced Holiday Meals” and consider sharing it with others. The animals, fish, and birds thank you!!!

With compassion for all beings,
StarFire Teja


Photo of turkeys by Perkons on Pixabay.


StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Prayer: May You Feel Loved


May you feel goodness within you and surrounding you.

May you celebrate your strengths and virtues.

May your weekend be blessed with tenderness.

May you feel loved, especially by yourself.


A few years ago I watched a video in which lots of people said “I love you” while looking right into the camera. Even though I did not know any of those people, I felt such warmth. Watching that video just melted my heart. I wanted to share it with you here, but alas, I have not been able to find it again. However, in my search, a friend shared this sweet video, that also warms the heart: “I love you in 100 languages in 2 minutes.”

In that video, I think it is so cute and precious how some of the people laugh after saying “I love you.” It seems that perhaps they are embarrassed? To me it shows just how potent those three words can be, and it definitely shows the power of language. Our words do matter. Our words convey our feelings. Some people are more comfortable expressing feelings and openly showing love. Take me for example, I would feel comfortable saying “I love you” more often to more people. I’m the kind of person that signs emails with “much love” or “lots of love” but I’ve noticed that other people are not as comfortable in freely using the word “love.”

Have you noticed the trend in recent years for “professional” people to end emails and texts with “Best” before signing their name? What do you think of that? When I see “Best” it feels a little cold, and I feel brushed off. So I took to typing “Warmly” before signing my name… but only in correspondence where it is inappropriate to gush my usual love!

I am curious to know if you sign with “Best” and if you do, what does that mean to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I am open to changing my view on this!

May you feel loved, especially by yourself.
In the Radiance Rising section at the beginning of my new book, I offer an extended list of spiritual practices, and one of them is specifically about cultivating self-love.
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May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!