Teja’s Top Ten High Vibration Foods

Dear reader, the information shared in this post is from my intuition and from things I’ve seen or heard about. I am not a physician and this is not medical advice! If you have any questions, please do your own research and/or ask your physician.

When you eat a whole foods plant-based diet there are so many wonderful foods that it is difficult to choose only ten, but these are my current faves, not in any particular order ~

~ Cinnamon ~ Oh so earthy! I love that cinnamon grows inside different kinds of evergreen trees in places like Sri Lanka. This high vibration spice has many health benefits, including help with regulating blood sugar. Some say that you should not consume more than one teaspoon per day because at high levels it can be toxic, so I just put a heaping half-teaspoon on my soaked oats each morning, and another fourth-teaspoon on my bedtime banana snack.

~ Potatoes ~ Wowsa, friends, I think that potatoes are one of the most healing foods on the planet. They are so high vibe that they rival green tea, which isn’t even on this list because my body prefers coffee now. (See “Coffee is Good Medicine.”) Potatoes are super grounding and do not deserve the bad rap they get in the media. Please watch this awesome video by Dr. John McDougall: “In Defense of the Potato.” ~ One key thing that he neglects to mention in this video is that people gain weight when they eat potatoes because of the unhealthy dairy fats that they eat with the potatoes. Potatoes by themselves are very healthy and they actually help people to lose weight.

~ Cabbage ~ Fresh, cooked, baked, steamed, or raw in sauerkraut, oh my, cabbage is one of the top vegetables for preventing cancer, and it so delicious! Please see my post “Sauerkraut is the New Yogurt… Or the New Apple”

~ Millet ~ Have you ever cooked millet? It is by far my favorite grain. It is so hearty, earthy, and filled with nutrients and healthy protein. A few years ago I went through a phase in which I cooked millet every morning for breakfast (adding nuts, raisins, spices, and sometimes dark chocolate chips!)… and then I snacked on the leftovers during the day, and sometimes even finished them for dinner! If you haven’t enjoyed this grain, I highly recommend you try it, and then please do let me know how you like it…

~ Almonds ~ There is something very soothing and grounding about these nuts. They grow on small funny-looking trees, with beautiful blossoms. A healthy source of protein and nutrients, almonds have many health benefits. They taste best when you roast them yourself! Have you ever eaten a warm almond right out of the oven? If not, please treat yourself to that experience!

~ Blueberries ~ Super high in antioxidants and helpful in relieving anxiety and depression, these little blue healers pack a serious punch in terms of elevating your health on every level: mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health.

~ Walnuts ~ High in the Omega-3 Fatty Acids that balance the Omega-6 Fatty Acids, walnuts are a daily staple for me. They are so good for the brain that one elderly woman even reversed dementia by eating a lot of walnuts! Every time I talk to my elder son, who is in college and using his brain a lot, I remind him to eat his walnuts and blueberries!

~ Raisins ~ I love eating raisins in my soaked oats breakfast… I especially like to imagine how those grapes dried into raisins under hot rays of holy Sunshine! That is an amazing alchemical transformation, if you really think about it!

~ Coconut ~ Holy Coconut Shells, to me the coconut is super sacred, and I have a vision for the human species to shift from the dairy habit into the high vibration coconut experience! This vision arose from the deep compassion that I feel for the cows, who are suffering so much. Please join me in replacing dairy products with coconut products!

~ Ginger ~ This earthy, spicy, warming root has major mojo in terms of healing powers. I put one-fourth teaspoon of ginger powder in my soaked oats each morning, and I love cooking with fresh ginger root. Do you regularly cook with ginger? If not, what are you waiting for?!

And a bonus: my eleventh favorite is parsley! ~ Do you love parsley? Did you know that in Moroccan cooking they use large amounts of parsley… it is not just a little sprig of garnish in that cuisine! Parsley has many health benefits, including helping the body to detoxify…

And… Coffee is my top high vibrational drink of choice. Soon I will post some powerful practices you can do with your cuppa coffee… (or tea)…

I hope you enjoyed this food list!

May you be healthy and happy!

With compassion and high vibes,


Photo* of cinnamon sticks by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash.
The photographer’s notes: “A picture taken at a spice stall in the famous spice market in Dubai showing an interesting pattern created by cinnamon sticks on display. With a limited light falling on the subject, the background automatically became dark creating a deep effect.”

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StarFire Teja’s Three Tips for Brain Health

Can you feel your brain shutting down when your blood sugar drops? Often your tired brain can be revived with a power snack, but not a sugary junk food item. Instead, you might try a healthy snack suggestion, like in the first tip here…

1. Eat healthy snacks ~ Here is a suggestion for a snack that you can easily prepare the night before. In a small bowl, mix a few pecans, a few walnuts, a few fresh strawberries, a spoonful of tahini, and a spoonful of strawberry jam (Organic and sugar-free jam). This tasty treat is great for mid-morning or mid-afternoon when your brain is feeling tired. Packed with Omega-3’s, protein, and antioxidants, it will give those tired brain cells a huge energy boost!

2. Inhale the scent of rosemary ~ Keep a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or a bottle of pure rosemary essential oil nearby, and when your brain is slowing down, breathe in the healing aromatherapy. Rosemary simultaneously energizes and calms the brain.

3. Practice self-love ~ Breathe love into every cell in your brain, and imagine that all of those cells are being energized. All of the cells in your body, including your brain cells, thrive on loving energies.

For more tips for brain health, see my previous blog article “StarFire Teja’s Ten Tips for a Healthy Brain.”

After trying out these tips, please come back here and share your experiences, down where it says “Leave a Reply.”

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering.
May All Beings Be Happy!


Disclaimer for the above list of tips:

Please note that Teja Shankara is not a licensed physician. She is not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions, or treat mental disorders. Any suggestions here are alternative or complementary to standard medical care services. If you have any questions about any of these tips, please consult your primary care physician.

StarFire Teja’s Ten Tips for a Healthy Brain

When you’re doing a lot of mental thinking work, it’s important to take good care of your brain. To keep your brain energized, relaxed, flexible, open, and super-powered, try these tips for a healthy brain:

1. Movement ~ regular exercise, and also just moving around the room periodically while working. Movement helps the brain to retain new information.

2. Changing positions every 20 minutes or so.

3. Look up and look out to the distance ~ blink your eyes and look around frequently.

4. Drink purified water ~ sip good clean water throughout the day.

5. Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea. Recently I posted a blog about the benefits of coffee. You can read it here: “Coffee Is Good Medicine.” If you can’t drink coffee, then green tea is a great alternative. If your system cannot tolerate any caffeine, then try these teas: rooibos chai, tulsi, chicory, and peppermint.

6. Eat walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds ~ nuts and seeds super-power the brain!

7. Sleep ~ get enough sleep, it’s so important! ~ If you don’t get enough sleep at night, then take little power naps or even just close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

8. Eat fruit ~ especially berries ~ to super-charge the brain with healthy natural sugars ~ and eat a healthy whole-foods diet with lots of vegetables, beans, and grains.

9. Fresh air ~ go outside! Hug a tree! Watch a bird! Enjoy the flowers!

10. Lastly, a few things to avoid, to keep your brain healthy: sodas (absolutely no soft drinks ever again), candy bars, cookies, (anything with refined white sugar or high fructose corn syrup is a no-no), high fat junk foods, television, video games, and too much time on the internet.

After trying out some of these tips, please share your experiences here (in the comments below).



Disclaimer for the above list of tips:

Please note that Teja Shankara is not a licensed physician. She is not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions, or treat mental disorders. Any suggestions here are alternative or complementary to standard medical care services. If you have any questions about any of these tips, please consult your primary care physician.