My Dream Vacay in Sedona, Arizona

Do you have a dream vacation spot? If so, is it someplace new, or have you visited it before?

Some say that the art of manifesting intentions works best when we are very specific, so a few days ago I made a detailed list of everything I want in life. I filled an entire page!

Later that evening I realized that I had “forgotten” to include travel on my list. The only place I put was Sedona! I wrote that I would like to go on my dream vacay trip to Sedona, Arizona for at least one week, but ideally for three weeks, and then I would like to visit there often and perhaps move there sometime.

So that list helped me to understand that traveling the world is not a priority for me in this phase of my life. Rather, I feel inspired to lead healing circles locally.

Have you ever visited Sedona, Arizona? The theme of that city is “the most beautiful place on Earth” and that is exactly what I have believed each of the three brief times I got to visit that amazing place. I hope to go on my dream vacay trip to Sedona someday! Below I will share the details for my fantasy trip, because when you readers witness this, it will give it more power and help this vacay to become a reality, sooner rather than later.

Please share about your dream vacay down below where it says “Leave a Reply.”


StarFire Teja’s Dream Vacay in Sedona ~

~ Fly into Flagstaff, rent a car (Wow, they’re giving me a bright orange Volkswagen Bug!)… make the beautiful 45-minute drive down to Sedona, while chanting along with my favorite Krishna Das CDs.

~ Stay in a beautiful, quiet place.

~ Eat most (or all) meals at ChocolaTree. They have lots of wonderful, delicious options for my plant-based, gluten-free, peanut-free diet. Every time I visit ChocolaTree, I feel super high on the elevated love vibrations there. ChocolaTree is almost like one of the vortexes!

~ Daily barefoot hikes at the vortexes. My favorite is Boynton Canyon. I also love Red Rock Crossing (Cathedral Rock), Mesa Airport, and Bell Rock. While hiking: enjoying prayers, meditations on the Holy Red Rocks, chanting (singing) mantras to God, and eating dark chocolate as necessary!

~ Drive to Clarkdale and take the train trip with the Verde Canyon Railroad.

~ Attend the Sedona Star Gazing Tour.

~ Attend the UFO Vortex Tour.

~ Enjoy a Soundwave Journey Session with Valerie Sanjali Irons.

~ Enjoy a session (bodywork along with emotional and shamanic healing) with Amalia Camateros of Earth Spirit Wisdom.

~ Visit the crystal shops.

~ Attend any kirtans happening. (Ask Valerie Sanjali Irons of Bhakti Tribe Sedona for the schedule.)


Just thinking about this dream vacay raises me up to the Highest Love Vibrations!!!

So now, tell me about your dream vacay…


Photo credit: Darryl Brian on Unsplash