Guided Imagery for a Pandemic

Dear readers, I wonder how each of you are doing during this very strange time… My heart goes out to any of you who might be experiencing increased anxiety…

As a spiritual helper, my duty is to happy up myself, and then to shine the light of my own happiness out to you… Last night in meditation I worked hard to calm my anxieties, and this morning during spiritual study of the Ramayana, the following guided imagery arose for me to share with you…

Please take a moment to close your eyes and notice the state of your mind and heart… Then read the guided imagery out loud in a very soft, soothing voice…

Guided Imagery for a Pandemic

Settling in now to my deepest self… Watching my in-breath and my out-breath… breathing in peace… and breathing out all worries… and bringing my awareness to my heart center… imagining the Sun shining in my heart… the Sun is witnessing all of the feelings in my heart… the bright golden Sun is now dissolving any pains with its heat…

… and bringing my awareness to my mind… seeing a Fire burning brightly in the very center of my mind… the Fire is burning up all the diseases of the mind… huge, orange, glowing flames are burning all the worries, anxieties, fears, sorrows, attachments, and desires…

… a Supreme Light of goodness is now activated in my entire being… energies of deep peace and love are vibrating in all of my 37.2 trillion cells… I am now feeling sweetly connected to Everyone and Everything… and trusting that we are all on this Divine Journey together… we are all One Love Energy… shining together with the radiance of our inner suns…

… and closing my eyes for a moment to savor this experience…

My dear ones, I pray that this visualization calms and blesses you in every way…

With so much love,
StarFire Teja


Image by ipicgr on Pixabay.


Reaching for Orange at Common Ground Community Kitchen in the Ville!

Exciting news! My new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, is now for sale at the counter of Common Ground Community Kitchen!

Locals, I highly recommend lunch at Common Ground, where they serve really delicious plant-based lunches. They sell out quickly so it’s best to pre-order before 11am. Sign up for the weekly menus here: Common Ground Weekly Menus.

Thank you so much, Peggy and Mychele!! 🙂 🙂

Bright Blessings to All Beings!


Reaching for Orange, Decorated

Dear readers,

Recently I decided that it was time for me to decorate and write in my copy of my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, so I spent several mornings working through the book like that, and it was such fun! In this post I will share a few things that I wrote in response to the questions and exercises in the book…

In the section about practicing death meditations, here are my answers to the first two questions ~

~ How do you want to die? ~ Consciously and peacefully.

~ What does a good death look like to you? ~ I’m awake, aware, conscious. I’m listening to chanting music, with chants to Shiva and Rama (aspects of God in Hinduism). I’m feeling peaceful about letting go into Whatever Is Next.

In the visualization with guided imagery to meet your mystic, I especially loved imagining the bright light inside the vibrant flower in my heart… “this light is the size of a candle flame… and it is glowing like a billion golden suns… this golden flame is shining so bright that the flower petals are glowing… and this light is radiating out from the center of your flower… out through your heart… and into your whole body… warm golden light moving into all of your 37.2 trillion cells… and feeling how that flame is your inner mystic… your deepest self… your highest mind… the Divine within you…”

Here are my answers to the questions after that visualization ~

~ How do you experience your inner mystic? ~ Do you catch glimpses of your mystic during your daily life? ~ My inner mystic sees and feels things deeply — and feels very connected to everything: to trees, rocks, birds, and creatures on Earth, and to unseen forces out in the stars and planets. So in my daily life there are lots of glimpses through the vehicles of depth and connectivity.

As you can see in the photo with this post, I also enjoyed decorating my copy of the book. I placed jewel stickers all over the cover, and pasted lots of images throughout the pages. Many of the images I selected were of the orange and red rocks of Arizona and Utah, because those holy rocks are my happy places… Hiking barefoot on the warm rocks is such a high vibration joy for me!

So what arose for you when reading this post? Have you thought about what a good death looks like to you? Do you experience your inner mystic?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post…

May you feel happy! 🙂

With great love,


My new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, is available on Lulu and Amazon!! 🙂


Reaching for Orange on Amazon!

Greetings, Beautiful Beings!

Just a short happy little post here, to invite you to order my new book on Amazon… Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life

To learn how this book may benefit you, please read my previous post, “23 Possible Benefits You May Gain Through Reading Reaching for Orange.”

Please click here to visit my Amazon Author Page:
Teja Shankara… 🙂

May you feel happier and happier,
every day, in every way!


Marigolds photo by Barbara808 on Pixabay.


Guided Imagery to Relieve Teeth Grinding

Whether or not you grind your teeth, you can enjoy the relaxation benefits of the visualization in this post.

A couple of days ago I went to the dentist for my six-month cleaning and exam. I love my dentist and his assistant. They are both very warm, caring, knowledgeable, and really outstanding in their work. The dentist recommended that I get a mouth guard, due to nighttime teeth grinding, to prevent cracking any teeth. Since that will probably not be covered by my insurance, I asked how long I could wait to do that, and he said it should be done in 2020.

At the end of the visit I gave the dentist a copy of my new book, Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life, and he held the book up to his forehead and said, “I see a mouth guard in your future!” I’m still laughing about that one, and I am filled with gratitude that I found such a wonderful dentist here!

So, until that mouth guard appears in my future, I will be practicing visualizations with the intention to relieve at least some, if not all, of the nighttime teeth grinding. The past two nights I did visualizations at bedtime, and I did not wake up with that tight feeling in my teeth, so I have hope that this practice will be helpful. I am sharing some guided imagery with you below, in case you or someone you know might also need to relieve some teeth grinding.

The key to this visualization is the repetition, and the slower you read it the better. Read it out loud in a very soft, soothing tone of voice, and slow your pace down even more during the repetitive parts. Feel free to change any of the words to words that resonate more deeply for you. And, if you are not a teeth grinder, you may wish to change the parts about the mouth and jaw to other body areas such as the heart and belly.

The guided imagery exercise below is not meant to replace standard dental care. If your dentist recommends a mouth guard, please follow that advice in conjunction with practicing the visualization.

And, please do not ever practice guided imagery relaxation exercises while driving a vehicle!

I hope this visualization is helpful to you or to someone you love…


Guided Imagery to Relieve Teeth Grinding

And so… settling in now for your restful time… your time to be by yourself… to let go of the outside world for a while… settling in… deeper and deeper into your inside world… breathing in comfort… and breathing out all tension… feeling surrounded by safety and protection… drifting down… deeper and deeper relaxed… breathing in calm… and breathing out all tension… Letting go…

… feeling the support of the surface beneath you… feeling held and supported… held… and supported… held… and supported… waves of relaxation now flowing… from your head… down to your toes… and noticing that your hands are becoming very warm and very heavy… and your feet are becoming very warm and very heavy… your whole body beginning to feel calm and still… drifting down… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest…

… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest… and a pathway opens… through your mind… into a forest… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and arriving in the center… of your reality… and walking through the trees… feeling warmth… seeing a mountain ahead… a mountain made of Violet Fire…

… and above the violet flames, a copper bridge over the mountain… and feeling an invitation to lie down on the copper bridge… lying on the warm healing copper… Stars above… Violet Fire below… relaxing on the warm copper… body calming… mind calming… mouth calming… jaw calming… letting go… relaxing and calming… calming and relaxing…

… relaxing your jaw… relaxing your mouth… relaxing your mind… relaxing your body… deeper and deeper relaxed… letting go… calming your mouth… calming your jaw… mouth calming… jaw calming… mouth and jaw remaining calm and still while you sleep… while you dream… while you wake… calm mouth… calm jaw… calm and still… calm and still… calm and still…

… feeling the stillness deep in your center… and now… if it is bedtime, drifting into peaceful sleep… but if it is not yet bedtime, then slowly and gently returning to the outside world, feeling calm and relaxed…



Purple flame image by BarbaraALane on Pixabay.