Racial Wealth Gap Explained


Dear readers,

The following video, featuring United States Senator Cory Booker, clearly explains the racial wealth gap in the USA… Toward the end, someone quotes the Bible, saying that there should be “reparations for the breach”… After watching this video, I have to agree. See what you think…

May all the members of our sacred human tribe learn to live together in harmony. May we activate love, compassion, and justice for all…

May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be happy.

With love for all beings,
StarFire Teja



Gorgeous image of Orisha Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Wealth… Creator unknown; it appears on many sites.


Fortune Flower

Dear readers,

Recently I read that in Chinese culture the red peony represents good luck and fortune. The red peonies are said to inspire wealth and prosperity…

So I offer you this auspicious fortune flower, as a token of my good wishes for your happiness.

The message of this sweet red bud is, “Whatever life brings, the Sun is still shining, and you can still open as the beautiful flower you are.”

With all love and blessings for goodness,
StarFire Teja


Photo of red peony bud by Couleur on Pixabay.


Reaching for the Stars

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

What are you reaching for today? And what are you reaching for in your life in general? Are you reaching for the stars? Are you inspired to change the world?

When I think about how I would like to help change the world for the better, I often remember that Gandhi quote, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” That saying helps me to stay focused on doing my small part, right where I am today.

As for reaching… today I am reaching for coffee, reaching for goals, reaching for Orange, and reaching for the stars ~

~ Coffee = my liquid happy-ing up medicine, black as the dark night sky.

~ Goals = helping others to happy up through helpful blog posts.

~ Orange = a state of inner happiness that you will enjoy reading more about in my new book, coming soon… Reaching for Orange: Practices, Visualizations, & Blessings to Help You Happy Up Your Life.

~ Stars = StarFire Teja shining brightly in the world! After a decade of hardships, I am ready to enjoy life! I hereby take the prosperity vow, and I ask the Stars to bless me with wealth to support my ministry! My mission is to help elevate the human species to happier and healthier vibrations! I work for the Forces of Goodness!

So, dear reader, what are you reaching for today?


Orange Stars Image: Source Unknown.


Myth Buster: You Don’t Have to Be Healthy to Manifest Abundance!

There are lots of wealthy people with health issues, and there are lots of wealthy people with unresolved emotional issues… So it is time to explode the myth that you have to be perfectly healthy in order to attract wealth.

However, it is very important to cultivate attitudes of gratitude and positivity, because feeling grateful and feeling positive elevate your vibration. With a higher vibration, your energy field opens and attracts abundance.

So, no matter how your body and mind feel in any given moment, you can use your beautiful will power to say, “I choose to be happy, grateful, and positive, even when the body or mind feels uncomfortable.”

If you currently have wealth, thank your lucky stars. And if you are currently in need of more green energy (money), take heart.
Happy Up your vibration and open to prosperity.
May you manifest abundance!


In the spirit of this Big Ah-Ha, I am gratefully accepting green energy (monetary) donations for my work.
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Beautiful blooms image from Pexels